What is Sociology? (from the students)

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>>[Johanna] Sociology, people get confused with Psychology often because they both sound
pretty similar and it is kind of the same subject matter, but at
the same time Sociology examines the macrocosm, whereas
Psychology like examines the lower individual level; and it’s sometime better to learn
on the higher level first so you can understand better how
people react in a group and you can better also interact
with your own society once you learn what the reasons are that why some people interact
the way they do. >>
>>[John] In Sociology you just think a different way and you learn cultural contents that you
were not used to such as one of the students being non-traditional,
you know, coming out of the Navy from twenty two
years. How he views life compared to me who was nineteen at that time, straight out of
high school, and how I viewed my life. And so it has opened
doors for me to you know see things from other people’s
point of view that I never had until I took Sociology.Sociology has opened the door for
me. It really makes you step outside your normal, your norms and
makes you reflect on what makes you “you”, but then what makes everybody who they are
and makes us interact better. I mean in my class I had
to break a norm. I ended up wearing a dress, a very well
established restaurant locally and you know just finding out how people will react to
something different, it is just amazing. How similar
we are and how breaking just one small thing such as dress
code can throw everybody off.
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