Scott Brooks on the Sociology of Success in Basketball

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For me studying... and doing research is all about following your
And so,
I looked at basketball as something that I could study for a long time
and still wake-up excited every day to kind of
get out into the field... and look at things, look at people and be around it.
So, the blood, sweat and tears really are meaningful for me. Looking at...
basketball, even as just a case study
... the real framework for my book is understanding a career
and so looking at these young men
in their pursuit for becoming elite
college athletes.
I studied the process. So, how does one learn about basketball? How do they learn
to appreciate basketball? That's the same awareness that one gains
in coming up with an idea of what they might want to pursue for a career.
and then after they've learned in the people that are involved in that
learning, how do they strategize? How do they figure out what it, what it means to
be that ... to be in that position? How do they learn what it takes and the
kind of work that they need to put in?
And so that's very similar to you know, being a professor.
Me learning that I needed to go and get a masters degree, going to get a
doctorate degree.
And so then,
I looked at these young men and I said well okay, so they got an idea of what it's
going to take,
but how do they actually implement that plan,
and what are the different kind of forces that have an impact on them?
I look at sociology as a way of understanding the everyday, and I talk
making the implicit explicit.
So that, I want students to go out into the world and study the things that they are
already do and that they already take notice of.
But really, try to uncover the hidden rules and norms in and look at their
own ideas for how they see this world and that helps them to be able to make
some new understandings of how they might change the world, and how they might
see this world in a different light.