My Australia: Episode 12 - Part 2

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My name is Ken Matahari.
Iím from Indonesia.
I was born in a city called Yogyakarta in Indonesia.
Itís kind of similar with Adelaide because its very small and itís cultural so itís
very different from say Sydney or Melbourne.
What I heard of Australia was like Steve Irwin.
A lot of desert everywhere and wild animals and stuff like that.
I know there would be like some city centres like Sydney and Melbourne but thatís it.
I didnít know much about Adelaide so it was a big adventure for me.
Iím doing Bachelor of International Studies, majoring in International Relations and Development
I live on campus with four other people so one Canadian, one Japanese, one Australian
Filipino, one Australian.
So yeah, living on campus is really convenient.
At the same time, itís also enjoyable because I live with people from all different cultural
My mum is Chinese Indonesian and my Dad is Indonesian so even within my family we have
cultural diversity so Iím very used to it
and when I came to Australia the diversity was even more stark because people come from
all over the world
and at some points you might feel that it is not easy to relate to people from different
but what I found really helpful was just being out there and try different things and not
feeling afraid or anxious about anything.
So just be open for any possibility.
So weíre now in Morphettville for a horse race.
Itís called Adelaide Cup apparently.
I havenít been to one and so this is my first time and itís really exciting,
And funny at the same time because you see lots of people dressing up for a horse race.
You know people usually dress up for a fashion show but this is, yeah
this is like Sex In The City combined with horse race.
Iím here with my house mates, Daniel, Darcy and Kassia.
None of us have been to any horse race before except Daniel.
So itís really good to bring your friends along to this kind of event.
Right, so you've told me you know a bit about horse racing and betting and stuff like that.
Uh huh.
Tell me a bit about it. I have no idea.
Well, people come here to Adelaide Cup for obviously for the big race, and if you want
to bet you have to go over to the bookies.
Uh huh.
And you basically pick what horse you want to win. Itís decided on odds.
So if a horse is five to one and you put five dollars down,
you earn $25 for your five dollars that you put down.
Hi. Good thanks.
I wanna bet for the next race.
Yep. What would you like?
Toorak Toff.
How much?
Four dollars.
Four dollars.
Good luck fellas.
Thank you.
No worries, thank you.
Itís very crazy. Itís very exciting here.
So many people and I have no idea where my horse is but Iím gonna find it.
Itís name is Toorak Toff. So hopefully it will win.
And itís playing on the screen.
Iím not sure if itís our race but hopefully weíre not missing much.
So, Daniel which one is our race? Is it our race on screen?
Iím hoping so. Weíre looking for number 1.
And how can we identify our horse?
Well, youíve got to look for number 1.
Number 1.
On his side.
Okay. I can't see the number.
Come on, Toorak Toff!
Come on Toorak.
Come on.
Give me the money.
I donít think this is our race, but anyway
Come on Toorak Toff!
Here we go!
Come on!
Whereís the number?
Oh itís number 1.
Hey, hey we won man.
Basically Toorak Toff, our horse, just won.
I just thought like if I put more I would have won ...
A lot more money.
A lot more. But thatís the logic of betting isnít it?
Yeah. Definitely.
Look guys.
We just won $11.50.
Well, really?
Well, Iíve done my first bet on the horse racing and Iím a little excited and confident
to do my next
you know, betting, on the real Adelaide Cup.
King of the Sun,
I think Iím gonna pick that one because my name is Matahari, it means the sun.
So Iím gonna have King of the Sun.
These odds are really bad.
Which one?
Two hundred to one.
Means what?
What does that mean?
Yeah, means what?
It means thatís how much youíll win, I think, off one dollar.
Okay, it means if this horse win ...
Yeah, youíll win a lot of money, but it also means that heís not very good.
This one here. You can see the name.
King of the Sun.
Oh my God.
Oh wow.
It is, it is.
Itís your horse.
Oh I like it. Heís so huge.
I think heís gonna run fast because ...
I can't believe itís the horse, the actual horse. This is it.
Yeah, if I had Iíd put million dollars on you, King of the Sun.
But actually I donít have a million dollars so I just put few dollars.
Beautiful horse.
Oh God, yes, I can feel it.
You want to come round and have a look at an Adelaide Cup runner?
Oh yeah, sure. Iíd love to.
Hello. Ah, this one is pretty docile compared to that one.
Okay, so we have surveyed the horses,
and my favourite so far is still King of the Sun, even though the track record is not very
I donít feel anxious.
I think Iím confident and excited because beginners luck is still with me.
Thank you.
We went to the stables right.
And you liked the horse?
No, it was the most timid like, yeah it looked like it was sedated man.
Absolutely sedated horse.
Well you've gotta love it when itís like listed at two hundred to one.
Have you actually bet on it already?
Yeah, I put five dollars.
Thatís the one.
Youíll be walking out with a grand in the hand if it gets in.
Um, Iím a little bit nervous because, you know, this is not the favourite horse
but if it ever wins itís going to really pump me up.
King of the Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun.
Iím afraid Iím not doing that with you.
Come on King of the Sun,
King of the Sun.
I think this is the last lap yeah?
Thatís okay, thatís okay. Heís still a good horse.
Very last, very last.
Thatís alright.
Number 16 was at the very last.
We didnít win the race but next time probably.
It was really exciting to see people watching the actual race
and, you know, instead of watching it on screen you get to watch the real horse race
and even though itís only a flash like that moment is so full of excitement.
People who already put lots of money I think are the one who scream the loudest and I think
thatís completely understandable.
Well I learned that today is a public holiday because of this, because of this horse race.
Itís called Adelaide Cup and itís a big thing in Australia, in South Australia at
And yeah, itís when people just take a day off and go see this horse race and dress up
and enjoy the day.
He may not have won big but that looks like a lot of fun.
After the break weíll find out how good people are at reading maps and why getting lost can
be the cause of some big arguments.
Stick around.