Hiding Or Unhiding Columns in Excel 2010

Uploaded by HelpDeskTV on 12.07.2011

Thank you for joining us today. I’m Rudy Stebih and welcome to Episode 5 – Hiding
Or Unhiding Columns in Excel 2010 here on Help Desk TV.
Suppose you want to print or display a worksheet without certain information, but you want
to keep that information for future use. Excel lets you hide a column and later unhide it
when you need it. First, select the column you want to hide.
Then click the ‘Format’ drop-down arrow form the ‘Cells’ group, and click ‘Hide
& Unhide’ -> ‘Hide Columns’. The column is now hidden from displaying and printing.
To unhide the column, click the column names to select the columns on both sides of the
hidden column, click the ‘Format’ drop-down arrow. Then click ‘Hide & Unhide’ -> ‘Unhide
Columns’. Hiding rows works exactly the same except
instead of selecting a column, you select the row you want to hide. Then click on the
‘Format’ drop-down arrow -> ‘Hide & Unhide’ -> ‘Hide Rows’.
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