adidas Condivo 12 Training Pants Review

Uploaded by SoccerProVideo on 09.11.2012

Hello from SoccerPro! My name is Thiago and I'm Caty and we're here to introduce you to the Condivo 12
adidas training pant. They come in men's, women's and youth sizes. A classic adidas look
with the black pants and white stripes on the side. So check out how they fit!
This is the Condivo 12 training pants for the male. This is a large, I'm 6 ft 180 pounds
and it fits me just fine.
The features that we need to go over are simple. So these are the women's Condivo
12, they're in the small size. These are a little big on me. I'm 5'2'' 103lbs.
Myself, I'd probably choose to go down to a youth size.
The first feature we're going to talk about is the elastic on the hips you have here. You
can control the size you want to.
The zipper pocket, to keep all your valuables safe.
We also have a much tighter area for your calf. It's different from the majority of pants that are very
A loose fit in the thigh and
a more tailored fit through the calf, also with a zippered ankle. You can have a little more agility while you're training.
Let me show you here how it works.
There you go. You have it much more open, much more space if you desire to. These are the
Condivo 12 adidas training pants.
They're in the youth medium.
They are comfortable through the thighs, fitted through the calves
and perfect length at my ankle. On my 5'2'' frame, these are about a perfect fit. Alright, so I hope this video is going to
help you figure out how these Condivos are going to fit you.
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