Crimes de Cinema: Selena - Parte 1 (Dublado PT-BR)

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A young and naive star, on the road to fame and fortune.
She had a good heart, trusted in everyone.
A dedicated fan, who yearned for fame and power.
She is manipulative, she's good at what she does.
How this friendship, the result of an obsession,
became mortal?
You don't think that such a thing could happen.
Meet the intimate details of the violent betrayal that silenced the voice of a rising star...
My name is Erin Brockovich.
I have dedicated life in search of the truth, separating fact from fiction.
One day, Hollywood knocked on my door and decided to tell my life in cinema.
But believe me, the cinematographic version isn't as same as the real.
March 31, 1995
Days Inn Motel, Corpus Christi, Texas.
When police arrived, found a young woman near death in the lobby of the motel.
Just 15 feet away in the parking lot, another woman was sitting in her truck.
Pointing a gun to her head.
The woman is Yolanda Saldivar, 34. Nurse with no criminal record.
Inside the motel, people were shocked to recognize that the victim lying in a pool of blood is Selena, the singer of 23 years, a rising star.
A singer bleeding to death.
And a nurse about to commit suicide.
What took these two women to that fateful moment?
What took one to shoot the other?
This is the lamentable and tragic true story that the movie didn't told.
Many people thinks they knows the story of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez from the movie "Selena".
In which Jennifer Lopez plays the beautiful young Latin singer on the eve of her big chance to enter in the musical circuit of the Pop music.
Although the film is a loving tribute to the life, career and Selena's family, it doesn't tell the whole story.
The big mystery is how Selena, incredulous and naive, was involved in a friendship that turned sour and ended in violence.
That was how it all started.
The Selena's dream began in the living room in her parents' house, in the town of Lake Jackson, Texas, when Selena was only 6 years old.
It's hard to imagine seeing these old amateur videos, that this innocent shy girl one day come to play a gig for 60,000 people.
Selena was 9 years old when she made her first show.
She performed with her brother and sister at the parents' restaurant.
When the restaurant went broke, the song became the breadwinner of the family.
They laid the foot on the road, traveling through small towns in Texas.
Playing at weddings, bars and trade shows.
After 10 years and thousands of shows, Selena turned into a beautiful and vibrant singer.
On stage, she attracted people. She made us want to look at her.
She could communicate with a large group of people, of different ages, everyone.
Chris Perez was 19 when he was invited to join the Selena's band.
The young and talented guitarist jumped at the chance.
Traveling together constantly, Selena and Chris were initially just friends.
You know, of course I thought she was pretty. Of course I thought she was a great person. I loved her way.
But she was just a friend, that's how I saw her.
Longer Selena and Chris spent time together, more their feelings grew.
We sat next to each other and that's when I started to feel a thing.
That caught me by surprise.
I was talking to her, I was looking at her, she looking at me, and I thought "Wow, this can't be happening!"
I felt that tingly inside. And I was even a little nervous, but I wanted to sound safe when ... When I realized I was already declaring me to her.
Saying that I loved her and then when she said she loved me too. That's it, I went crazy.
On April 2, 1992, few months after they declared, Selena and Chris were married.
Selena was a happy bride of 20 years, with an blowing career.
Selena dominated the Latin music charts.
I think that we was not aware of the true impact that she was suffering.
With success, Selena was earning thousands of fans warm.
Among them was a fan whose admiration was getting obsessive.
And eventually become fatal.
Yolanda Saldivar, is a 30 years old single nurse who is very dedicated to her work in a hospital in San Antonio, Texas.
Before becoming friend of Selena, she was an ordinary citizen who had nothing. No privilege, nothing.
After going to a concert Selena, Yolanda begins to idolize the young singer.
Like Selena, Yolanda grew up in a working class family.
Unlike Selena, Yolanda can only dream about fame and fortune.
Selena's agent is her father, Abraham Quintanilla.
In 1991, Yolanda brings together the courage and asks him to let her create the first official Selena fan club.
Yolanda call almost 12 times in a few months.
She was coming slowly.
It didn't happen the day to night, she was preparing the ground.
Abraham finally relents and allows her mount the fan club.
As fan club president, Yolanda has exclusive access to the star.
It's the first time that she taste the power and she gets drunk.
As organizes Selena's events and autograph sessions, she begin to feel more important.
She is no longer just a fan.
I think this was a woman who wanted to feel powerful.
You know, Selena gave her notoriety. Gave her a name.
To Selena, Yolanda is a harmless fan who loves her music and is only willing to serve.
She was pleasing Selena. Doing a little something here and there.
Giving a helping hand with this and that.
And talking to Selena, "Don't worry, I'll handle this," until Selena started to depend on her more and more and more.
In 1994, Selena has to go to Los Angeles to record a videoclip of a new song.
o Yolanda's happiness, Selena suggests she go along.
This quick trip together mark an important change in the relationship.
They were becoming friends.
When they return to Corpus Christi, Selena offers Yolanda a paid job as a Personal Assistant.
And don't even need to ask twice.
Selena has not been affected by her condition of ascending celebrity.
Still gullible and naive, she never stops and questions the Yolanda's motives.
She is extremely manipulative, she's good at what she does. I mean, she knows how to lead people to do what she wants.