Слепой фокусник \M/ A blind maGICian

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Free you right hand
because you are watching MAGIC [not porn]
the Blind episode. [SNAP]
Take a card. Anyone. [Sound of TV turning ON] Remember it.
Show it to the camera, to this kind man.
Done? -Yes
-Put it back and I will lose it. [Pause] I will shuffle the deck.
I will use KEY cards to find your card.
Just watch. I hope I will get it right, if not... than not.
First card that I will show you, [Points to the card] this one
it will be KEY card that will show suit of your card. OK?
It will just tell me. You are going to tell me the suit ofcourse.
So, what is the suit of this card?
-Suit, it is what? -I mean symbol, hearts, spa..
-Spades, spades. -Spades, black? -Yes, yes.
-Great. I will place it...mmm, wait.
For sure, spades, right? -Yes yes yes. -Good.
-Wait, nooo. That's not spades. -No, it's not spades. [Laughter]
-What, what is the flower... -Clubs?
-Clubs, yes yes. -Great. Good that I asked again. -Yes, good.
-Ok. Next card will show how many cards down from top of the deck it will be.
What is this card? -Four, four.
-Four. Great, I will put the four and the deck down, and count down
one..two..three..four cards. This is the fourth card
and now, the KEY moment. I shuffled the deck, chosed two KEY cards which
showed me - first card, suit of your card, second card, how many cards down in the deck is your card.
So...say honestly, as people who saw everything, what do you think, is this your card?
-No, no. -[Sarcastic laughter]
GREAT, thank you! [Sarcastically] I'm kind of worried now. -[Laughter]
Let me see..
So you will be surprised, if this is your card? - Yes!
-..because then I will be surprised too
and now, your card...name it, what is your card?
-Well, clubs.. five. -Five of clubs? -Yes!
-Five of clubs?
-But it was right here..
-Wait, this card is five of clubs? -Yes, it is! -It is impossible.
-what did you say? It is imposible?
-Yes, because it was right here. -That's case that it's impossible!
-Can we look what is here?
-You mean those four cards?
-No. That first card! -Well, take a look.
What is there?...What is there?
-There's an ace.
-Know what, turn over three other cards.
-Wow! -What is there?
-There are aces.
-Holy cow! [Sarcastically] -Holy cow [Laughter]
Hello! So, we are at home now,
and this is a bonus part of my video Where I will give you a little task,
because I want you to "crack" your head a bit. Likewise, I do it with my spectators, on the street...
...by showing them magic tricks.
So, take 3 matches.. and task sounds like this:
You need to turn these 3 matches into 6, having one rule in mind - you are not allowed to brake them.
Good luck! I know that to some of you this puzzle will take more time to solve, to others it will be really easy.
Most of you will surrender and will not be able to solve it. Even will not spare time for it,
but that's because our society is like that.
In any case, leave your answers in the comments, likewise,
your suggestions, desires and ideas for next videos.
Take care of yourself.
Magician : Andris Volkov
Camera and montage : Igor Bondar