Workplace Diversity Strategy 2011-2013

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Diversity is like Heinz 57 flavour
of beans. It makes your stew more appetizing.
It adds value to the work environment, and
having different perspective helps people to look at things differently.
Yeah, the world would be an extremely grey place without diversity,
no colour, and in immigration I've worked with more diverse
cultures than any other role I've ever worked in. I think if the world was
If everyone in the world was the same... It'd be pretty boring.
In fact, it's something I've tried to distill in my children, that
differences are good. A diverse workforce in DIAC is important because in
it encourages respect and understanding for each other, it brings about
teamwork, and it allows employees to understand each other more.
Australia is not a dull and sterile place, it's a very diverse
society, and we in the public sector have to reflect that
diversity, it's essential.

Main disability is bipolar disorder...
I also have aspergers syndrome,
which is both a disability and a gift.
Aspergers syndrome gives me very good analytical
skills, and I've used these skills to help the department by proofreading
documents. Having clones in the workforce means that
all problems are approached only from the one direction, having a diverse worforce
means problems are approached from a variety of different directions and are more likely to be
solved successfully.

I think having a busy family life and working full time means
that you've got to be able to juggle a whole variety of things, being able to
keep a number of balls in the air at the same time I think that's really
important and something that anyone who
is a parent, brings that to the workplace I think.
I've got nearly 20 members in my team, and of course they range from different
ages, genders, family backgrounds.
And work has a different meaning for all of them, and I think
you need to be able to have that sort of opportunity,
to juggle things and that variety of experiences in your life
means you can relate better to people.
Our job is to
create a situation where we can manage the orderly migration of people accross
our borders. To do that you need to be able to understand people. And the ability
to have diverse experience in
cultures, and socio-political
differences, enables you to do that job a hell of a lot better.
My father was born in Werris Creek, so we're kamilaroy people.
The amount of exposure I've had to different cultures
here in DIAC is just amazing, especially from the
consideration that we're all Australian.
But we all have our own different things to bring. We're the most diverse
country in the world.
I come from a different
culture, I speak arabic fluenty, and I
read and write, and that helps me translate documents for the department.
I think also coming from an Islamic
culture, allows me to help people
especially those working in detention centres.
Or here in the department in
regional office. Sometimes people approach
me and ask questions about detainees requirements
and is that a religious thing
or a culture thing, and I'm able to offer them
assistance in that regard. Diversity is important
to DIAC, it allows the
different points of views, people from different
ethnicity and backgrounds, bring
quite diverse skills to the agency

Youth allows the organisation such as the department of immigration
to evolve, and to grow as an organisation. It allows
new ideas, and new concepts to be brought about to the organisation.
And it also brings about understanding
of a new generation.
The biggest encouragement is allowing gen Y
to interact with other generations in the department, and putting them together as a team
and buddying them up in order for ideas to be exchanged.
One of the things I really enjoy about my
role in the legal framework branch, id working with the
younger highly qualified people. And giving them the benefit of
some of my life experience, and my experience in the department.
We deal with alot of controversial issues, and we have alot of difficult
situations that our staff go through, and my
experience helps in mentoring and getting
our more junior staff through those difficult times.
We have been here before
we'll no doubt be here again,
we've come through and we're the better for it.

I remember before our family even got a television.
Wow. I remember when I signed up for facebook. Well you wouldn't have ever
heard of the best band ever the clash then. The clash? Wow have you heard of
Cat Empire? Never.