[ENG SUB] Big Bang - On Style (W Korea) - Part 2

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As you've suspected, Maknae envies Jiyong a lot.
Sometimes trying on an item that Jiyong has worn,
Or trying on his belt just once..
When Jiyong has taken off his jacket, pretending he doesn't notice,
Seungri trying that on as well..
There are often.. those kinds of gestures
but he's never like, "Nuna, I want those clothes too!"
Never outright like that..
Big Bang Behind the Scenes secrets from Fashion Stylist Jieun
Taeyang, for example, has specific items that he likes
But he is very sensitive to size,
So we always prepare multiple sizes of the same items for him.
Because he is the member who dances very freely
So, if there are any discomfort in the clothes,
they are getting in the way of the moves he wants to make.
So he is quite sensitive about size.
( At any and all times, immersed in dance. Perhaps dancing is more important to Taeyang than fashion. )
Daesung has a very handsome body
And such a well-formed body as his can appear macho-esque.
So for him, we try to avoid items like.. very tight-fitting shirts
( Today however, uncharacteristically wearing a tight-fitting shirt. )
- Daesung's very erotic today. - Very erotic.
- Seductive. - Raw.
- His body seems naturally erotic. - His body is sexual by nature.
- Oh my god
Photographer: It looks bulky to me.
TOP has a very specific type of clothes he likes.
There needs to be angled structure to it.
And the material can't be too thin.
He really likes jackets,
So, things like suits, he wears often
And he enjoys wearing tailored outer clothes.
( Seungri, envying TOP's style )
- TOP hyung's photos are very handsome.
- Seungri.. wants to appear mature.
Because he is often conscious of his place as maknae,
He wants to quickly become an adult,
He wants to quickly escape being underage, and we've seen this,
So to appear a little bit like his hyungs,
We choose a lot of mature designs for him.
- I think, TOP hyung, who can fill a suit perfectly, is very cool
I'm going to exercise a lot, and drink a lot of milk
In hopes to one day wear a suit that even surpasses TOP hyung's suit look.
( Finally, The fashion king, G-dragon! )
- Which member has the most clothes?
- I have the most.
In GD's case, people always ask me:
'How difficult is he, How tiring is it'...
They ask me all the time
But during the 10 years I've known Jiyong,
'Nuna, I hate this, I will never wear this'..
Him saying that kind of thing has only happened..
..Once? in my memory
As a joke, I'd always say, 'You're my muse~'
He is really like an empty canvas He can wear anything well
Well, I'm not sure either..
This is the first time I've worn it as well,
and they said it's normally a woman's clothes..
You're supposed to put your arms through, like this
But that looked too feminine, so I just threw it on like this.
( Woman's clothes, no problem )
( Wearing jackets inside out, not conforming to the rules of clothing, always creating new styles, GD is a true fashionista )
- Let's try wrapping it around the legs
- Come on, that's not right
That's not okay - I'll do it lightly~
- It's starting to feel strange
( In front of the camera, they know how to play )
1, 2, 3 now, looking away from the camera~
I am curious about the results. I hope it comes out okay.
I think we tried something new
The concept is unique, and the filming process as well.
Because it was so different, it was very fun to shoot.
I think it's gonna come out great. I think it's gonna come out very cool.
- Done
Thank you~
Thank you so much for all your hard work~
It was a very enjoyable session
Each member was able to portray a colour that they cannot normally, so it was very fun.
I think they all grew up well.
I think they have matured into very impressive men.
They were once boys, and now has become men.
It has finished. Thank you very much.
Please enjoy the great photos.
( A group that truly loves and enjoys fashion, Big bang )
( Let's expect further greatness and groundbreaking new styles from them )
When I'm home alone, I often read 'On Style'
This is actually true.
Everyone, don't read 'On Style'.
Only I can read it.
On Style~