St Georges Market

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St Georges Market has been a Belfast landmark since it was built in
Victorian times. It’s on the site of the original open market which
has been there since the 17th century.
This market used to be across there across the far side of the street.
It was a long dark building and then they swapped it over here and they
got a grant to do this place up, fixed it all up.
It’s a nice market - it’s a nice atmosphere.
Today it’s a home to a mix of entertainment and bargains,
whether it's local produce,clothing, bric-a-brac, books, antiques or
there are those who just use it as a place to meet old friends or to have
a tasty snack or just to be entertained.
On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays before the rest of the city comes to
life, market traders arrive to prepare their stalls
and their wares.
Love it, cannot wait to 5.00am, come to get up here with your cup of
coffee outside and have a yarn before the market opens at 5.30am.
Twenty odd years ago we would have started serving people at 7.30am,
7.45am. Now we are serving people at 5.25am.
This opens at 5.20am and when you open here and the lights are on,
there’s people here coming home from work,
going to work, working night shifts coming getting their fresh fruit and
vegetables, fish, chips, chicken whatever it is and away on home.
Which twenty years ago that wouldn’t of happened.
Times have changed you have to be here for the public and that’s what
we are.
The variety market on Friday serves many thousands of visitors from near
and far. There is always a bargain.
All the traders, we all get on really well here every Friday,
Saturday and now Sunday.
And you get to know the customers really well.
The Victorian building opens
its ornate gates again on Saturday morning, featuring a fusion of
speciality foods, hand crafts, flowers and plants as well as local
art work.
Every week is the same, value for service,
you cannot get anything better.
Everything you see all off the counter, fish, vegetables, food,
chicken everything.
I think it’s a very good place to come.
It's good for small business and it has done our business very well.
On Sunday St Georges features food from all over the world, craft and
antiques and it's popular for browsing.
99% of our own vegetables, potatoes is all local produce, Comber,
Antrim, Ballygowan all over Northern Ireland.
Weekends are good because there are bands that play on a Saturday and
Sunday and there is a good atmosphere.
The mackerel is Irish Sea, the scallops are local County Down.
Cod, whiting, hake, haddock, it's all local.
Sea bass, Sea bream they come from Greece.
The salmon is from the west coast of Scotland.
The tuna is from the Indian Ocean, tiger prawns from the Indian Ocean.
Swordfish it comes from the St Georges banks out in the Atlantic of
the Canadian coast so bits from all round the world.
This is one of the last covered in Victorian markets in the British
I think this market is the hidden gem of Belfast.
So why not come and discover this hidden gem for yourself.
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