Behind the Scenes - BTS#6 - fingers, fighting and a special reveal!

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Behind the scenes The Evolution of Combat - Big reveal
Hey guys! Mod Chris L & Mod Hunter here for the last in the combat videos.
Thanks for watching so far - hope you've enjoyed it.
This is just the start of things to come - we're really going to blow the lid off this today!
So to start, if you look at your character, you'll immediately see
you've actually got fingers which we've never had!
It sounds so simple, but they've just never been in the game.
We're just going to go over the graphics to start in this video -
we'll build you up nice and slow until we get to a nice big reveal.
You might have seen this in other videos, but this is just to confirm the way weapons will work.
You hold them differently - it's what we call the casual stance - so it's a bit more chilled-out.
Gently holding it there. You can see bows are now on the left hand (sorry, lefties!),
but apparently that's where it's meant to be!
Yeah, we've also got the sheathing positions, so that's your own choice.
You don't have to have it sheathed, if you want to keep it out, you can do.
It's a button on your keyboard - which is the * on your numpads
to switch it back and forwards whenever you choose to.
Obviously, when you go into combat it will be drawn for you
there's no punching with weapons on your back I'm afraid!
I know our graphics team hated the way you used to talk to shopkeepers with swords pointing at their chests!
And here we go into the combat stance, which you've seen in other videos,
but you'll see how it changes in combat.
So you'll see you're much more alert, so it looks like you can actually defend yourself
and not just be like, "Oh! I'm taking a hit!"
When you switch weapons you also switch immediately into that stance,
so there's no wielding a Dragon Spear like it's a bow -
it will just switch to the actual spear wielding.
Yeah and the same again for the sword there.
The graphics guys wanted to make it so that smaller weapons look lighter -
they look like you can swing fast with them
When you look here at the Dragon 2-Hander, it's got a slow, heavy swing,
and you can see and feel that weight hopefully when you play with that sort of weapon.
You'll definitely see the weight of it in the damage that it does.
Alright! And then we go back to punching him in the face. Which brings us to...
our reveal.
"Dramatic pause..." (!)
Extra dramatic pause!
So, what's cooler than everything we've shown you so far?
So, we have bought dual-wielding to RuneScape.
As you can see here, he's sheathing and un-sheathing two Dragon Scimitars.
So we now have the ability to go "full-on" damage, which is having two weapons at the same time.
So you sacrifice the shield slot (which is what we'll be talking about in a short amount of time),
but you go "full offence", losing a bit of armour value but you gain dual-wielding and dual-wielding abilities.
Yeah, dual-wielding abilities are one of the only restrictions we've managed to avoid revealing so far.
In all of the tool-tips we've been really careful not to show it off too early
and I'm quite surprised we actually managed it!
There you go - you just saw a crazy ability which is a very fast dual-wielder.
It spins the weapons around and does really good damage across time.
It might look crazily overpowered but have to remember that this is at the sacrifice of armour,
so someone with a shield or a heavy defence opponent will still be very challenging to hit.
And they'll use their own array of abilities, which we'll touch on in a short time.
Yes, we'll show you some of the powers that a shield has towards the end of the video.
This is the Excalibur - which has had its special attack removed
but it is now used as the off-hand version of the whip, which is the same power as the whip.
Yeah, unfortunately we couldn't give you two whips, guys
it's a technical limitation with how animated the whip can be in the left hand
There's that ability again
a massive dual-wielding ability over time.
I think it's one of the better attacks that dual-wielders have,
but many of the dual-wielding attacks are just pretty awesome!
And you also have dual-wielding "ultimates" as well,
so you've got a different amount of ultimates you can pick from, and some are dual-wield specific.
We've not left Ranged or Magic out, so here's Ranged dual-wielding some crossbows
which we can show are both sheathed to the player character
and we can have a pretty awesome stance when they go into combat.
I think that's one of the favourites within the office as well.
Yeah! It's definitely one of the favourites
everyone always talks about how cool this looks.
As you can see, he's almost chilled-out, just sitting back,
taking turns popping left and right on the crossbows there.
And again, Ranged has dual-wielding specific animations and abilities.
That ability there - a snipe - just holding a crossbow out to take a closer shot to do a lot more damage.
I think I use an ultimate one for dual-wielding in a second, and there's an AoE one.
Here it comes - the adrenaline bar is building up there and it's glowing, so I used a crazy-damage one.
Here we go - he's just gun-slinging and if the target doesn't move, they die, basically!
So in PvP you'll have to keep a keen eye out for that one.
But if you move you can avoid the damage
so whilst it is powerful, if you're paying attention you can get away from it.
Yes, you can make them waste their ultimate if you're clever.
Ok, so we've moved on - we're still doing Ranged
but here you can do dual throwing weapons as well.
This is me with two knives, speedily throwing them
again, animating in full - and I've even switched to a crossbow.
So I shoot with the right, throw with the left.
And that will still let you use dual-wielding Ranged abilities because we know they're both Ranged weapons.
There's a snipe again.
I just like the look of that ability, really!
I think there's a few that have become firm favourites.
We're also adding in new shields for Ranged and Magic as well.
Shields will carry quite a hefty chunk of both the defensive and Lifepoint boost.
And here's Magic with the two-handed staff,
which you will recognise in the live game as a one-handed Staff of Light,
but all staves are now two-handed as they're the Magic equivalent of a 2-Handed sword
and will deal more damage with their spells.
So any runes you use will mean you get more damage out of them.
Exactly. Two-handed weapons like Dragon 2-Handers are slower,
but they give you 150% damage output.
So you sacrifice the speed for the damage.
And again, like Mod Hunter just touched on, staves are that for magic.
So they look awesome because he shoots it out of the staff,
but they do more damage at the expense of speed.
And obviously you can still use the abilities with them.
Here we go - I think you've seen our favourite thing of turning into a fire-guy,
but as I'm casting water, let's see what happens this time!
So the elemental you transform into depends on whichever type you're using.
This is now dual-wielded Magic.
It doesn't work in the same way - you'll see you've got an orb in your off-hand and a wand in your main hand.
This means your casting speed is halved - it's also with books in the off-hand.
Alright, we've now moved on to being a bit crazy.
So obviously, RuneScape isn't class-limited, so dual-wielding isn't limited.
I've got here a whip in my main hand and a ranged weapon in my off-hand,
so I'm actually meleeing him and ranging him.
This guy we've been wailing on for weeks is weak against everything,
so you'd have to be careful if you were doing this against a live target.
Yeah, it's also definitely worth mentioning that
you have to take what's in your main hand into account
when it comes to abilities. You can't use Ranged abilities
when you've got a Ranged off-hand and a melee main hand weapon.
To end we'd just like to say "thank you" for tuning in and watching
and we really thank you for all of your support and for applying for the Beta!
We'll be doing a "Devs" vs you guys to see how it all plays out on the Beta servers
next week, if you can believe it!
And to celebrate, me and Mod Hunter kicked it off with our first fight...
Yes, we're now about to show you some PvP
with Mod Chris L using the shield abilities
which got really annoying when I was so close to getting that final move!
So here Mod Hunter has gone with a Mage approach
so he has a combat triangle advantage,
so I've gone with defence because wearing melee isn't great against fighting a Mage.
Here we go - he's casting Fire Wave
and I'm trying to be very clever about how I fight here
because I'm using abilities that lower my damage that's taken
so his damage output is less against me.
He's trying to Bind me I think, but
I use an ability that frees me from Binds
And there we go - yeah, run away!
Then I charge back to try and stun him.
I tried to use a choke attack which would also stun him whilst doing damage
but he managed to get the Charge in just before.
I would have been stuck on the spot, but I used my ability to quickly get me over to him.
As you can see, we're hitting ultimate levels now
so the fight's been going on a little while already and now it's time to think about what we can do.
As you can see, the bars above our heads are full
and Mod Hunter has gone to Metamorphosis
so he's going to be doing much more damage output with those spells.
So I need to think about being clever
and I'm using my shield to reflect some damage
which is an awesome ability that I love!
It's one that's only limited to shields as well.
And there Chris has just used Heroism
which is one of the defensive ultimate abilities which you'll see the effect of shortly.
I thought I was going to die, so I used this one
and you can see on the side-panel there that it's running on me.
He nearly had me on the ropes there and was about to kill me
so I used that ability.
There was no damage output, but it put an effect on me...
here it goes...
didn't kill me!
I thought I was about to die
so I used an ultimate defence which has no damage output but it saves my life
if I'm about to die in the very near future.
I think it does reduce the damage to you a bit, doesn't it?
Yes, it's a very defensive ability so you sacrifice all of that ability gain and adrenaline gain to
whilst it doesn't do anything at the time - save me in the future.
It could be a real saver in a fight, as it comes to...
actually your second time in this fight.
But for now, we'll just let you finish watching the video
and we'll see you on the Beta servers!
Thanks very much, and we hope you have as great a time playing it
as we have making it! And hopefully
you'll not kill us too much in the Devs vs Players event in the first week.
The Evolution of the Combat Beta starts on June 26th
so check out for more details
and don't miss our RuneCast special on launch day
to hear from the team that have been working
on what is sure to be the most dramatic update that RS has even seen
next week we go behind the scenes of a quest that you control