Photo Crafts : Photo Flower Pot: Creating Petals

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.07.2008

All right, now, these are the bases of our flowers that we've cut out. So, we're going
to take a piece of craft paper and you're going to want to fold it in half. And then
you want to use your fold and we're going to make shapes of a half heart. So when they
cut them out, they're going to look like a full heart. So just down the page make as
many as you want. Make them about the size of a half dollar. And we're going to draw
those all the way down the side of the page. We're going to need a lot of petals to make
these photo flowers. All right now, once you've done that, you've got half shaped hearts going
all down your page, you're going to start to cut those out. And when you cut them out
and open them up, they're going to look just like a heart. And that's how we're going to
create our petals.