En busqueda de un Monster

Uploaded by kabokuti on 16.04.2011

I've come to the Artwalk to buy a Monster doll.
The music couldn't be better for this Colombian.
The DJ is... in a car... pretty cool.
All the equipment is part of the car
I have to buy a cousin of Woody. A Monster doll.
But I can't find them. I already went to...
to the first location I found them, but they're not there.
I'm going now to the second location
They're not here. That sucks.
I hope I find them.
Where are they?
Let's hope the mission is successful. If not, they're going to kill me.
Nothing. They're not here either.
I haven't found them yet; but now I'm inside a building,
classical, with high ceilings;
there's balconies up there.
But the cool thing about this place
is a GIANT table... with GIANT chairs.
Pretty cool.
How about that chair?
Someone is going to sit on it, so you can see the dimensions.
That's a BIG chair.
And the giant table
There's some art hanging on the walls...
The table is pretty cool.
How about that chair?
I'm about to give up on the mission, but let's continue...
In the parking lots,
they fill them up with food trucks
And there's also some people selling "chucherias", as my aunt Mechas would say.
And guess what!
Behind this is Woody's family, so I'm going to go there
and buy the Monster doll that was requested.
So here they are. Found them! Found them!
Let's hope they have the one I'm looking for.
Okay, I'm here in the company of this doll,
They gave me a list of 3 dolls, which was a good idea because
of the 3, they only have this one.
The other ones are sold out.
Something I hadn't seen before, are this ones
they're bigger than Woody.
I want to buy and collect them all.
Specially this one that's pretty cool.
Or this samurai.
Estoy aqu’ con May,
-Tu los haces?
-Mi familia.
Su familia los hace.
Y como les han gustado los videos que he hecho
ella me regal— este.
May, que nombre le pongo a este?
Okay, so the night had a happy ending.
Surrounded by a lot of food
I'm going to say good bye.
I found the Monster doll that was requested.
And Woody now has a new brother: Franky!
So now I have Woody, Leeloo and Franky.
The family is growing up!