You in Thessaloniki (English)

Uploaded by visitgreecegr on 03.10.2010

I've travelled all around Europe but in fact I prefer Greece
We really like Thessaloniki as a city
We're coming frequently here for the last 20 years
It's the first time for me to visit a museum
I love the history, so much history in this city
We were in the Church of Saint Dimitrios yesterday incredible experience
All of this the monuments and all the history is terrific
In Pella we went to visit the Palace of Alexandro Magno
It's a wonderful place to sort of just come and relax and have a wonderful time
We like the food
The nightlife is great here
The people are so giving and so compassionate, so welcoming
The locals in general have been lovely, very friendly
Very friendly
Educated, well spoken
Everyone has been very friendly in the streets when we asked for directions and any ideas where to go, everyone has been very helpful
We found everybody to be very polite
I think that public transport is very good to get around the city or to the beaches
We love to swim so we do love the beaches
I felt very safe walking around, very safe on the buses, very safe with our bags
Yeah I will come back for sure
I don't want to leave