Gönülçelen )) Episode 14 - Part 4/8 [English Subtitles]

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maybe she might be in love with that clarinet player
I heard from Nakiye, his family went to Burhan to ask his permission for marriage
his family went, so that they could get married?
yes. Remember he was so jealous after the hotel incident. He might do the trick
well I've tried that one before. She really likes him as a friend but she's not in love with him
not important as long as he's in love
and we all know what a man in love is capable of doing
Anyway we don't have any other alternative
so what else did he say
he kept asking who that man was. He's delirious with anger
He's about to blow up into pieces. His face flushes. He goes red and purple
You tamed the Cobra and turned him into a worm!!
Oh seriously balçiçek.. I feel so good. What else did he say
look he's bound to come and talk to you
See I understand men..
what will I say to him if he comes and says he wants to talk
don’t give in. Ignore him
yes but listen at the same time to hear what he's saying
Is he still talking crap or is he talking nice
I see. So I've to put him through agony
of course. And if he proposes say no
you have to say no so he runs after you
Next time say I'll think about it and the third time you can accept
Right.. I got it
oh that smells nice. What detergent is that?
that is my dad’s perfume.
hello Mr. Burhan.
(Burhan says he is out for a walk. Gülnaz asks him if he's going to meet Nakiye)
(she spills out the beans about Nakiye calling the market for Burhan)
I'll speak to him Koray
you aren't happy to see me. I don't have much time and I won't wait long
Is this why you came here?
Yes I did I'm trying to control the situation and I don’t intend to let go
But don’t be scared. I'll tell everyone I came for Hasret if they see me
Hello Mr. Levent
hello, well Ms. Nesrin wanted to speak to you
I'm at the door
the door of her house?
Ok. We're coming down
Nesrin wants to see me
I thought you would give me time
the course of that conversation will change with your attitude
what you want cannot happen in a second. I need time
well get on with it
what are you doing here?
I was passing by and thought I should stop to see Hasret but she's not home
well your timing is good. I was going to talk about some charity stuff
Can you come over to dinner. You can see Hasret too and we can talk
then we should get ready for tonight eh Mrs. Saime?
I was waiting for Mr. Murat
we are too
the same one? Murat Turalý the pianist?
Hello. Sorry to keep you waiting. My meeting took a bit long
Are we ready for a little training and a rehearsal
Meet Hasret, she's the lead singer at the final of the show
nice to meet you
you too
they're professionals and masters
The music I've chosen has an equivalent in the western norm and the harmony is suitable
So If I can support this 100 years of traditional music with the partitions of western music a very tasty mixture can be attained
do you mean like soup?
well kind of. I think It'll be a success
well the name of the show explains itself. If music is to meet Istanbul Then the Istanbul’s tune has to be in it too
I included Hasret so we might make a rehearsal. Are you ready?
Gülnaz how are you?
oh.. fine!
are you shopping
what does it look like I'm doing?
well just trying to make chit chat.. are you not talking to me
I am
but you seem to be so distant
can we not sit down a bit and talk a couple of sentences?
2 sentences? Ok but one word is enough for me. Bye!
Very good. You're all spectacular. Next time we'll pick it up from here
we thank you. Bye. See you
Thanks. Nice meeting you all
You know? I sang for the rehearsal the final song
Oh you came at last. You're late. We had 2 meetings. Hasret attended them
you two don't seem to need me I guess you two don't need anyone except each other
what? we need you all the time
You 're the best producer of the Balkans and the middle east!
But we don't need anyone else except you. You know who I mean!
You mean Cihan..
He's not being called to the training anymore huh?
we aren't on good terms with him nowadays
we will not be upset about that will we
Look you're already late so stop being so laid back
Continue the program as scheduled. It's your time to take care of Hasret now
so what’s next?
(Saime makes an excuse to go out to the shop who were going to deliver curtains for Nesrin’s room. As they have not sent them..Nesrin says ok)
( Nesrin makes koray follow Saime to spy on her)
(Burhan calls Nakiye and tells her he will come to see her if she cannot go out)
Brother Cihan came to the house. He threatened me. He is serious
I am scared he might blurt it out
(The curtains arrive when saime is gone)