Spektrum DX6i Unboxing And Review

Uploaded by rcnightmare on 10.11.2010

Hey guys. Jeremy here from RCNightmare.com. Today we’re going to be doing an unboxing
video of the Spektrum DX6i. I just picked up a new electric plane and of course I had
to get the necessary equipment to control the darn thing in the air.
Spektrum is one of the leading radio controls and radio control units. Obviously Futaba’s
really popular for the planes too. The 6i is not super high end but it is great for
what I’m going to need – for park flyers as they’re called.
So, let’s get to the unboxing.
Now with the 6i, you’ve got a little bit different features. You’ve got the newest
tecs, you’ve got DSM2, and you’ve got 2.4 GHz, but this one’s got a little bit
different receiver than what you’re normally going to notice and I’ll show you that when
I get to that. It’s totally fine for most planes – this one has a lot of the same
features as the DX3, so it’s got 10-model memory, its programmable for airplanes/helicopters,
it’s got an integrated timer which is important. It’s got all sorts of other things like
servo monitors, throttle cuts, trainer mode. It’s also got – when your battery gets
low – you’ll be able to tell. It’s going to react a little bit different so you’ve
got a warning not that your plane just falls from the sky. Again, six channels as I said.
So looking at the top of the box here – flip it over – the manuals packed in the
top here. It’s actually quite thick, which I guess is what I would expect with a controller
this complex. I will be definitely spending a lot of time on this. On the simulator in
the hobby store, I spent a lot of time crashing.
So, I talked a little bit about the receiver too. What you’ve got here is Spektrum’s
micro light receiver. It’s a little bit smaller than what you’d get if you were
to go a model up, but it’s perfectly fine for park flying. This is about a $200 retail
item. If you go to A Main Hobbies or Stormer Hobbies, you could probably get it for $170’s
– I’m guessing.
The other things you get with this are all your little servos. This isn’t something
I’m used to getting with my receivers but you actually get a bunch of servos – looks
like four in total – and all the servo arms and everything that you need to get your plane
ready to go – it comes with four. Then all the screws that are required, little charging
Then you get to this bohemeth radio. So as far as radios for planes or helicopters go,
really there’s a huge range in pricing. You can go all the way from $100 or $79 maybe
for the most simple up to I’ve seen some Futaba’s over two grand.
So do your research, know what you want to do with it and if you’re just a park flyer
like me, something like the DX6i is going to be perfectly fine for you. Really light
in my hand – it actually fits your hand really nice. You’ve got your – on the
actual unit itself – you’ve got your throttle cut, you’ve got your flap gyros, and all
your controls on the top here – real nice, real sturdy. You’ve got your gear and your
rudder and then you’ve got a little switch on the back here for training mode which is
real nice. If you’re going to do trainer, that’s the way to go.
So the other thing is you’ll note, too, the receiver bends down like this a little
bit which makes moving it around or packing it a lot easier. Other features – again,
it runs on 6 channels, you can program up to 10 models. So with 6 channels you can pretty
much fly most anything you would consider a park flyer or a helicopter – should give
you all the control you need for that kind of stuff.
It runs on 4 AA batteries – you can see there. You want to keep those charged, because
what good is your cutoff if your receiver turns off on you. Again it has a low-battery
indicator and everything like that as well.
So that is the DX6i. You know, there are a lot of different models out there again. Besides
the included servo – so the DSP75 are the digital servos that are included – you’ve
also got the universal connectors, mounting hardware, and a wide assortment of servo arms
so you should be able to fit it in to almost any application. You’ve got a servo monitor;
you’ve got a roller selector. The roller selector I didn’t mention is right here
and you just kind of roll it. It’s real nice for going through the menus – really
convenient. Same as my DX3R except it’s on the top and it goes the other way but very,
very nice. Dual speed trim scroll and boy, more features than you could every care to
need – if you’re a park flyer anyway. If you’re a little more advanced, you should
have plenty of features.
So this is the DX6i. I’m actually going to be binding it with the ParkZone T-28D Trojan
which is about a $200 plane. Again classified as what I would call a park flyer so nothing
super advanced but a great plane to start with. And I’m kind of getting into planes
so that’s why I’m starting there.
So I hope you liked our unboxing of the DX6i and I hope that if you have any questions
about how we like it or any more specific questions about it, feel free to post them
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as we upload new videos which we do almost every single weekday. So thanks and have a
great day!