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Michigan Adaptive Sports is a group that gets children and adults with physical
disabilities the opportunity to do three different types of sports. We do snow skiing, water
skiing, and kayaking during the summer. I think their very important because it gives them
a challenge and it also makes them feel that they if they can do this, they can do anything.
Music. Well, we're doing pretty good, we are a nom profit organization and so we raise the
money for all our own equipment. We have bi skis, mono skis, we have lots of standup equipment.
This year we're starting to work with snowboarders so we're starting to get snowboarding
equipment, so we provide all the equipment for anyone with a physical disability to learn how
to ski. Music. Well a mono ski if you have good upper strength, you can come out of a wheelchair
and go into a bucket with one ski and then two hand held outriggers and the hand held
outriggers are just like your fold and they touch to give you balance when your skiing. Music.
Well, today is first winter even on Tuesday we had training for some of the volunteers and we
had two volunteers out here today. But today we had fourteen participants and they range from
paras to quads to amputees and there is a blind group out here also called optical illusion. So
there's two groups out here working n the hill today providing opportunities for
people with disabilities. Our group offers this to a hill like Pine Knob, if you want to get
involved in something like this we do have a website called www.michiganadaptivesports dot
org and that will give you all the information as to where we are and when we're running these
clinics. Yu do have to come to an organization like ours that has the equipment to provide the
opportunity for someone with a disability. Music. Well at the end of this month up at Schuss
we have a race called the Steelers Meyers race and Bill Steelers and Grace Meyer's were
the first amputee racers to bring the program to the state of Michigan. Bill Steelers,
unfortunately just passed away last year at 93 years old. And he was the first amputee that
went out to Colorado and brought the program back to Michigan and started doing what they call
three tracking and Grace Meyers was the first female racer. So each year we run a cup in their
honor called the Steelers's Meyers race. Music. Fun, nice. Nice activity to do. Cold.
Definitely cold. But it's nice to do. It's a nice release of energy and it keeps you warm
too. I was not cold up there at all. Music. They had me use outriggers, which are kind of
like crutches with the skis up on them. So I would lean to the left or lean to the right and it
would go to the left or the right. And I would just ski like that. My first run because it's
been a year, so think about this. My first run as bad but once I got used to it and I've
been in the snow so that's good. Bt once I got it figured out. I did pretty good. Music. Well
definitely it's an adrenaline rush. So if you're not into adventure and stuff you
shouldn't do it. But you should definitely give it a shot. If you're willing to try it. I'm
willing to try new things. I eat new things all the time so. Music. I've been skiing since I
was six years old and I've been with adaptive ever since then. They help disabled skiers of all
kinds for me I'm a four track skier so when I first started out I was tethered to the
instructor and they helped me learn how to make turns to stop safely things like that. And
then the more practice I got, I started becoming independent and now I can ski on my own. I love
it. For me it's what makes the Michigan winters bearable. I love the snow to be able to go
skiing so it's just one of those things I love to do it's great one of my favorite things to do
in the wintertime. Music. I welcome them to give it a try I mean you may fall in the
beginning but don't be afraid to fall and give it your best shot. You may be surprised that how
well you can do it. Music. I think the people involved really care about helping the young
kids and the older kids and for some other kids it may be like one activity that they can get
involved in and feel special and part of this amazing group. Some of these people I've been around
with forever and they're still here and that just means that it's a great group that all