POTC Video Pill - FASO message

Uploaded by thepartyofthecentury on 06.05.2010

Hi guys I am Faso, the bass player for Elio e le Storie Tese.
Who's Elio e le Storie Tese?
It's a sparkling italian band with spicy lyrics and that's the fun thing about it all.
I was pleased to play on the song "2 Hearts in a Tattoo"
at first I was a bit shocked because I was used to "due cuori e una capanna" (two hearts and a hut - italian way to say: love on a shoestring) and I wasn't quite ready for 2 hearts in a tattoo.
So after this first shocking moment I realized that it was a very good song and I decided to play on it using a 4 strings Fender, Jazz Bass
at this point someone could say:" Faso don't you usually play 6 strings bass?"
I felt like playing a different bass, even because Steve Gadd is on drums, and since he's a true legend I thought it would have been a correct choice playing a legendary and classic bass along his groove.
I had a flair for Venice Night, the orchestra track!
even because I just finished a similar project with an orchestra and my band so I am very fresh and sensitive on this particular subject.
So it's been a pleasure and surprise to find in POTC a song like this, which is very beautiful even though I didn't play on it!
Let's say we all have to wish this project the best of luck
and I just got informed that it's going to be released in a very cool deluxe limited box too!
So if we said In Bocca Al Lupo (literally meaning jump in wolf's mouth, a good luck sentence similar to: Break A Leg) that would be too poor to wish the best of luck
so we might get to blend it with In Culo Alla Balena (literally meaning jump into a whale's ass. always a good luck sentence) even though it's a very strong thing.
So let's do this way, let's go everybody into a whale's ass only after she got eaten by the wolf. This way luck is gonna be more than doubled!