Justin Bieber não sabe continentes| Justin Bieber doesn't know the continents

Uploaded by Zezecastrofo on 30.11.2011

I love it I mean I have a blassing to travel the world to see
something. Where have you been... throughout the countries you've been?
I think I've been in every country... How many countries are there?
Five. Asia,
Hum... Africa
And the North pole?!
Yeah carry on! You were doing really well... Two easy ones,
You've got the hard ones... Canada.
No, no, I'm canadian! Yeah, he is canadian! But two more, try two more, come on.
Theese are the easy ones, come on!
you've been in both places.
I'm pretty sure.
OH! Australia. Yes!
One more, you've got one more.
And the last one
I'll give you a couple of the countries in the last continent. France.
Europe! There you go!