Klitschko Movie Trailer (English subtitles)

Uploaded by IlhanK on 23.04.2011

... on the canvas!
The punch was too powerful!
Impressive performance!
The new No. 1
Mom? Everything's all right, he's fine!
Wladimir called back again and said: I forgot to say that I love you.
Vitali has the heart of a fighter. He was born that way. I became a fighter.
Still to this day I have to watch out for my little brother.
What a backdrop here in the hall!
A big left hand!
Klitschko has lost! The fight is over!
Is this the end of the career of Wladimir?
After the fight Vitali and I were sitting in the plane and he said:
Look at you in mirror.
That's it.
For the first time in our lifes we yelled at each other.
Vitali, don't be angry. I have to do this alone.
For me they are true champions for overcoming a big low.
Having the greatness to get back to the top.
A unique movie
about two unique brothers