Levis Adel-Reinhardt sur les pas de Django-Samois sur Seine-guitare jazz manouche (with subtitles)

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David Reinhardt, Django's grandson
and Levis, his great-granson,
as well as their families
made this village their home port.
I feel that it is very important
that my family is gathered here
because it gives us
a fix point here.
Django has lived here,
there is the festival, all that.
My village is here.
Here, I feel at home everywhere
I want to live here later.
Of course, I will travel
every summer,
I don't want to be stranded here.
It is a nice place but ...
travels are nice too.
Life in Samois?
It is not that great,
not much to do
but it is not gloomy.
It's impossible to get bored.
The trees are my pals.
The trees?
Yes, the little trail, the trees
the Seine river, the little bridge,
those are my friends.
Every year at the end of June
the Django Reinhardt festival
is the occasion for the family
to meet around music
for a whole week.
From your generation, in the family
you are not many musicians?
Yes, we are only three.
Levis, Noé and myself.
Noé is a little bit further away
but it is family anyway.
Our grand-fathers were first cousins.
but Levis is a direct Django's great-grandson
and on his father's side
he is the great-grandson of Joseph (Django's brother)
he is cornered by musicians!
This guitar was mine!
I gave it to him,
but with a condition:
if after some years you don't play some guitar
I take it back
But in a short time
he progressed a lot
so I cannot have the guitar back.
The period I prefer in Samois,
it's around spring
because it is the festival time,
the weather is good,
all the musicians are coming,
and in general, the whole family gathers here.
The lovers of Gypsy jazz
meet in Samois since
the end of the 60s.
Django's soul hovers above this place.
This unique atmosphere
attracts people from all over the world.
The first day of the festival
we walk from a distance
and we listen to the music.
It is nice, we hurry up.
When we arrive here,
we have problems because
badges are not working.
We cannot enter, we quarrel with the guards.
What are the scales?
E 7 (mi sept)
Missette is my mother's name!
When I see very good players
at the end, I catch them
I strip them.
It is a rising chromatic.
Me, it took me two hours!
Do you speak often about Django in the family?
or it is so commonplace
that finally, you don't speak about him?
I talk about him with my father.
When I listen well, it is wonderful.
Since the first note,
you can recognize him
You need to have his notes, but his sound too!
I work a lot by the ear
I listen to things,
I work the guitar without the guitar
I listen to music, I do things in my head
I think about it
and when I take the guitar
I do them again.
My music styles are jazz, funk