Trish Tuesday! - 10/16/12 (Full Ep)

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TENDERHEART: I want a hug.

Hello, everybody.
It is so fantastic to be here today, hanging with all of you
kind, kind, generous people.
Is if you don't know me already, let
me introduce myself.
I'm Tenderheart.
I recently moved to New York City from
the kingdom of caring.
Gosh, what a magical land New York City is, huh?
There just, there's so many people here to care for.
It's a little overwhelming.
It's actually a little overwhelming, to
tell you the truth.
Everything, it just moves so fast here.
Just today, I was trying to get over here to the studio to
see you guys.
I was running late, and um, I accidentally, I ran into a man
on his bicycle with my cloudmobile.
It was actually, it was really, really awful.
I felt terrible.
He was bleeding.
Was bleeding from his nose, and his knees
were all skinned up.
And I tried.
I tried to blast him with my Care Bear stare stream of
light, but um, he just pushed me.
He pushed me, and he shouted a bunch of
obscenities in my face.

Meanwhile, last night at my job, cocktailing at this
sports bar in Manhattan, I was carrying this tray of drinks
to a table when this guy, he just bumps right into me.
He bumps into me, knocks everything over, off the
entire tray.
The drinks spilled all over his girlfriend, and uh, and
she pushed me, and she asked me what my problem was.
Apparently her shoes cost $900.
I- I ruined them.
I ruined them.
I offered to give her a pair of my rainbow rollers.
She didn't want them.
She, uh, she didn't want any of that.
And I tried to hug her.
I tried to hug her.
I was hoping to heal the situation, and she just, she
punched me in the stomach.
She called me a whore.

The manager told me that I had to turn in my apron, and then
the security guard, he escorted me off the property.

If I can make it here!

Well, at least I made it here to hang out
with all of you guys.
Being able to be here with you guys just makes me feel like
I'm home again.
Oh, gosh.
I wish I could take you to the Forest of Feelings right now.
You guys would love it there.
I swear, you just, no, no wish or dream is, is too big for
the Forest of Feelings.
But um, the Forest of Feelings doesn't have good internet
yet, so we're going to bring the Forest of Feelings here to
MyDamnChannel LIVE.
I want to hear about all of your hopes and dreams, and
your feelings.
Can you put them in comments, and, and uh, when we get back,
we'll have a heart to heart with Tenderhear.
And Trish, you can, you can come, too.
You can talk to Trish, too, if you really want to.
Stick around, you guys.

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TENDERHEART: OK, we are back.
So, what do you got for me?
All right.
We have Hannah here.
How are you today?
People don't ask that often enough, so I thought I would.
Hannah, that is so lovely.
I'm, I'm doing OK.
I'm adjusting.
I'm adjusting to New York.
Thank you for asking me, that's very kind of you.
What else do we have here?
We've got a comment, and that is how do you wishers would a
wisher wish if a wisher could wish more wishes?
Uh, I, a zillion bazillion wisher wishes?
Is that the answer?
I've got another, I've got something else to say here.
Um, they would wish for a gazillion million more wishes
and wishers, and then they would wish for more wishers.
And then everything would be healed in the world, because
all of our wishes would come true.
I've got a comment here.
Uh, let's see.
I wish I could go to space.
I wish I could go to space.
Sometimes I feel like I'm there.
I feel like New York is a little bit like space.
It feels like, um, I don't know.
Just so much, so much emptiness.

Why don't you come here with me?
We could go to space together.
We could be a team.
I've got another comment.
Oh, last time you were on and breaking records, you did that
crazy balloon popping thing.
Do you and Beth do any other crazy stuff like that?
Um, yeah, we do.
Beth and I, we do so many crazy things together.
Like the other night, we were kicked out of a bar.
It wasn't a competition, but we just go a little rowdy, and
we were having a really good time.
And we can't ever go back there again.
It was nuts.
So nuts.
I, uh, other things that Beth and I have done that are nuts?
Well, we started a comedy show together.
That's kind of crazy.
We usually have one or two audience members, and that
really feels good.
You guys should come see it.
Big effing deal.
Tuesday nights, or Wednesday nights.
See, maybe that's why.
That's wh no one comes.
I don't even know when our show is.
I got another comment.
Hi Trish.
What would you take with you to a desert island?
Three things only.
A desert island.
Oh, gosh.
Um, I would take an unlimited supply of water.
Um, I would take my Kindle.
And um, I would take Tenderheart.
Tenderheart would take Share Bear.
Share Bear's my best friend.
Also, a stallion in the sack.

All right, we have another comment.
And pancakes or waffles?
I say waffles all the way.
I, I like--
well, they can be savory, they can be sweet.
You can put ice cream on them.
You can put mushrooms on them.
It all tastes the same, and it's also fun to make them in
the machine.
Where pancakes, they usually burn.
I, I can't make pancakes.
I don't like them, because they always make me feel like
a horrible cook.
But waffles, it's like a sandwich maker.
All right.
One more comment here.
Is that your real heart, or do you have another heart inside
your heart suit?
This is my real heart.
It's so big.
It's so big and so large, and it fills, it fills the room.
I'm sending you love from my heart right now.
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel my love?

All right.
Another comment.
Team waffles y'all, from WeeklyGoodies.
Everybody loves waffles.
Um, I think that that's kind of, I don't know.
I guess that, the thing about waffles that are so special is
that you can, you can like, you can, you
can sleep with them.
Like, you can like, put them in your bed, and it's like an
egg crate mattress.
Have you ever slept on an egg crate?
Waffles have the same kind of impact.
You should try it.
It's really comfortable, and, and it's made out of dough.
So when you're hungry, you can just lean over and eat in the
middle of the night.
Midnight snacks.
I think, um, I wish you guys would come here right now.
I'm inviting you.
I'm inviting you to the kingdom of caring with me.
Do you want to come and spend your time with me,
I love you.
I want us to be friends.
I'm so lonely.
I'm so lonely, and I feel like if you, if you could be my
friend, and we could be friends together, then I, my
heart is full.
I have a heart to give to you.
I've got a comment.
Comment to answer.
Let's see.
Let's become astronauts and go to Pluto.
He's sad because he's no longer a planet.
Oh, Pluto.
I how you feel.
You're all alone.
You're all alone out there.
And you had a big family.
A big, a big, a big group of people in
the Forest of Feelings.
And then you cut yourself off from them.
And now you're alone out there, dangling.
Dangling in space.
Let's go to Pluto together.
I can save you, Pluto.
You and I can be best friends.
All right, you guys.
I have to say, that's all the show we have today.
I'm sending a care bear stare to each and every one of you.
Here it is.

Did you get it?

I feel depleted of all of my energy.
It's like a vortex.
Beth will be back tomorrow with
special guest Sess Herzog.
And Grace will be here on Thursday.
Keep on caring, you guys.
I love all you.
I feel like I'm gonna pass out.