Армия Азиса °o° [Army of Azis]

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Sup I’m Stas Davidov!
This video is called “What are they doing??” [What are they doing??]
And really, WHAT ARE THEY DOING? [What are they doing??]
Fursenko, look what you’ve done to the kids! [tsk-tsk-tsk]
Hear the mumbling in the background?
Looks like it’s a sect, not a school.
Not like there’s much of a difference between the two [zombie assembly line]
Seriously, maybe i have a wrong upbringing but i have a feeling that books are read in some other way
[pg. 2]
[pg. 3]
[pg. 4]
Finish “War and Piece” and go straight into politics
[Zhirinovsky: the Beginning]
It’s not kindergarden kids. [here is not there]
They’ll teach you to use your head here!
Let all the knowledge from this book move into my head!
[Loading 0%]
[Loading 100%]
But this blonde is in training
[blonde 20%]
[blonde 43%]
I’m afraid that September the 1st will look like this
FOR TWOTIMESTWO! [larva trooper]
Also, this explains why schoolies on the internet are like they’ve been hit in the head. [yup, that ;)]
And this is horosho!
Second vid about a very aerodynamic cat was sent by bassgrechka
Well, he sent it, we watch it! [yeah, thats right]
Oh how he kicked the ass of this... air [teeth are flying out]
Real athlete trains anywhere anytime! [anywhere] [anytime]
[fight with the shadow!]
Cat has a bone to pick with this hair dryer [fandetta]
Maybe it was blowing in his a$$hole [or owes him moneyz]
[this is the head, you dumbass]
There’s a lot to learn from this guy. Look at the moves.
Dude, that’s the shit! What are you on?
I’m on a dryer!
Also the kitten is blind
I’m serious. Video is called “Oskar the Blind Kitten Versus Hair Dryer”
So if you laughed - you’re going to burn in hell [four eternities]
These are the bad news :(
I’ll keep you company there.
These are the good news :)
Oh the fun we’re gonna have together
yay [party hard!]
Just don’t start with all those “aww, the poor poor kitteh” [just like the ducky]
His master says that not only he moves around without any problems
he never took it outside the litterbox! [sniper!]
He’s better than many people [better than you!]
You ever been to a public bathroom?
[This image violates YouTube Community Guidelines]
Well, you get my point
And this is horosho!
Third vid was sent by gers144
It’s not so fresh
January 2011
But it has Estonians!
So that’s a good excuse
It’s called “Are there bullying cases in the Estonian army?” [Are there bullying cases in the Estonian army?]
Yes! Seems that Estonia has an army [suddenly]
[boom boom]
Oh, it’s the high and mighty disco-battalion!
Everybody dances from the fence till dinner!
Yes sir, Disco-sergeant, sir!
We must urgently review our foreign policy [piece and prosperity]
before they dance us to death!
[survivor] Death by Estonian dance. What a slow and....... slow death.
I’m afraid to imagine what other kinds of battalions they have in stock. [narctillery? sex-fleet?]
Altho... we might’ve witnessed the *whole* Estonian army
[They’re called “The Legion”]
And i thought Romanian forces have it hard [Romanian Swat :(]
Maybe it’s the result of an experimental education system
Or these are serious military exercises!
[indeed] Everybody disguise as a snake!
[serious] Now as an ostrich!
[exercises] Now as Michael Jackson!
Hello kids
But aside from the grape stompers there’s also a half-naked guy
[this one ->]
So theeere’s the godfather!
The most talented dancers will perform in his music video! [takes the best]
[lucky fellows!]
Oh, one last thing
If you find yourself in Estonia, answer “Jigurdah!” with “YONDUGEH”!
And this is horosho!
And the question was sent by portalprojectrus
Where do your folks hide candy?
Rhyme emperor asks, where do your folks hide candy?
Leave your interesting answers here on YouTube!
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So, who lives in your world?
People live in my world. They eat food and shit shit!)
I don’t have my world. I didn’t conquer it yet...
In My World? I dunno, i’m not registered there(((
YOU live in my world...pathetic miserable little people.
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