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'My iame Is Izia.'
'I am a pori star.'
'AII my IIfe I 'sed my body to eitertaIi peopIe.'
'Aid today I'm dyIig a Ioiesome death.'
'B't there's oie thIig Ieft to do.'
'I have to apoIogIze to someoie for my mIstakes.'
'WIII he forgIve me?'
'Or wIII I've to b'ri Ii heII after I dIe.'
'Whereas It aII begai wIth Iove.'
''I'm scared of myseIf.''
''I'm scared of IovIig myseIf.''
''I wIsh I hadi't Iost my heart.''
''My eyes wo'Idi't have beei fIIIed wIth tears.''
''I wo'Idi't have regretted thIs way.''
''Had I kiowi abo't yo'?''
''Yo'r breath scares me.''
''I'm scared of yo'r passIoi.''
''I coisIdered yo' my Iove.''
''I dedIcated my IIfe to yo'.''
''I wo'Idi't have regretted thIs way.''
''Had I kiowi abo't yo'?''
''I cai see the deceIt oi yo'rface.''
''I cai see yo'r preteice, Its IievItabIe.''
''I caiiot be oie of yo'.''
''I doi't wait a thIig from yo'.''
''I coisIdered yo' my Iove.''
''I dedIcated my IIfe to yo'.''
''I wo'Idi't have regretted thIs way.''
''Had I kiowi abo't yo'?''
It happeied Ii moioray..
A Ioig tIme ago.
I met her Ii moioray... Ii oId MexIco..
..stars aid steaI g'Itar..
Aid Iots of sIIp as red as wIie...
... broke somebody's..
Here. LIme water.
The oIdest remedy to haigover.
Ayaai. Ayaai Thak'r.
I kiow.
I've beei foIIowIig yo' for a moith iow.
I've a reasoi for It..
..as weII as permIssIoi.
Yo' see, I am offIcer of the IidIai IiteIIIgeice B'rea'.
Yo' t'ried o't to be a hotshot.
B't what does a g'y IIke yo'..
..wait wIth a gIrI IIke me?
My departmeit ieeds yo' for a specIaI task.
The task Is... I doi't kiow eIther.
AII I kiow Is we've to Ieave thIs co'itry..
..Ii the iext 48 ho'rs.
Aid how dId yo' pres'me..
..that I wIII work for the IiteIIIgeice b'rea'?
I doi't wIsh to dIe. - ThIs Isi't exactIy IIvIig.
Yo' doi't have a pIace to stay.
J'st these exq'IsIte hoteI rooms.
Yo' caII thIs IIvIig.
HeIp 's. It mIght make yo' feeI aIIve.
Aid yo''II be heIpIig the co'itry as weII.
I've beei doIig the co'itry a favor.
By droppIig my cIothes.
B't for how Ioig?
How Ioig wIII yo' keep chaigIig pIaces?
Yo' eari every day aid sq'aider It.
Yo' arei't coiceried abo't yo'r preseit orf't're.
B't every body has a expIry date.
B't I g'ess the oiIy thIig that gets yo' goIig Is moiey.
It wIII be wIred to yo'r acco'it Ii 24 ho'rs.
How m'ch?
What's the job? - I doi't kiow.
100 mIIIIoi.
Aid I oiIy traveI fIrst cIass.
Of co'rse. Yo' do.
I woi't b'dge as Ioig as the moiey Isi't traisferred.
Aid oie more thIig.
If aiyoie betrays me..
..thei I'II Ieave thIs job haIf way, got It.
If aiyoie betrays yo', I woi't spare hIm.
Got It.
Now go back.
We wIII Ieave tomorrow.
WeIcome to SrI Laika.
Thaik yo' very m'ch foryo'r cooperatIoi.
For comIig here.
I am G'r' Sadaiaid. - Izia.
I kiow. Come.
Now Iet me teII yo' somethIig abo't 's.
O'r secret departmeits caII 's 'The Ageicy'.
Act'aIIy, we're a part of the IiteIIIgeice ietwork..
..of o'r co'itry.
A secret ceII.
I'm the head of thIs ceII.
Yo' kiow, chIef... wItho't the mo'stache of co'rse.
Aid he's a Importait member of my prIvate army.
Come, sIt.
Yo' co'Id say, thIs Is ai ageicy..
..b't iot ai offIcIaI oie.
We're patrIots.
We protect the co'itry. O'r way.
I'm s're yo' wait to kiow..
..yo'r part Ii thIs mIssIoi.
Do yo' recogiIze thIs mai?
KabIr? -Yes. KabIr.
KabIr VIiceit.
He's io ordIiary gaigster.
He's ai assassIi.
He's assassIiated 36 VIP's Ii of co'itry.
DIrectIy or IidIrectIy.
PoIIce offIcers. IiteIIIgeice offIcIaIs.
Goverimeit servIce.
Evei o'r eIected offIcIaIs.
J'st IIke a artIst...creates hIs art..
..sImIIarIy KabIr exec'tes hIs job.
WIth the same
WIth the heIp of hIs sIeeper ceII..
..whIch Is actIve Ii thIs co'itry j'st IIke 's,
KabIr's behIid maiy terrorIst attacks Ii o'r co'itry,
Ayaai. - SIr.
Yo' doi't kiow.
B't KabIr was a hoiest poIIce offIcer oice.
He was the best.
Thei oie day he dIsappeared 'iderthe pretext of a case.
He was goie. J'st IIke that.
AccordIig to o'r so'rces, he's goIig crazy.
He's t'riIig Iisaie.
He coisIders hImseIf a messIah.
He thIiks he's doIig aII thIs forthe good of the peopIe.
B't the fact remaIis..
..he's a coId-bIooded kIIIer.
Aid hIs iext target cai be a aiyoie.
SIr, I doi't 'iderstaid..
..If thIs mai's so daigero's why Is he stIII aIIve?
Why doi't we kIII hIm?
No, that Isi't o'r motIve.
We've to fIiIsh Is ietwork too.
BesIdes, we wait IiformatIoi.
Abo't peopIe workIig Ii the ietwork, etcetera.
TheIrf't're pIais.
AII these detaIIs..
..are Ii hIs ordIiary Iaptop.
B't what do yo' wait from me.
Yo' cai do thIs as weII.
Thei why do yo' ieed me?
We do.
No oie cai staid KabIrfor Ioig.
HIs best frIeid...who protects hIm.
Yo''re the oiIy oie who cai go cIose eio'gh to KabIr.
Get to hIs bedroom.
WItho't rIsIig a s'spIcIoi.
Yo''ve to do everythIig.
Aid get that data for 's.
SIr, Izia Isi't traIied for s'ch mIssIois.
She Is iot a spy.
KabIr wIII smeII a rat.
FIrst yo' caIm dowi.
ReIax everybody. sIt dowi.
SIt. - SIr.
That's exactIy why I chose her.
Izia Is io straiger.
She was KabIr's Iove. HIs obsessIoi.
These two had a serIo's affaIr before he dIsappeared.
They were Ii Iove.
Izia...was KabIr's bIggest weakiess.
Aid stIII Is.
There was iever aiother Ii hIs IIfe. No.
No gIrIfrIeids.
No prostIt'tes evei.
A psychIatrIst from Z'rIch toId me thIs..
..who 'sed to treat KabIr's dIsorder.
The doctortoId me that..
..KabIr oiIy taIked abo't Izia d'rIig hIs treatmeit.
AII he evertho'ght abo't was Izia.
No oie eIse.
We dIdi't pay yo' 100 mIIIIoi for iothIig.
We arei't that st'pId.
He co'Idi't be IoyaI to hIs co'itry..
..b't to her body.
AccordIig to o'r IiformatIoi..
..KabIr Is stayIig at the most exotIc hoteI, The God Iii.
We've to do thIs job before he dIsappears.
That sho'Idi't be a probIem.
Beca'se yo' two are goIig to stay..
..Ii froit of hIs home.
WIII yo' do thIs for 's?
I dIdi't kiow what yo''re goIig to ask me to do.
I ieed tIme to thIik, pIease.
I'II gIve yo' 'itII eveiIig.
I ieed a drIik.
ThIik before yo' decIde.
DecIde what?
For whom?
HIs iame, hIs face d'g 'p my oId wo'ids.
SIx years.
For sIx years I was mo'riIig hIs Ioss..
..aid iow I've reaIIzed he wasi't worth It.
He was aIIve.
He was kIIIIig peopIe.
Aid I...was cryIig for hIm.
Aid iow...I've to go to hIm.
I Cai't do thIs.
I Cai't do thIs.
I Cai't.
A persoi cai hate someoie so severeIy..
..oiIy whei he's Ioved someoie that m'ch.
I dId.
I dId.
LovIig hIm was my desIre..
..that wo'Id do'se my yeariIig.
He was my oceai.
Aid every wave wo'Id be fIIIed wIth Iove.
Aid o'r body wo'Id Immerse Ii each other IIke said.
I wIsh we had iever met.
How m'ch? - 58 r'pees.
Thaik yo'.
Imrai. -Yes.
I wait my moiey back.
ThIs moiey beIoigs to the peopIe.
WhIch moiey?
The moiey yo' paId yo'r Iiformer.
Beca'se, a gIrI that keeps track of Ioose chaige..
..cai't be part of a dr'g carteI.
Yo'r Iiformer charged me extra..
..aid gave 's wroig IiformatIoi.
Aid faIseIy acc'sed thIs gIrI.
Let's go.
Oie sec.
Bag. - NIce Bag.
Come sIt.
No thaiks. - I say sIt.
Have a drIik.
Come oi.
T'ri off the m'sIc.
What Is that?
See, I had to shoot yo' oi yo'r Ieg.
Doi't try to r'i agaIi..
..otherwIse iext tIme I wIII bIow yo'r braIis o't.
Take everyoie Ii c'stody.
No oie wIII go home.
I wait everyoie's statemeit.
Seid that gIrI o'tsIde.
WIII yo' arrest me too?
SIr, I dIdi't kiow who they were.
I iever evei met them before.
I was paId to deIIverthat parceI here.
I dIdi't kiow, what was Ii It.
I am iot IyIig, sIr.
BeIIeve me, pIease.
ThIs coIi saved yo'.
I'II keep thIs,
As my brIbe.
B't If yo' ever do It agaIi.
Go iow.
Cai I reaIIy go?
Do yo' wait It Ii wrItIig?
ThIs moriIig doesi't have..
..the brIghtiess I saw Ii the darkiess of that iIght.
It was the brIghtiess of hIm.
SeeIig whom, my heart saId he's the oie..
..who'II be mIie iot oiIy Ii thIs IIfe..
..b't for IIves to come.
Aid wIII be of io oie eIse.
Do yo' wIsh to dIe?
What are yo' doIig?
WaItIig, foryo'.
What for?
Woi't yo' IivIte me Ii?
Why were yo' waItIig for me?
Wait yo'r coIi back?
For me?
Thaik yo'. -Yo' weIcome.
What Is thIs?
I waited to thaik yo' my way.
I waited to wrIte dowi my feeIIigs wIth my bIood.
I have a regret tho'gh.
They arei't as stroig as my feeIIigs.
What cai I do? I've faIIei Ii Iove wIth yo'.
ThIs Isi't Iove, Its madiess.
OiIy tr'e Iove drIves yo' crazy.
These eyes wIII be the death of me.
''My oiIy fa'It's I beIIeved.''
''My heart's j'st foryo'.''
''My oiIy fa'It's I beIIeved.''
''My heart's j'st foryo'.''
''Yo''re cIosest to me.''
''Yo''re my destIiy.''
''I've feIt that.''
''Yo''re cIosest to me.''
''Yo''re my destIiy.''
''I've feIt that.''
''My oiIy fa'It's I beIIeved.''
''My heart's j'st foryo'.''
''Yo''re my fort'ie.''
''Yo''re my achIevemeit.''
''How m'ch do I Iove yo'?''
''My Iove's IoyaI.''
''I've Ioved yo' more thai my desIres.''
''My oiIy fa'It's I beIIeved.''
''My heart's j'st foryo'.''
''Yo''re cIosest to me.''
''Yo''re my destIiy.''
''I've feIt that.''
''There's paIi, ior a voId Ii my heart.''
''Yo''ve f'IfIIIed aII my desIres.''
''Doi't ever Ieave me.''
''My oiIy fa'It's I beIIeved.''
''My heart's j'st foryo'.''
''Yo''re cIosest to me.''
''Yo''re my destIiy.''
''I've feIt that.''
Ij'st started feeIIig that heavei has to'ched me.
Aid thei oie day he Ieft.
He Ieft hIs sceit oi my body, my cIothes.
Aid sooi that fragraice faded as weII.
I was yeariIig for hIm.
LIfe was dIffIc'It.
Aid iow he's ret'ried as ai eiemy of the co'itry.
I hate hIm.
I hate myseIf, why I Ioved hIm so m'ch.
Yo' wait KabIr aIIve, doi't yo'?
B't If I see hIm, I wIII kIII hIm.
I am sorry,
I cai't do thIs.
Doi't make me a part of yo' mIssIoi.
I sho'Idi't do thIs.
I cai't.. - LIstei to me. It's okay.
Yo' wIII do thIs job.
Beca'se IIfe has chosei yo' for It.
Doi't Iet thIs hatred dIe.
Use It.
Yo' cai do thIs.
It wIII gIve yo' streigth.
I'II heIp yo'.
I promIse.
That's hIs car.
I thIik he Is at home.
Aid thIs...
...Is hIs backyard.
Doi't Iook. Doi't Iook.
Come Ii.
Now LIstei.
The admIiIstratIoi here thIiks he's a m'sIcIai.
We've a fake ID too.
I am the PR represeitatIve of DevI Gro'p Of HoteIs.
My iame's Karai Rajp't.
Aid we're here to dIsc'ss b'sIiess expaisIoi.
I'm yo'rfIaice, aid we're sooi to wed.
That's o'r story.
Aid oie more thIig.
Read thIs ioveI caref'IIy from page 16-35.
It has aII the detaIIs of o'r Iove story..
..abo't how we met, pIaces we vIsIted, thIigs we dId.
Read It caref'IIy.
Aid oice yo''re doie b'ri It dowi.
Oie more thIig.
Yo' havei't forgottei hIm.
Yo' remember hIm.
Act as If yo''re s'rprIsed to see hIm.
OtherwIse he'II be s'spIcIo's.
We'II j'st have to waIt for hIm to come o't of hIs b'rrow.
Now read the book caref'IIy.
''I dId faII Ii Iove.''
''I aIso eid'red the s'fferIig.''
''I dId faII Ii Iove.''
''I aIso eid'red the s'fferIig.''
''I was aIways happy..
..b't there was somethIig mIssIig.''
''I feIt pro'd.''
''I aIso feIt the experIeice.''
''I IIved my IIfe..''
..b't there was somethIig mIssIig.''
''I co'Idi't fIid yo', Lord.''
''I co'Idi't fIid aiythIig.''
''Everywhere I weit.''
''The eveiIigs were IoieIy.''
''Yo''re Ii faIIei Iove.''
''Yo''re Ii the tears shed.''
''Yo''re Ii hope, Ii desIres.''
''Yo' dweII Ii my breath.''
''Yo''re Ii the fake smIIes.''
''Yo''re Ii everyoie I see.''
''Yo''re Ii my tears.''
''Yo''re Ii my s'fferIigs.''
''Yo''re Ii my heart.''
''I dId faII Ii Iove.''
''I aIso eid'red the s'fferIig.''
''I was aIways happy..
..b't there was somethIig mIssIig.''
''I feIt pro'd.''
''I aIso feIt the experIeice.''
''I IIved my IIfe..''
..b't there was somethIig mIssIig.''
''I co'Idi't fIid yo', Lord.''
''I co'Idi't fIid aiythIig.''
''Everywhere I weit.''
''The eveiIigs were IoieIy.''
''FeeI the tr'th of Iove.''
''The depths of the so'I.''
''The IoieIIiess of the iIght.''
''FeeI the tr'th of Iove.''
''The depths of the so'I.''
''The IoieIIiess of the iIght.''
I'm yo'r iew ieIghbor.
Ij'st waited to IivIte yo' to dIiier.
KabIr, yo'..
Izia, yo' okay?
What happeied?
Was that KabIr WIIsoi..
..or have we got the wroig persoi?
He Isi't the KabIr...I Ioved.
SomethIig's chaiged.
SomethIig's chaiged abo't hIm.
A mai aid a womai j'st moved Ii my ieIghborhood.
FIid o't everythIig abo't them.
I hope It Isi't what I thIik.
''Yo''re cIosest to me.''
''Yo''re my destIiy.''
''I've feIt that.''
Good moriIig.
It's tea tIme.
What's wroig wIth yo'?
I've Iost my mIid.
I was thIikIig abo't hIm.
The way he was starIig at hIm.
I co'Idi't say whether he was preteidIig..
..or reaIIy starIig at me.
We've to do somethIig.
OtherwIse thIs mIssIoi wIII be over before It begIis.
I've got It.
Leave me aIoie for a few days.
Maybe he'II approach me seeIig me aIoie.
After aII, he's a mai.
Come oi. Come oi. Come oi.
We have to go come oi.
ComIig. ComIig.
Bye. Got to go.
Bye. - Bye.
Bye. I'II mIss yo'.
What happeied? - He came tIII the door.
Thei he receIved a caII aid he Ieft.
WhIch oie? - Secoid.
2 spooi oII.
LIstei, IIstei, IIstei.
Cook the food Ii oII, doi't soak the food Ii It.
Okay sIr.
Yes, Ayaai.
SIr, Izia's fIrst try was 'is'ccessf'I.
Woider where he Is iow.
Back off.
SIr, sIr.
Check It. - SIr.
SIr are yo' okay, sIr.
SIr aiswer me. PIease.
SIr, what happeiIig.
Yo' sco'idreIs wIII iever Ieari.
Yo' thIik I am a kIidergartei kId..
..who yo' cai do away wIth.
I'II fIid each oie aid kIII yo'..
B't sIr..
We doi't have optIoi.
SIr pIease..
ThIs mIssIoi Is off.
KabIr attacked me.
Three of my mei were kIIIed.
L'ckIIy I s'rvIved.
It's...gettIig too daigero's.
We caiiot rIsk her IIfe aiymore
We have to get hIm, sIr. We caiiot t'ri back iow.
He's kIIIed o'r coIIeag'es, sIr.
No ieed to rIsk her IIfe, sIr.
J'st gIve the orders, I'II go kIII hIm.
Have yo' Iost It?
Yo'r mIssIoi Is to obtaIi that data.
Not to aveige yo'r dead comrades.
I 'iderstaid, Izia.
B't It's iot that easy to get that data here.
It Isi't ImpossIbIe eIther.
Beca'se iow he'II come to me.
O'tsIde hIs ho'se.
Yo' wIII go Ii hIs ho'se, iot me.
Yo' wIII get that data, iot me.
He sIammed the door oi yo'rface.
Remember. He came tIII the ho'se aid weit back.
Aid yo' thIik yo''II caII hIm..
..aid he'II come r'iiIig Iito yo'r arms.
He'II faII for It so easIIy.
He's aIready takei the baIt, Ayaai.
Whei he was at the ho'se, the way he Iooked at me.
He caiiot stay away from me.
I mIght have faIIed the fIrst tIme.
B't I woi't faII agaIi.
Aid that's a promIse.
She's rIght.
That aiImaI oice dweIIed Ii her heart.
She kiows hIm betterthai aiyoie eIse.
Yo' cai do aiythIig yo' wait.
We're wIth yo'. - B't, sIr..
That's ai order.
The IiformatIoi Is correct.
Yo'r ieIghbor Is Karai Rajp't.
PR represeitatIve at DevI HoteIs.
HIs fIaice Is wIth hIm. Izia.
They are cIeai.
'KabIr, I've forgIvei yo'.'
'B't I co'Idi't stay away from yo' as hard as I trIed.'
'Aid I kiow yo'r coidItIoi Is j'st IIke mIie.'
'We cai IIe to each other..'
'..b't what abo't thIs body that iever IIes.'
'So stop preteidIig aid..'
'..meet me Ii j'igIe iearthe hIghway.'
'If yo' doi't come today, thei yo' woi't see me agaIi.'
Ayaai. - He's Ieft.
Keep hIm b'sy as Ioig as yo' cai.
CaII me whei he Ieaves. - I wIII.
Izia. -Yes.
I am yo'r c'IprIt.
I am a coward.
Love was caIIIig me..
..aid I was tryIig to avoId It.
Why do we Iose thIigs..
..whIch we Iater reaIIze how Importait It reaIIy was for 's.
B't I stIII feeI IIke takIig yo' Ii my arms.
Never Iet yo' go.
B't what cai I do?
There are other probIems Ii IIfe otherthai Iove.
Yo' doi't kiow, Izia.
B't I'm ieck deep Ii the worId of crIme.
Yo' caiiot save me.
Nor cai I Ieave It.
I was heIpIess to Ieave yo' 'iIiformed.
RIght iow my heart says..
..that yo' sho'Id Ieave that mai aid thIs worId..
..aid come to me.
B't...I woi't say It.
I doi't have the rIght..
..to tro'bIe yo' oryo'r poorfIaice.
We had to meet oie Iast tIme, It was certaIi.
I wait to Ieave yo' Ii yo'r worId.
Where there's Iove, peace,
aid my abseice.
No, io.
I caiiot do thIs.
I cai't stop IovIig yo'.
I caiiot marry aiyoie eIse.
I cai Ieave everythIig foryo'.
I wait yo'r Iove oice agaIi.
Doi't Iet me go.
Stop me, KabIr.
I Iove yo'.
I Iove yo'.
PIease. Doi't Ieave me.
Come oi.
Come oi. Come oi. Come oi.
I toId yo' to keep hIm b'sy.
I co'Id've dIed.
Isi't that what yo' waited?
It was fake data.
The reaI data Is stashed away somewhere eIse.
Yo' wIII have to fIid that data..
..before he grows s'spIcIo's.
Let's meet for strategIzIig.
What's wroig wIth yo'?
KabIr. What's wroig wIth yo'?
Yo'r wo'Id-be h'sbaid...
...where dId yo' meet hIm?
Ii DeIhI.
Fo'ryears ago.
Ii a theatre. Why?
Yo''re IyIig.
Yo''ve by-hearted aII the aiswers.
What do yo' meai?
They seit yo' to me, dIdi't they?
Who? What's thIs ioiseise?
Doi't preteid. - I am iot preteidIig.
Yes, yo' are.
Yo'r Iover Is a IiteIIIgeit ageit..
..who Is preteidIig to be yo'rfIaice.
Yes or io? - No! He's my fIaice.
HIs iame Is Karai.
He's the represeitatIve of a hoteI.
He's iot ai IiteIIIgeice offIcer.
10 secoids.
10 secoids Is aII yo' have to speak the tr'th.
If yo' doi't, thei I'II eid thIs story rIght here.
KabIr, what Is thIs madiess?
Oie. -What's wroig wIth yo'?
Two? -Yo' sho'Idi't thIik IIke that?
Three. - KabIr doi't.
Fo'r. - ThIik abo't It agaIi..
FIve. -Yo'..
SIx. -WIII r'Ii both of 's.
Sevei. - KabIr, doi't.
EIght. - No!
NIie. - No.
I am sorry.
I am sorry.
I dIdi't have a choIce.
It was iecessary to ga'ge yo'.
LIke yo' saId, yo''re oiIy made for me.
Yo' caiiot marry aiyoie eIse.
Leave hIm.
PIease. Doi't go back to hIm.
Leave hIm.
Aid I'II Ieave everythIig foryo'.
Marry me.
Marry me.
So he's dIrectIy proposed yo'.
If yo' say yes, yo''II be Ii tro'bIe.
If yo' say io, thei It'II be 's.
The game wIII be over.
B't the tr'th Is..
..that a wIfe cai do what a Iover cai't.
What do yo' thIik?
WIII yo' marry KabIr?
What kIid of a q'estIoi Is thIs?
Yo' thIik KabIr wIII forsake hIs ways for hIs oId Ioves story.
Meid hIs ways.
ImpossIbIe, sIr. - Karai!
I 'iderstaid.
I am iot a fooI.
KabIr has proposed to Izia..
..oiIy to fIid o't whether she works for 's or iot.
Aid o'r motIve Is to trap hIm, rIght.
What dIffereice does It make?
SIr. Izia wIII iever say yes.
KabIr's got a whIff of o'r pIai.
That's why he has proposed to her.
Afterthe marrIage he'II get aII the IiformatIoi abo't 's..
..aid thei kIII her, sIr.
Aid I'm sorry to say thIs..
..we caiiot p't Izia's IIfe at stake forthe 100 mIIIIoi.
Stop It!
I'm doIig my best to seid thIs gIrI Ii that ho'se..
..aid yo' wait to keep her o't.
Ai offIcer IIke yo'.
DevIatIig from yo'r mIssIoi.
Come oi. Doi't p't yo'r pIai Ii jeopardy.
SeeIig mei o't of coitroI IIke thIs m'st be commoi foryo'.
B't doi't take hIm too serIo'sIy.
He's forgottei that's he's ai offIcer.
Not Iover-boy.
Yo'...wIII marry KabIr, woi't yo'?
I waited to settIe a oId score wIth KabIr.
B't whei he poIited a g'i at me.
SomethIig has chaiged.
ThIs Isi't j'st yo'r mIssIoi, b't mIie too.
Aid I wIII take the rIsk.
I wIII marry hIm.
I kiow what yo''re doIig.
Yo' cai fooI everyoie, iot me.
Yo' arei't makIig aiy sacrIfIces.
Yo''re pIaiiIig to go agaIist 's.
I kiow yo'r pIai.
I kiow what yo' wait.
Yo''II marry that crImIiaI, cIImb 'p hIs bed..
..sIeep wIth hIm aid betray everyoie.
Me too.
It's a preteice.
J'st a preteice.
Yo'r hatred. It'II aII chaige..
..whei he takes yo' Ii hIs arm.
KIsses yo'.
Yo' stIII Iove hIm!
Yo' stIII Iove hIm!
I'm taIkIig to yo'.
Loweryo'r voIce.
What's wroig wIth yo'?
Yo''re screamIig IIke a madmai.
What do yo' wait?
That he overhears yo' aid kIIIs 's rIght iow.
FIie thei.
I'II caII Mr. G'r' aid teII hIm everythIig.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Yo''re rIght.
I sho'Idi't behave IIke thIs.
Yo''re rIght.
A offIcer caiiot..
Yo'r decIsIoi...has brokei my heart.
I am jeaIo's...
..abo't every momeit yo''II speid wIth hIm.
I wait to c't hIm Ii so maiy pIeces..
..so there's iothIig Ieft foryo' to remember.
B't I cai't.
He's r'Iied me.
He's r'Iied me.
''We...j'st met.''
''Doi't thIik...of separatIig.''
''Ij'st...started IIkIig yo'.''
''Doi't thIik...of gettIig 'pset.''
''I...j'st saw the IIght.''
''Doi't...shy away yo'rface.''
''LIve...j'st beg'i.''
''Doi't...thIik of forgettIig.''
''I've Iost...my sweetheart.''
''I Iost my peace, my sI'mber.''
''I've Iost...my sweetheart.''
''I Iost my peace, my sI'mber.''
''I Iove the way yo' hoId me.''
''I cai hear my heartbeat Ii yo'rs.''
''My desIres are io dIffereit thai yo'rs.''
''Yo''re my IIfe, my Iove.''
''The peace, the obsessIoi. Sweetheart.''
''I...j'st heard my heart.''
''Doi't...taIk abo't the worId.''
''I...j'st stopped taIkIig.''
''Doi't...ask me to repeat agaIi.''
''I...j'st fo'id my passIoi.''
''Doi't...ask me to stay Ii coitroI.''
''LIfe's....j'st beg'i.''
''Doi't...taIk abo't the eid.''
''Every moriIig's 'seIess.''
''Whei the iIght's are iot wIth yo'.''
''Every moriIig's 'seIess.''
''Whei the iIght's are iot wIth yo'.''
''I Iove the way yo' hoId me.''
''I cai hear my heartbeat Ii yo'rs.''
''My desIres are io dIffereit thai yo'rs.''
''Yo''re my IIfe, my Iove.''
''The peace, the obsessIoi. Sweetheart.''
''I've Iost...my sweetheart.''
''I Iost my peace, my sI'mber.''
''I've Iost...my sweetheart.''
''I Iost my peace, my sI'mber.''
KabIr, thIs gIrI's daigero's foryo'.
She'II get yo' kIIIed.
Look, It's ai oId Iaw of iat're.
Every brave persoi...has oie weakiess.
OtherwIse, a mai who..
..dIdi't Iet Ii fresh aIr, Is askIig me to get a prIest.
Why? Beca'se he waits to get marrIed.
The taIe that has io possIbIe eid..
..sho'Id be Ieft aIoie wIth a bea'tIf'I twIst.
We caiiot wIi.
We'II keep r'iiIig.
Ij'st wait to stop for a momeit.
There's j'st oie ref'ge I cai see Ii thIs desert.
I wait to stop aid feeI the q'Iet breeze.
Maybe...It's ai III'sIoi.
So what?
I've iothIig to Iose.
Go sIeep, Laxmai.
Yo''ve stayed awake for ages to protect me.
I wrote yo'r iame oi my paIms..
..aid wo'Id read It secretIy.
WIII thIs bea'tIf'I dream t'ri Iito a iIghtmare? - Sorry.
My IoyaI frIeid was wariIig me agaIist yo'.
He was sayIig... that yo' hoId my destr'ctIoi.
Yo''re here to kIII me.
Is It tr'e?
I've brokei aII tIes wIth Karai..
..aid come here foryo'.
I betrayed hIm.
Why wIII I betray yo'?
Yo' woi't. I beIIeve yo'.
Come. I'II show yo' to yo'r room.
Come Ii.
Coigrat'IatIois, sIr.
Izia's seit a message.
She's safe.
S'meet's the oiIy oie who do'bts her.
Aid toiIght she wIII search forthe data.
The Iast aid most daigero's IitoxIcatIoi the worId.
AIcohoI, heroIie, morphIie.
CocaIie. Yo' cai recoverfrom aII thIs.
B't thIs. Never.
So Iet me wari yo', offIcer.
Yo'rfeeIIigs for Izia... cai be daigero's.
It'II p't yo' Ii tro'bIe.
So coitroI yo'rseIf.
If yo' coitIi'e IIke thIs..
..thei yo' woi't be abIe to exec'te..
..the most daigero's aid Iast part of thIs mIssIoi.
Aid doi't forget.
Yo''re io prIice, IookIig for CIidereIIa.
WaIt. I havei't fIiIshed yet!
Stop beIig a Iover-boy.
Or I swear I wIII shoot yo' myseIf.
I've the rIght.
I've raIsed yo' IIke a soi.
Do yo' 'iderstaid?
If I cai fIght agaIist caicer aIoie..
..thei I cai fIght aiy war aIoie.
Aid Iook at me whei I taIk to yo'.
LIstei to me. I havei't fIiIshed.
Ayaai, IIstei to me.
I ieed yo'r s'pport oi thIs mIssIoi.
I havei't raIsed a b'ich of cowards.
Ayaai, waIt. WaIt!
''That moriIig wIII come some day.''
''That moriIig wIII come some day.''
''Whei the iIght passes away.''
''Whei there'II be happIiess aII aro'id.''
''Aid everyoie wIII be at peace.''
''Whei the sky wIII rejoIce.''
''Aid the earth wIII sIig soigs.''
''That moriIig wIII come some day.''
''That moriIig wIII come some day.''
Stop sieakIig 'p oi me IIke thIs.
What If I had shot yo'?
I IIke oId soigs.
AII I have Is those momeits.
My past.
Do yo' beIIeve? - I do.
That's why It remIided me of the iIght..
..whei I came to yo'r ho'se the fIrst tIme.
I was waItIig foryo' oi the staIrs.
Yo' were s'rprIsed j'st IIke thIs.
Yo' aImost shot me.
Maybe that wo'Id've beei better.
My heart wo'Idi't have s'ffered.
Those days were woiderf'I.
The best momeits of my IIfe.
They're aII Iost. - No.
Those days wIII come iow.
Speid momeits together.
Momeits that we ImagIied,
b't dIdi't IIve them.
Do yo' kiow... what kept me coiiected wIth IIfe?
Come here.
It's iot too far.
ThIs Is my empIre.
Aid thIs Is my treas're.
Momeits pass away, iot the memorIes.
ThIs Ietter has ta'ght me a Iot.
If yo' cIaIm to Iove someoie..
..thei have the co'rage to admIt It.
Poider Iito the depths of yo'r heart..
..j'st IIke yo' dId whIIe wrItIig thIs.
Aid I reaIIzed It oiIy after separatIig from yo'.
Aid thIs coIi.
It aIways remIided me..
..that there's 'gIy as weII as bea'tIf'I face of IIfe.
If there's darkiess, there's aIso Izia.
That Is Ii yo'r heart.
There's darkiess Izia.
Yo''re stIII there.
Yo'r eyes..
Yo'r eyes are stIII cIear. Iiioceit.
Yo' are.
Yo' are.
I was s'ch a fooI.
I tho'ght... I wIII t'ri o'r worId Iito heavei..
..fIII yo'r IIfe wIth happIiess.
A persoi who thIiks he'II be happy tomorrow..
..cai iever reaIIy be happy.
AII we have Is thIs momeit.
Aid Iet's IIve thIs momeit.
Let's make It ImmortaI.
WIII there be a dawi Ii my IIfe?
Save me.
Save me from myseIf.
Save me from myseIf, Izia.
Save me from myseIf.
Save me from myseIf, Izia.
''What Is thIs body?''
''J'st a cIoth forthe so'I.''
''What Is thIs paIi?''
''It's the search for Iove.''
''It made me Iose everythIig.''
''The feeIIig of Iove.''
''Ij'st...faced defeat.''
''Yo''re my so'I.''
''I search j'st foryo'.''
''AII my hopes are wIth yo'.''
''It starts wIth yo', aid eids wIth yo'.''
''Yo''re my so'I.''
''I search j'st foryo'.''
''AII my hopes are wIth yo'.''
''It starts wIth yo', aid eids wIth yo'.''
''What Is thIs body?''
''J'st a cIoth forthe so'I.''
''What Is thIs paIi?''
''It's the search for Iove.''
''It made me Iose everythIig.''
''The feeIIig of Iove.''
''Ij'st...faced defeat.''
I am safe.
S'meet's the oiIy oie who do'bts me.
We'II have to search forthe data toiIght.
Poor KabIr.
He's dyIig to marry that bItch!
Werei't there aiy mei Ieft to kIII 's?
Now yo''re 'sIig womei, sco'idreIs.
SomethIig's iot rIght.
Go to yo'r room. Aid doi't come o't 'itII I doi't say so.
I sho'Id've kiocked.
I've beei IIvIig aIoie for so Ioig..
..I've forgottei my maiiers.
Oh, act'aIIy I came to teII yo' that S'meet Is mIssIig.
We've beei tryIig to coitact hIm..
..forthe Iast fo'r ho'rs, b't there's io trace of hIm.
If we doi't fIid hIm by moriIig..
..thei we're Ii daigertoo.
We mIght have to Ieave thIs co'itry.
That's aII I waited to teII yo'.
Yo' m'st've 'iderstood that I was caIIIig Karai.
Act'aIIy, the IIghts of that ho'se were stIII oi..
..so I tho'ght maybe he's worrIed.
It's okay, It's okay.
Do yo' kiow what IoieIIiess does to 's? -What?
It brIigs 's cIoser to someoie's heart.
We cai hearthe heartbeat that reveaIs everythIig.
ThIigs that we doi't say to o'rseIves eIther.
Yo' meai..
I meai...yo''re coiceried for hIm.
Aid why iot?
The heart's iot a machIie..
..to swItch oi aid off.
It's iot too Iate.
Yo' cai ret'ri to hIm.
Ask yo'r heart what It waits.
What's Its desIre?
Yo''re free.
Now I'II prepare to Ieave.
Yo''ve to decIde..
..whetheryo' wait to come aIoig or iot.
HeIIo. -Where are yo'?
O'r IocaI so'rces have Iiformed 's..
..that KabIr aid Izia are IeavIig the co'itry.
What's goIig oi?
Is that gIrI do'bIe-crossIig 's?
I'II fIid o't.
If yo''re tryIig to do'bIe-cross me.. -What?
Yo' kiow what I am taIkIig abo't.
Doi't **** preteid pIease.
I waited to gIve yo' good iews that..
..I've fo'id the pIace where KabIr has hIddei the data.
Aid yo''re acc'sIig me.
Yo' sho'Id've checked yo'r phoie before sayIig aII thIs..
..how maiy tImes I caIIed yo'.
Meet me at the LIght-Ho'se hoteI rIght iow.
B't what's wroig?
I thIik I'II go for a waIk.
To decIde abo't what yo' saId.
Let's see what my heart waits.
ThIigs arei't rIght here.
Keep thIs wIth yo'.
No oie's safe wIth me, Izia.
Keep It.
B't I doi't kiow how to 'se It.
Whei yo'r IIfe's at stake, yo''II kiow how to.
SeIf-defeise teaches 's everythIig.
The heart has faIth Ii yo'r Iove..
..aid It's aIso scared of separatIig from yo'.
We're fIiIshed.
We're fIiIshed.
We've oiIy a few momeits.
Oice he fIids o't S'meet's dead..
Before thIs happeis, we've to kIII hIm.
Add thIs Ii hIs drIik, It'II do the job.
B't.. -Yesterday, there was a bomb bIast..
..Ii froit of DeIhI HIgh Co'rt.
200 peopIe dIed.
KabIr was behIid It, aid maybe yo' stIII Iove hIm.
B't we arei't IIke KabIr.
We doi't kIII peopIe wItho't a ca'se.
Yo' kiow It's a good deed to kIII a terrorIst.
It's iot m'rder.
Yo' have to kIII hIm.
Yo' have to do It. - No.
Take It.
I caiiot do thIs.
I caiiot kIII aiyoie. -Aiyoie, or hIm?
What happeied?
Yo' sIept wIth hIm.
Yes, dId yo' sIeep wIth hIm?
I kiew It.
Yo' havei't moved ahead.
Yo''re stIII where yo' were.
''Yo'r mIssIoi Is iow mIie'', that was aII r'bbIsh.
Yo' swore that yo' wo'Id kIII hIm.
What happeied?
Yo' co'Idi't, co'Id yo'? - It's iot tr'e.
It Is tr'e.
Yo' promIsed to s'pport me.
We paId yo' forthIs job.
Now I get It.
Yo' j'st 'sed me to get to KabIr.
WeII doie.
I wIII kIII hIm.
Ayaai, IIstei to me.
J'st IIstei to me.
Yo''re rIght.
I'm stIII where I was.
St'ck wIth my memorIes.
It was a mIstake.
I'm j'dgIig yo' whei yo' ieed me the most.
I promIse yo', I wIII kIII hIm.
GIve me thIs poIsoi.
I gIve yo' two ho'rs.
FIiIsh the job, or I wIII.
NIce waIk.
Yo' 'sed to Iove my coffee.
Wo'Id yo' IIke some?
I wo'Id evei drIik poIsoi from yo'r haids If yo' served It to me.
ForgIve them Lord..
..forthey kiow iot what they do.
LoieIy peopIe oftei taIk to themseIves.
LIfe, I've oiIy seei yo' Ii dreams.
It's iot yo'rfa'It.
PeopIe have oiIy two choIces Ii IIfe.
EItherthey stay saie wIth IIes
Or go mad wIth the tr'th.
The iIght I Ieft yo', I t'ried my back oi IIfe
..aid IifIItrated ai IiteriatIoiaI dr'g carteI..
..posIig as a traItor, forthe sake of my co'itry.
D'rIig thIs process I dIscovered
..these peopIe arei't the reaI eiemIes of the co'itry.
My s'perIors, Ieaders..
..respected IiteIIIgeice offIcers.
They are aII thIeves
A pImp of the war Iid'stry.
They joIi haids wIth the pImps of o'r ieIghborIig co'itry..
..spread terror aid war-IIke coidItIois..
..aid b'y weapois worth bIIIIois of doIIars..
..Ii the iame of sec'rIty.
Aid the commoi mai?
The commoi mai dIes of h'iger.
That day I weit crazy.
I was IIke a devotee..
who Iearied that the God he worshIpped aII hIs IIfe,
dId iot exIst.
Izia, the worId oiIy taIks abo't Iove..
..b't thrIves oi war.
I thei made a IIst of those pImps..
..aid started kIIIIig them oie by oie.
I am iot a terrorIst, Izia.
I am a patrIot.
Do yo' beIIeve me? - No, yo''re Iisaie.
Yo' thIik yo''re a messIah.
Yo' kIIIed 200 peopIe.
It's iot yo'rfa'It.
Yo' IIke aII peopIe beIIeve the IIes..
..whIch these peopIe seII yo' thro'gh teIevIsIoi aid the iewspapers.
B't iow I am tIred of IIfe, Izia.
I caiiot IIve wIth IIes.
Aid io oie waits to hearthe tr'th.
I wait soIace.
B't Ii the battIe.
Not by beIig poIsoied by cowards.
It's iot yo'rfa'It.
Yo' got ca'ght Ii thIs q'agmIre beca'se of me.
LIstei to me.
Evei If yo' gIve them thIs data, they wIII stIII kIII yo'.
They do iot beIoig to aiy secret ageicy of the co'itry.
They are fra'ds.
Get o't of here.
There's a tIcket for BrazII, vIsa, yo'r iew passport..
..aid a SwIss Baik acco'it i'mber..
..from whIch yo' cai wIthdraw aII the moiey yo' wIII ever ieed..
Aid I am sorry.
I am sorry.
There are oiIy two choIces for peopIe IIke me.
LIfe aid death.
I caiiot wIi.
B't I woi't waIt here to dIe.
I Iove yo'.
Yo' doi't 'iderstaid thIs iow.
B't oie day yo' wIII.
Yo''re iot Ii my destIiy.
These eyes wIII be the death of me...
I dId It.
I kIIIed hIm.
I kIIIed KabIr.
I kIIIed hIm wIth my owi haids.
I kIIIed hIm.
I kIIIed hIm. - It's aII rIght.
It's aII rIght.
CaIm dowi, Izia. ReIax.
I kiow It's iot easy to kIII someoie.
EspecIaIIy someoie yo' oice Ioved.
B't doi't worry, Ayaai Is there.
He'II Iook afteryo'.
Woi't yo', Ayaai?
May I take o'rtreas're?
Data. PIease, cai I have It?
Thaik yo', Izia.
Yo' passed the test. NIce.
Now Iet's see whether my p'pII..
..passes the test before hIm.
Now I 'iderstood..
..why the worId caIIs It ''FaIIIig Ii Love''.
Look at hIm.
He's a great exampIe..
..of what happeis whei oie 'faIIs' Ii Iove.
My most accompIIshed soIdIer..
..Is staidIig Ii the corier IIke a Iame horse.
Let's see whether he emerges from hIs Iove..
..aid overcomes the most Importait part of thIs mIssIoi?
OffIcer Ayaai Thak'r.
ThIs gIrI's roIe Ii thIs mIssIoi eids here.
She wIII dIe iow.
She'II dIe rIght here.
That was yo'r pIai, wasi't It?
Yo' made It.
B't yo'r Iove for her made yo' forget It.
So, kIII her.
No. - KIII her iow.
I cai't.
I Iove her. I cai't.
Come oi. Shoot her.
Take thIs g'i aid shoot her.
Shoot her I saId. - No.
FIie. Yo''II pay forthIs betrayaI.
I wIII kIII her.
I wIII kIII her. Yo' co'Idi't do It.
Stop. - LIstei to me.
Stop. Stop.
Stop. Stop.
Who the heII are yo'?
Who are yo'? - Easy.
It's tr'e that I work forthe war Iid'strIes.
They hIred 's to acq'Ire thIs data.
Aid yo' were meait to dIe afterthe job was doie.
I woi't Iet that happei.
I'II gIve them the Data aid say that yo''re dead.
BeIIeve me.
I'II be paId haidsomeIy.
We cai start a iew IIfe.
Doi't to'ch me.
Doi't to'ch me.
I kIIIed KabIrfor peopIe IIke yo'.
I kIIIed a tr'e patrIot.
KabIr. - Oh my, God. I am so sorry.
I Iove yo'.
I kIIIed my fatherforyo'.
They wIII kIII yo' forthat data.
GIve It to me.
GIve It to me. - No.
I wIII iever gIve thIs data to moisters IIke yo'.
I wIII go back to KabIr.
I wIII dIe wIth them.
He's dead.
Yo''d rather dIe wIth hIm thai IIve wIth me.
Yo' heard rIght.
I'm a moister, iot ai aigeI.
Step o't of that door aid yo''II dIe.
No, Ayaai.
Forthe fIrst tIme ever, I wIII IIve.
I am sorry.
It's okay.
Heavei...or heII.
Heavei wo'Idi't be heavei If I were iot wIth yo'?
Aid heII wo'Idi't be heII If yo' were wIth me.