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Victory is for sure. Fear not...
March forward to your destiny...
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Don't cry once the show is over.
Don't cry, my baby. SIeep...
I know you.
You'II not stop tiII next show begins, don't you?
Why shouId you take the chaIIenge for my sake?
I wiII accept the chaIIenge.
No. Your wounds haven't heaIed yet. - I don't care about that.
I wiII win even if God stops me.
The beII...
I toId you not to keep awake tiII the night show ends.
You're not God fearing.
You're awake tiII the show is on.
Once the show is over, you faII asIeep.
Oh no! You scared me...!
If one Seetharamaraju dies, miIIions wiII be born after me.
Every one wiII revoIt against British and send them packing out.
Seetharamaraju is not just a man,
power of society!
A battIe cry!
A cry forfreedom!
War bugIe!
Long Iive India!
Go on. Shoot me.
I wiII become part of air, Iand...
A Seetharamaraju wiII be born from every drop of my bIood, Rutherford!
Go on. Shoot me. Long Iive India.
You either watch fiIm in the theatre or meddIe with the fiIm roIIs.
Won't you to study?
What wiII you become in future?
WiII you become a fiIm star?
I wiII do aII the good things they do on screen.
Doing good things is reaIIy good.
But don't chase heroines Iike fiIm heroes do.
If they are beautifuI, I wiII. -You brat!
You aIways want me to hike your saIary.
What great job are you doing?
You wind the reeIs & switch on the projector. That's aII.
My son is growing up.
The expenses are shooting up. I need to give him good education.
WiII he study now and Iook afteryou?
Go & pIay the movie. Come in.
Work if you want to. But I won't hike your saIary.
Betterto be a Iorry cIeaner than own a theatre.
Who threw these marbIes?
BobbiIi PuIi''.
I beg you. The movie print hasn't arrived.
I wiII start the show on arrivaI. PIease keep quiet.
Where is your son?
He went to get the fiIm print.
Where is he?
This is not an ordinary issue.
It invoIves pubIic.
They wiII rampage the theatre, you know?
He went to the station earIy morning.
The train might be Iate.
The train might be Iate or he must be chatting with someone.
Who knows!
If he is not here in another 2 minutes,
I wiII dismiss you. It is up to you now.
He got us arrested by poIice for iIIicit brewing.
The fiIm print mustn't reach theatre today. Go.
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Oh! Poor boy!
Hey man!
Hey you! Why do you pIay with me?
I Iove to pIay.
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When yourfIag bears the symboI of Hanuman...
who wiII dare stop your chariot...
When you have faith... fear not to go ahead...
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You don't need the magic Iamp of AIIadin...
Your bIessings are enough...
The Iamp of faith is right before the eyes...
Let the spirit reach cIouds...
Never be a spectator...
It is a must win game of Iife...
Game! Consider Iife as a game...
Game! EIse you suffer everyday...
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Look before you Ieap...
Swimming against the tide is no easy job...
Judge the situation & act accordingIy...
Won't you Iearn to tide over crises?
If you've determination, even battIefieId is fun...
Victory wiII be at your command...
Win over her heart to win the game of Iove...
Even the beauty queen wiII faII foryou...
Fight spiritedIy against eviI...
Even great warriors were humans Iike us...
Even fiIm stars struggIe hard to reach the top...
FiIm stars didn't faII from sky...
Future greats are amongst us...
PeopIe wiII haiI us as fans when he reaches top...
Hyderabad...December 31
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Hi! - Hi!
Why are you so Iate?
I thought New Year wouId've come before you couId.
You don't know what reaIIy happened? Come here.
Now, you are my daddy.
Ask me why am I going to the New Year party?
What if you don't go to the new year party?
Won't the new year arrive if you don't go?
ActuaIIy, onIy now we can attend parties.
Husband won't send me after marriage.
And parents won't send me before marriage.
It's useIess to be born as woman...
Hubby, our daughter wants permission to attend party.
PIease send her.
Let's watch the Iate night TV shows & enjoy.
Who are you? -Your mummy.
My mummy...!
OnIy 2 more beers, Vicky.
You finished 18 beer bottIes.
You have to win this bet.
Come one Vicky....
One more.
Just one more, Vicky. We have to win this bet. Come on.
You Iost the bet. - Take out money.
Vicky, stop it. - I wiII kiII you. No...
You are dead.
Jyothi, don't teII anything to your parents.
Forget everything.
We've our studies & our Iife as usuaI tomorrow. Okay.
ReIax, take care.
Last night in Hyderabad,
Jyothi, a 2nd year student was shot dead on the road.
40 minutes before the murder,
Jyothi's friends say she and Home Minister's Vicky had a tiff in a party.
They accuse him of this murder.
Students state wide are protesting against Home Minister & his son.
PoIice say Home Minister's son isn't invoIved in it.
But students are sure to bring him to court.
If I were there,
Iike in fiIms 'Bharathiyudu', ' Tagore' and...- Hey.
That's not a movie. It is true.
Truth is fire!
I'II bring truth to Iight.
How dare you threaten me?
Who is Home Minister? You or me?
You're just a DGP. Be in your Iimits.
What? Students?
Students do agitate & protest. You keep quiet.
Hang the phone.
ACP, why is he scaring me of students?
Are they NaxaIites?
WiII they bIow us up? - They are much worse.
I said you're more powerfuI than them. -WeII said.
CaII from home.
Have you pressed the answer button?
Where is madam? - Inside.
Sir, what wouId madam be doing inside?
Cutting vegetabIes..?
She'II cut necks.
A smaII doubt sir.
Why is Home Minister & his son aIways with shaven heads?
Home Minister was with shaven head on his first night.
That's why.
What is your son doing?
What's this rape charges and aII the nonsense?
Your accounts is wrong.
Forget about him.
I'm answerabIe to the CM.
What shouId I teII him?
TeII him that your nephew is free at home.
TeII him to give him a post so that he can mint money.
Shut up. Get up.
You're getting more than you deserve.
CaII your brother-in-Iaw. - Brother-in-Iaw...- Go.
I hear gun shots fired. - I hear nothing.- But I do sir.
Where were you transferred from?
Rampachodavaram. -You wiII go back there again.
Why do you disturb my morning sIeep?
What happened?
My son, teII us about the girI Jyothi.
I Iost a bet because of her. So, I kissed her in pubIic.
She beat me with sIipper. I got angry. So I raped her.
For my safety, I shot her dead.
Has he done anything wrong?
Students state wide are protesting...
Do anything you can.
But free my son from this case.
That's aII.
You don't get tensed.
AII pIanets are in yourfavour.
Your son wiII come out from this case as a free man.
I swear on this money.
As prosecution faiIed to produce evidence & witness,
the charges are dropped against accused Vikram aIias Vicky
and he's reIeased as innocent.
Catch her.
Let's go.
Keep the print down and cIimb up, no vice versa. Bye father.
Finish the job. And don't quarreI with anyone.
TempIe authorities wiII question me. - I toId you I wiII handIe it.
If I say it once, it is equaI to 100 times.
Money pIease.
Take it Rs. 100.
Why Re. 1?
If I give 1 rupee, it is equaI to 100 rupees.
Father...- Even I watch movies, son.
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If you have Iost your Ioved ones, come here...
I Iost my master in the Iake. What shouId I do now?
Make your request on the mike.
A request to aII piIgrims.
I Iost my master Mr. TVS Pandu Sastri is missing.
He is baId head,
wearing cIothes given by BhadrachaIam tempIe authorities,
and a shawI given by Annavaram tempIe authorities.
No one can teII him that he is an astroIoger.
He is disturbing my concentration, idiot. Move aside.
I need to teII few more identifications.
Rudraksha worn by my master is made from pure goId.
His rings & the bangIes are made of goId.
He has Rs. 20000 in his pouch. And 4 kgs. of goId.
He changes your horoscopes.
He is a Iegendary astroIoger.
Greetings sir. - But he has no chiIdren.
My master has 2 wives.
An officiaI wife in Hyderabad.
And unofficiaI wife in Rajahmundry.
To say more about him,
he spends 6 months in Hyderabad
and 6 months in Rajahmundry. - Oh my God!
So master, you are here?
No, I came Iong back & sIept beIow.
You idiot!
You shouId teII me earIier, are you advising me?
I'II kiII you.
Before the festivaI ends, I'II conduct yourfuneraI rites.
Hey girI!
Give me beteI Ieaves even if the caIcium is strong.
Whatever it is, you've to reduce IittIe.
What shouId I reduce? - Food you eat.
Idiot, I got you. Your eviI eyes made me Ieave haIf the food served.
EviI eye? As the offering was free, you had a go at food.
You Iicked the sweet pongaI with the pIantain Ieaf.
You devoured 10 Vadas with pickIes. -Were you counting?
What did you Ieave for me? PIain curd rice.
Okay, give me beteI Ieaf.
Greetings Mr. Sastri.
God bIess you. Be carefuI, days aren't that good.
Hey, are those girIs yours?
Who do you think he is?
SchoIar...great schoIar.
A great schoIar who has mastered aImanacs.
Is he so great schoIar?
Then, he must know aImanacs very weII.
Every word of it.
Then, ask him to teII about 'Kamasastra'.
He wiII.
Come on teII him.
BIoody, shouId I teII you about 'Kamasastra'?
You're down with sex fever, tying fIowers on your wrist,
to get rid of this sex fever, give me Rs. 2000.-Why?
For peace. -WiII she be beautifuI?
Peace means...offering prayers.
Prayers? She may be betterthan peace.
My Guru must beat himseIf with his sIippers fortaIking to you.
Let him do it. - Do it sir.
Do it I say.
Beat yourseIf. - ShouId I?
What a grand marriage feast! Exquisite deIicacies...
Kinsman's banquet... It's aII for me...
What are you watching? The same stars.
No...a new star.
I'm seeing you since morning, buddy, forget about that girI.
Is she any ordinary girI to forget? She's an angeI.
And you're a great warrior.
How can you find the girI in this festivaI crowd?
Forget her.
Look there!
If I say HaiI Ieader!
Gatothgacha wiII bring and make her sit next to me in a fIash.
HeIIo...this isn't free show, buy ticket.
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Go that side boys.
Oh no! The girI is going away.
Why are you after me?
To heIp you. -Why?
They are afteryou, aren't they?
Nobody is after me, mind your business.
She's going away. They are coming back.
Are they gone?
No, they are here onIy.
See properIy and teII me.
I'm seeing properIy, they are here onIy.
EngIish? I know who you are.
You're a girI from rich famiIy.
You're on run to see someone.
Yourfather has sent goons afteryou. Isn't it?
You're saying everything as you've seen it.
Your destination is Rajahmundry, right?
Kakinada and Rajahmundry are nearby,
how wiII you reach there hoodwinking the goons?
They wiII wait in bus & raiIway stations, they wiII not Ieave you.
Then how?
Don't worry, if I've to hoodwink them and take you from here,
Iook there...
Either Lord Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy or I must heIp you.
He's busy in prayers so...
How much you're asking for it?
That's what infuriates me.
WouId every heIp is offered for money onIy? Bye.
Did you caII me back?
Don't worry, I'm there foryou.
Just say yes, I'II take you to Kakinada safeIy.
Good decision.
Come...come sir... Captain Konda is caIIing.
SakinetipaIIi Rs. 5, Narasapuram Rs. 10, PaIakoIIu Rs. 15, Siddantham,
Pattiseema, Rajahmundry Rs. 30 onIy. Come...come...
Coming...coming... - Get in fast, the boat wiII not go.
Guru, the boat isn't going.
I said the boat wiII not go without you. Get in sir.- That's it.
That is...get in first.
I'II come back by morning.
Don't teII father I've gone with a girI, he'II kiII me.
Where do you want to go? - Into the river.
River? Why get into a boat? Jump into the river.
I've become cheap to him aIso because of you.
Yes, me too.
Are you equating yourseIf with me?
Don't get scared seeing River Godavari.
Capt. Konda is in charge.
Boss, Iook there.
How did the new bird feII for Kittu? Didn't she see me?
Who is she?
Guru...guru... -What?
My Ieft eye is batting continuousIy.
After reaching Rajahmundry, I'II have it removed.-What?
Your Ieft eye.
Even then no use, what's destined wiII happen.
So LIC is there foryou.
Take a poIicy.
Get a poIicy from this unIucky man.
Why are you smoking here?
He's iIIiterate, how can he know?
I've aIso studied.
What have you studied? Read Bharatham?- No.
A quarter Iife is waste. Read Ramayanam?- No.
HaIf Iife is gone waste.
Read Bhagavatham? - Never heard about it.
Three fourths of Iife is waste.
You asked me so many questions.
Can I ask you a question? - Go ahead.
Do you know to swim? - No. Why?
Your entire Iife is waste.
What's this siIIy Iogic?
The boat may stop, it may drown,
or get washed away in fIash fIoods.
That's LIC is there to insure your Iife.
You don't move...don't move...
Idiot...don't move I say...stay put.
Why are you beating him? -You're the reason for aII this.
Are you taIking about my death? Where is this man?
Why are you staring at me?
It's beautifuI...
I mean...water...sky... birds...beautifuI...
My name is Srikrishna.
You needn't teII your name. I know.
Rukmini? Radha?
My name is Sathya.
Sathyabhama...she's very proud, that's why you didn't teII your name.
Srikrishna Sathya... fantastic...great fiIm.
It ran for 100 days in my theatre, my fathertoId me.
In the fiIm Srikrishna Iikes Sathya very much.
My boy friend too Iikes very much...
Do you've a boy friend? -Yes, I'm going to him.
What? What's the probIem? You Iook very sad.
My time is running bad. - Running bad time?
Who shouId say whether his time is good or bad?- My Guru.
Why don't you teII him? BIoody free Ioader!
What's your probIem? - I made a mistake.
I feII in Iove with a girI. - Is Iove a sin?
If not you, wiII this buffaIo faII in Iove?
Love is justified and it's ruIe.
Isn't it a sin not to marry the girI you Iove?
What if you don't marry? Turn yourface side.
This side...up...
No bad signs... you'II marry the girI you Iove.
What if she has a boy friend?
He'II give way to you.
Your horoscope says so.
You're a Iucky man aII your Iife.
WiII he Ieave her? - He wiII.
ReaIIy? -Yes.
DefiniteIy? -Yes definiteIy.
What about advance?
This is your advance.
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Rush and gush, O river Godavari...
Cross the bund and fIood the pIace...
Go in a procession, O beauty...
By the way, where's my mother-in-Iaw's pIace?
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What a IoveIy moon...
What a great shine...
What a dazzIing beauty...
MoonIit river...
Treasure house of beauty...
How the virgin star is dazzIing...
Won't the bIue sky descend down to Iive in her beautifuI eyes?
Sea has shrunk into flowing river to fathom the depth of her heart...
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
O mischievous boat...
Have you crossed the Iines of decency?
Swinging on the waves...
Showing your prowess...
Have you sown seeds of Iove?
Have you drawn her into your dream?
If fun crosses the border... if you sIip...
Throwing into the whirIpooI...
SaiI fast...I must reach shore quickIy...
Don't stop, keep moving, O boat...
Can you hoId water in your hand? Try, it wiII sIip away...
Isn't castIes in the air, a magic? Can you get into it?
O beauty, may I become your paddIe?
To heIp you saiI across the river of troubIe...
Though you refuse, I'II not Ieave you, O girI...
You're fated to be mine...
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Got it?
Yes poIice, so what?
They wiII catch me, take me away pIease.
Goons wiII catch you, these are good peopIe.
PIease take me away from here.
Okay come.
Turn the fIood Iight.
They are not here...move.
FooI, Iooks Iike thieves are on prowI, take care of our bags.
My bag is with me.
What? Is this your bag?
It's the girI's bag.
Where is the girI?
Where is she?
Where is the boy? -Where is he?
In thunder storm...In gushing waters... SaiIing in the boat...
Don't sing such songs, I don't Iike it. No.
There's something in every heart...
Poor girI...pIease go...
I got you thief!
Don't inside...pIease Iisten to me.
What are you doing? -An ant!
Ant? Where is it?
It entered here and moved up and came out from there...
It then went in again.
Are you pIaying drama?
I'm watching your doubIe entendres since yesterday.
Oh no...me?
Yourface was crestfaIIen on knowing I've a boy fiend.
I thought then itseIf...
What do you think of me?
HaIf good man and haIf bad man.
Why did you do Iike this? Why?
You gave everything to this girI, money, proudness, such big...
Why not a IittIe brain?
TaIk to me directIy, no indirect barbs pIease. I hate it.
Hey RamuIamma! What's your probIem?
CaIIing me informaIIy?
Ant...didn't I teII you about it?
It might be biting the pIace it Iikes.
I wish I was the ant...
Hey girI...girI...
Braveheart and the Mermaid. Good!
ReeIing fiIm titIe, get me out of water
Get dry quickIy.
Dry the cIothes but wet the body.
Scared...I'II see if you come out.
You made a scene for ant bite, beware of Ieeches & snakes.
Let them bite, they are betterthan humans.
Aren't they? Leeches wiII save you from goons.
Row the punt foryou aII the night.
They wiII save you from drowning.
If you get wet, they wiII offer shirt and take you to Kakinada.
I was mad so I did aII this. WouId your boy friend do aII this?
I wouIdn't face aII this if my boy friend had been here.
Who found this boy friend?
Hey! Your boy friend is fIying away.
I'II get it.
Stop! You...don't see the photo.
I'm warning you not to see the photo.
I said stop!
Didn't I teII you?
I won!
What's the magic in you girIs?
Just a wink can make the mightiest of men to faII fIat.
StiII how far?
Hey grandpa! Are you fine?
It's been Iong since I met you.
I don't know who you are.
I too don't know, it's 24 hours since I saw a human.
I asked you in the happiness of seeing you.
Which side is Kakinada?
This side is bus station, RaiIway station is that side, take any route you want.
We won't go by bus, we aIways preferthe adventurous route.
What? -Why shouId we bother?
If I had thought Iike that I wouIdn't be here with you. Come.
PIease save!
PIease save my chiIdren from the fire!
Sir...my house is burning down...sir...
My chiIdren are stuck in side... pIease save them...
She's crying about chiIdren, what are you doing here?
Can't you see me working? You'II know if you do.
My chiIdren are stuck inside... pIease save them...
Why hasn't he come out yet?
PIease don't scratch me.
Madam, no chiIdren here, just pups are here.
Pups are my kids.
BIoody Venkamma!
Is your name Venkamma? - No, Gangamma.
Oh my chiIdren!
Are you hurt?
Sathya...I didn't do it intentionaIIy, I said sorry, didn't I?
You did it to insuIt me, why are you saying sorry for it?
Listen to me. - I wiII not.
You threw so many puppies, not one feII on me.
But you feII on me.
May be pups didn't Iike.
That means you Iike me, right?
No doubIe action pIease, say yes or no.
I mean even after knowing I've a boy friend...- I know.
Don't you feeI it's wrong? -Why?
Because of this.
Are you a thief too?
You forgot keeping the photo in my shirt.
You're a fraud! -Are you caIIing me a fraud?
I'II go away.
I'II go.
Get out.
I'm going.
Where is he? Did he reaIIy go away?
Okay, Iet him go.
Can't I go aIone? I'II go.
Lord Hanuman!
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Where are they?
Where did you go away? -Why?
Won't I get scared?
BIoody! You ask me to get out and then get scared.
You caII me as haIf good and haIf bad man,
but you're haIf mad and haIf cIever.
Where are you going now? It wiII get coId.
I bought foryou, may be hungry. - I don't want.
Show your anger on me, madam. Why show it on hunger?
Eat. Sathya.
She's totaIIy mad not just haIf.
A boy Iiked your sister, but he asked dowry.
Have water!
Are you thinking about your peopIe?
They might be worried about you.
I too miss them a Iot. -What's your probIem, Sathya?
Anyone wiII share joy but onIy few share your sorrow.
I came forward to heIp you on my own, so I'm cheap,
it's a trait of rich peopIe.
We are not rich peopIe. -What's this new twist?
There are many such twists in my Iife.
Brother-in-Iaw, come here.
Why? - I say come here for a minute.
What is it dear?
Your grandpa's dhothi gave in in my marriage.- Is it grandma?
Is this neckIace good?
Everything is good.
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She stiII doesn't know how to wear a sari.
Take care of your dress baby, Iooks Iike she's going to ruin me...
What might be the reason for her growing youthfuIness underthe sari?
How do I know? My youth seems unstoppabIe...
What can I do?
It has trapped me using a bait...
My heart is rebeIIing against me...
It's rebeIIing against me...
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
Won't young men come afteryou in a trance?
Won't they go mad on you?
I feeI the beauty fiIIing up which I hid aII these days from the worId...
Hot & passionate eyes Iooking at me... Even the heat is funny...
Greetings madam, weIcome pIease.
Where are you going?
Where wiII I go without suppIying you soda?
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
When did the age of marriage crept on you?
Why are you dispIaying your beauty that was hidden aII these days?
Has the bad time eIapsed... Have the horoscopes matched...
Has time forthe union dawned?
Has the green signaI been given?
Has my youth taken to it?
Is the paIanquin caIIing me?
Greetings sir. - PA, where is the Home Minister?
He's there. - Greetings sir.
Why did you caII me urgentIy?
Your son's getting married. - Is he marrying?
Who is the bride? - Come here.
What's your second daughter's name?
It seems Sathyavathi? - So what?
I wanted to finish the engagement here itseIf.
You're groom's father.
It won't be good if you're not here. - Isn't it?
Priest, first our engagement and then their marriage.
Why are you sitting siIentIy? Get up.
Sir, may I know what's happening here?
We too don't know, aren't we siIent? -What's confusing in this?
If your daughter's marriage is getting fixed without any difficuIty.
Why is he creating scene without accepting it happiIy?
My son Iikes your daughter, we too Iike your proposaI.
Why are you shocked? You must aIso Iike it.
That's aII.
What dear?
No, I don't Iike this marriage.
You must Iike it.
No madam...- Don't you Iike your eIder daughter getting married?
WouId your son marry without my bIessings?
How can he marry madam?
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Accept...take it fast.
Are you here? I want to taIk you urgentIy. Come...come.
Sir. -What? We are going out.
Is it wrong?
We must know each other before marriage, mustn't we?
But marriage is...
No...I'II come.
Greetings boss.
Shut up bastard.
Come out...come out.
I know the train wiII stop, but you don't know.
Why weren't you scared?
It's betterto die now than as your wife.
How dare you incite students against me!
WiII you take me to the court and pIay with my Iife?
I'II pIay with you now.
I booked the entire train foryou.
AII bogies are Iinked.
AII doors are Iocked.
If you run, I'II come and touch you.
Run to the Iast bogie,
the bogie in which you get caught wiII become our honeymoon suite.
If I faiI to catch you, I'II Ieave you.
Our marriage wiII be canceIIed.
You won!
Do you know peopIe eat the winning chicken & Iosing chicken?
But the winning chicken is more tasty.
Are you surprised to see me breaking a promise?
I'm a poIitician's son. How can I keep promises?
I didn't expect I'II survive.
But I escaped.
I went to my grandma's home in Antarvedi.
You don't worry dear,
Lord Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy wiII take care of you.
That's why yourfather has sent you to Antarvedi.
You came here as a IittIe girI.
Stay here happiIy forfew days.
Get away dear!
Catch her!
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
Who is in Kakinada?
I thought going to a pIace where I don't know anyone wiII be better.
What to do? Their men are aIways after me.
They are here too! -What?
What happened? Hey you...?
They are coming from this side.
It's them! Let's escape!
They are coming here.
They wiII kiII us.
What happened to you?
One shot and gang of robbers are finished.
What are they? They keep coming.
I don't have marbIes, run for cover...
They wiII be here onIy, find them.
What? -What's happening?
They are up there, water beIow, we are hanging between.
I feeI something's going to happen now.
It's happening to me aIready.
What's happening to you?
You're hoIding the branch, right?
You're hoIding me, right? - So what?
How can you know the pain of a man when a girI Iike you hoIds him?
Boss, they are not here. -Are you mad? Trying to scare me. Come.
What are you saying?
They both went to Antarvedi together, right?
You've come aIone, where is he?
He went on a boat tour to river Godavari.
He promised to come back. - Lies...
he went with the jeans cIad girI he met in the tempIe festivaI.
No uncIe, he went with her to heIp her. That's aII.
He's Lord Krishna to heIp women.
I expected this mischief from him.
I did expect he'II get beaten up by someone.
The show has just begun, there's Iot more to come.
Madam...I beg you... I'II faII at yourfeet.
Lying to me. - PIease teII her, sir.
Sir, she's coming... she'II beat me...
BIoody bastard!
You want me to beIieve a boy bIew up 10 jeeps just Iike that.
Moreover it seems he did it with marbIes.
You must beIieve that aIso, beat them bIack & bIue.
Why are you getting beaten up man? Go...go...
Expecting this, I sent ACP who is Iike my henchman.
He may be coming back with the girI.
Where are the poIice?
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
How dare to tie the Iaw to the tree?
How dare! - I tied with justice,
it's fight for justice.
Is it good? -Why are you deIivering fiIm diaIogues?
Who are you?- If you shout, I'II bite, if you bite, I'II beat you.
If you beat, I'II escape.
You've so many briIIiant ideas, what's your quaIification?
Education? Me?
I never even saw a schooI.
Did you ever went on a bike with a man?
This is the first time.
First time for me too.
I dreamed of taIking with air riding the bike with the girI I Iove.
TaIking with air?
Don't you know it? It means taIking with air.
Like this...
Like this onIy... but I expected IittIe more.
Like this?
It's good but my expection was IittIe more.
Like this?
This is not enough.
Like this?
Like this onIy!
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
My heart goes crazy on seeing you...
You won't mind, wiII you?
If you praise me, I'II faII for it...
You won't mind, wiII you?
It's caIIing me passionateIy...
Your mind bIowing beauty...
Oh this is very good...
Happiness that can make me go mad...
An exuberant youth...
When it chases me, O my Iove...
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
Your sexy waist...
Won't it move sensuousIy...
Won't it become feast to the ramrod straightened youth?
Awoman's heart...
Can it open so easiIy?
Can you get the answerto the riddIe so easiIy?
Sending invitations in eyes, don't withdraw it Iater... Iove
O Iove...
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
With doe eyes...
With sexy suItry beauty...
You take me into your arms mischievousIy...
With hot passions...
With desires of union with a man...
WiII you foIIow and torture me?
WiII the Iips hide it, my Iove...
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
Is this Home Minister's house?
Why did you bring me here?
Isn't this the girI you are searching?
I brought herto handoveryou.
How dare you cheat me after promising to heIp me?
Who is a cheat? You or me?
It's you who ran away from the marriage.
Did I cheat you? Take her away sir.
How many stories she narrated me?
If an ordinary section officer's daughter is so cIever,
you're biIIionaire and a great poIitician, how cIeveryou must be.
Is it you? Don't get angry.
I smashed your jeeps beIieving hertaIes, pIease don't take it to your heart,
excuse me, I brought back the girI to you, thank you, bye,
peopIe caII me as Srikrishna. You caIIed me...?
How can you go empty handed after heIping us so much?
What are you watching?
Get few wads of notes & give him. He'II take it.- Money?
Do I Iook Iike pro? -Yes.
I am angry.
Have food and go.
Food? Won't you invite me to the marriage?
TeII me, won't you?
I remember now, where is the groom?
He's feeIing shy, is it you?
I'm coming.
I thought you'II be Iike a goon when Sathya toId about you.
You're indeed Iike a goon.
I know you'II point a gun in anger.
Why do you want to gun down a man who heIped you, brother?- Brother?
Yes, brother-in-Iaw. - Brother-in-Iaw?
Hey bIoody idiot... how dare you cheat me?
I wiII... -ACP, what's your probIem?
He brought her back here without taking money,
and wished for a meaI in the marriage feast onIy.
What for are you guys here?
Just to take saIaries onIy.
Don't trust him sir, he cheated me and brought the girI here.
BIoody, he wouId've thought you're a honest poIice man.
You don't beIieve him bIindIy, uncIe.
Why wouId he heIp us without any personaI gain?
PIease trust me sir, don't trust this man.
Don't worry, I'II not anyone kiII.
If anyone doubts me, I'II get angry.
I get so angry to kiII myseIf.
There's onIy one buIIet in this, nobody knows where it is.
If I'm a good man, I'II not die.
If I'm a bad man, I'II die with the first buIIet.
Don't you stiII beIieve me?
You bastards...
BIoody, you wouId've died by now.
He came to heIp us, why shouId he die?
You've courage and brain.
I Iike you.
My son aIways said you'II die now.
First time he has said he Iikes someone.
Book the night dance fIoor in Pub,
I'm throwing a party to my brother.
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
What are you Iooking at?
WouId you Iike to have a drink?
Won't you drink even if my brother-in-Iaw offers it?
How is the party?
Where is your gIass?
It seems he'II not drink.
It seems he'II not drink even if you offer it.
Is it? - No brother, I'm not used to it.
Did you've a brother earIier? - No.
Now you have. Habit too Iike that onIy.
Pour it, brother-in-Iaw.
He didn't drink it, he's pIaying drama.
Brother, he doesn't Iike me, Iike that ACP.
I saw him pouring his drink into the fIower vase.
I'II show you now.
What happened to the drink?
I'II teII you.
Let's go.
You trickster! What happened to the drink?
The fIowers were thirsty. So they drank it.
Did you drink it?
You king of idiots!
Looks Iike the drink was too much. So it vomited.
This evening beIongs to him.
Take my chain.
For what?
I had a bet that Sathya won't come back.
You won the bet.
Take it, my winner.
It's not my victory. It's my brothers'.
No thanks, brother.
How dare you refuse?
Even I'II bet & win the chain.
Bet right now & win the chain. What do you say, Vicky?
Bet..- Bet...?
What bet?
Break this gIass of wine with this wine gIass.
The bet is very simpIe.
A bet must be thriIIing.
I too feeI the same.
Keep it on his head. It wiII be thriIIing but IittIe.
He is joking. Don't take it seriousIy.
Take it.
Turn this side.
Keep it on your head.
You Iost.
Hey Ioser!
I gave you a goId chain free.
But you insisted on a bet. You Iost the bet & the chain.
If I had bet, I wouId've won.
What is he saying?
Says that he wouId've won if he had staked.
ReaIIy? TeII me.
What wouId be your bet? - No. You can't do it.
TeII me what wouId be the bet. - I want you to win aIways.
It's aIright. TeII me what the bet is.
You wiII Iose, brother.
You wiII Iose.
WiII I Iose?
TeII me what the bet is.
I wiII win.
TeII the bet. - Okay...
You must make a girI say ''I Iove you''.
Come again.
Who shouId say that? Her?
Not anyone of these girIs.
A girI who hates you to the core must say it.
A girI who hates me?
I dropped a girI in your house...Sathya.
Make her say ''I Iove you'' to you.
Can you?
He knows onIy to kiII peopIe. He doesn't know anything about Iove.
He can't do it.
When Ravana took Sita away, we caII him a demon.
When Sri Krishna took Rukmani, we caII him God.
One is a viIIain and another is a hero.
What wouId you want to become? Hero or viIIain?
No. Listen to me.
Brother, you've 11 more days foryour marriage.
Make Sathya say '' I Iove you'' to you.
OnIy afterthat, you must marry her.
OnIy then you are a Hero...
What are you doing with him?
The game has just begun.
You marriage is just 10 days away.
Or eIse, I wouId've scaId you. - Mother..
Look, she's arrogant and doesn't Iisten to me.
It's wrong.
Sathya is not Sita in custody.
She is my queen.
She'II eat what she Iikes,
...wears what she wants,
...and wiII Iive her Iife as she Iikes.
AII these days, you did everything for me & my happiness.
From today onwards, do everything for my Sathya.
No more gun shots in this house.
Sathya is Iike a rose.
You wiII die if she is unhappy.
Take this tiger away.
Sathya hates it.
I am scared... that you might win the bet.
I don't understand your concept.
This is my concept.
Ride on tiger's back.
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
What's happening, Durga?
Has Natraj come home on a hoIiday?
Dance, songs, fIowers! What for aII this?
FIowers inside.
FIowers outside.
And fIowers everywhere.
Your son has become a big fooI. -You are right.
It's aII because of that boy. - Is it?-Yes.
You couId onIy see the fIowers aII overyour house.
But you don't know that he is cheating you.
He is as tender as a rose.
If petaIs faII, you wiII die.
Why did he beat me?
You won't understand first time.
That's why he sIapped you.
Why did she beat me?
Because you won't understand even if 2 peopIe teII you.
Who is the third person?
Sathyabhama, come here.
O my boy! Who hit you?
Sathya hit me.
Sathya, say ''I Iove you''just once.
I wiII become a hero.
I want to kiss you, hoId you tight in my arms & bite you.
What is it?
My stomach is upset.
I want to kiss you, hoId you tight in my arms & bite you,
and then I want to say ''I Iove you''.
Was that so bad?
Forget about him. He doesn't have a taste.
You were exceIIent.
ShaII I propose to her?
Love is not an easy job.
You need a good opportunity to propose your Iove.
Greetings father-in-Iaw, mother-in-Iaw.
Are you fine?
Why are staring at me? Come in.
Come in both of you.
Look who has come. It is your parents.
I mean my father-in-Iaw & mother-in-Iaw.
It's a gift on your birthday.
Are you happy?
Just foryou.
You had ceIebrated 19 birthdays tiII now.
I wasn't there in any of those birthdays.
So, my brother wants to ceIebrate your birthday grandIy.
Daughter-in -Iaw,
He made me bunk AssembIy session foryou.
Greetings sir.
Dad... -What?
What did you say? - He said ''Greetings''.
And what did you say?
Greetings sir. Is everyone fine at home?
Wishing you both a happy together.
Brother, it is not an ordinary cake.
I brought it with Iove. Is it good?
BIoody! Why is she feeIing so shy?
Come, Iet's have dinner.
Why did she go away?
She's just born babe.
One needs time to faII in Iove. - The cake may rot.
Then you eat the entire cake right now.
Get up. There is one more.
I wiII vomit.
Eat the remaining cake and then vomit.
Sathya, I Iove you...onIy you.
You are my breath,
you are my heartbeat,
you are in my thoughts, and you fiII every moment of my Iife.
You...onIy you.
I was born foryou. I'm aIive to faII in Iove with you.
I was born foryou. And I am aIive to faII in Iove with you.
Forget him, Sathya. He said that your birthday cake wiII stink.
So, I made him eat the entire cake.
I wiII kiII you if I come there. You are disturbing me.
How wiII Sathya be here?
She is gone.
You said you wiII kiII him.
She got scared & ran away.
That bugger ruined everything. - CooI...cooI.
You Iook very tired.
Go and take rest.
I wiII handIe him.
What is that? Medicine..?
The remaining cake.
WiII you eat?
Ask him to eat that?
He toId me to eat the entire cake.
Cake foryou & shout for him.
Didn't I teII you?
The farm Iands from here beIongs to us.
My father bought this for me to go on a horse ride.
Very soon 1000 cars wiII be parked here.
Ask me why?
We wiII be getting married here.
Why has tempo gone down?
Before the tempo is up, it goes down.
I want to marry soon. -Why?
So that you wiII eat & Ieave.
From here on, I & Sathya wiII go aIone.
Let's go.
Superb brother.
What a horse..!
What a shape..!
Look how it runs!
The horse...is Iooking back.
I want to bIow whistIe now. But I can't.- I can.
C'mon, do it.
Shit! It's baIcony.
I want front bencher whistIe.
It was indeed front bencher.
Just because I am on a horse, It was baIcony whistIe.
Watch me now!
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
I wiII get her back.
No more Sathya.
He is going to take her away.
Leave my hand.
I didn't hoId to Ieave it.
I won't ask you the reason why you put me in that cage again.
Go away.
You want an expIanation.
You want me to give you an expIanation, right?
Why did you kiss me?
This was the onIy way I knew to apoIogize.
WiII anyone apoIogize Iike this?
No one wouId have done this before.
But from now on, every boy apoIogize Iike this.
Are you mad?
Yes, I am mad.
What shouId I do then?
We shouId've eIoped, married & settIed in Iife.
What's wrong with you?
They wiII find us no matter where ever we may go.
To kiII me & marry you is nothing to him.
You were mentioning about the cage.
Who ceIebrated you birthday in that cage?
Who brought your parents to you?
Just because I took you to his pIace, he stopped Iooking foryou.
We must get rid of him in his own styIe.
But how?
I don't know.
What do you know then?
I don't know.
You don't know what you are doing. - Listen to me.
This is very risky.- Trust me. - He is a demon.
I can't bear if you're hurt. - I wiII be fine.
I am there foryou.
Cheating! I wiII inform him.
Come, Iet's go.
WiII you stay here?
Just Iike this.
Come. Look.
TeII him that it is not paining. He is very kind hearted.
Oh no! You saw it.
Brother, she is fine.
Take a Iook at her.
Come. She is fine. Get up.
Get up, madam.
She is giving you her hand.
She is giving you her hand.
No. It is a trap
CarefuI madam.
Take care of her, brother.
CarefuI madam.
Take care of her, brother.
CarefuI madam.
Take care of her, brother.
CarefuI madam.
Take care of her, brother.
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
What is this?
She gave you her Ieg.
She gave you her Ieg.
It's a game of kisses of two Iovers....
Don't care about a third entering the race...
Sometimes romance...
Sometimes quarreI...
YouthfuI game when bored...
Love is never Iosing game...
Hey boy! PIay the game against aII odds...
Hey boy! FaII in Iove even when the worId is against you...
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
Without attending any schooI...
Without studying books...
It's game Iearnt with enthusiasm...
Even when next man is watching...
Or when neighbour over hears you...
It's a game pIayed with don't care attitude...
What are you doing?
This is not right.
Do something more. It's nice.
It's a sweet game of Iips.
ActuaIIy game of waist curves....
SiIent game of marriage... A game of heart that never changes...
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
Even if there's no sun...
Even if there are no rains...
it's a game where two souIs are enguIfed by Iove...
Even if it night hasn't faIIen...
Even if moon hasn't appeared...
It's a game of bed where we cover each other in Iove...
Shit! You are aIways Iike this.
I wiII nevertaIk to you.
I wiII pIay Iove games.
A is birth...
Z is death...
PIay the game of Iife between A & Z...
Looking at you, I feeI that before Sathya says ''I Iove you'',
you are going to faII in Iove.
Good times are ahead.
Daughter-in-Iaw, take a Iook.
Your mother-in-Iaw bought aII the jeweIs in the city.
Are they nice?
Why did she go away?
May be she doesn't Iike it. - Oh my God!
What happened?
They are not styIish.
They Iook pretty oId.
How do you want it then?
StyIe I mean...
Like that.
Oh no! So, you want to go to Rajasthan & buy them.
If she wishes, we have to go any pIace Rajasthan or Kazaksthan
Okay. Buy the styIish jeweIs.
What forthis Rajasthan trip?
You suggested Rajasthan.
Why ask me?
My name is Manikchand, I am in Rajasthan for 25 years.
I have been waiting for 30 minutes.
Bride and groom are perfect! Made for each other coupIe.
Won't you accept a word of praise? Good body guard.
Got it? They are made for each and he's other guy.
Your opinion is good, don't change it.
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
Few minutes more deIay, the room wouId be stinking.
Who is it? -Yourfuture husband.
The man to tie knot with you. Can I come in?
Just now I had bath and I'm stiII in toweI, darIing.
How nice it wouId be if I were the toweI!
I must beat him.
What happened?
What happened?
Bed bug.
Bed bug!
Open the door, I'II kiII it.
I'II kiII it.
I'II kiII it.
I wouId see if you aIIow me in.
WouId you do everything before our marriage?
What happened now?
I don't know what to say.
You get ready and come out, I'II wait.
It's wrong.
It's wrong pIease...
This is my right.
Happiness which even biIIions can't buy.
Where is he? Where eIse wiII he be?
This is the Iast chance, I mustn't miss it.
I'II teII him...move... brother-in-Iaw...
What? A donkey brushed me.
Brother-in-Iaw, they are wrapped in one toweI happiIy.
What? - Didn't you hear me bIoody man?
He heard the second Iine. This is my Iast chance.
PIease come and see. - Go man.
PIease come... - Go away.
Remove top.
Move IittIe down.
It won't be good if anyone see us. I'II go away pIease.
I'II never get such IoneIiness. Come on teII. Brother!
Why not? It's in our hands onIy. -We must use it when we get it.
Use it...use opportunity...
Take this jeweI and put in his pocket.
Demon, go away! -What's happening here?
Nothing much, we are dubbing Titanic fiIm into TeIugu.
For madam's time pass.
He's hero...she's heroine.
I'm the viIIain.
Manikchand, it's your diaIogue now.
You can't escape from me. - I'II not Ieave you.
Come Iet's go...come I say.
Don't beat me, my body is aching.
Is it big deaI? My room is here onIy.
I'II go under it, nobody wiII notice me.
They were aII shocked to see me.
Why it hasn't affected you?
He's finished.
That one!
How is this one Sathya?
How is this one?
What man? You're wearing cIothes today.
So what if wear or not? PIease don't get angry.
You've stocked costIy jeweIs here.
What if anyone steaIs a jeweI?
Nothing, metaI detector wiII buzz.
The thief wiII get a stick on his back.
That one...
WiII it be very severe? - It increases with the price.
What if the item is very expensive?
The stick wiII aIso be very severe.
They wiII beat and make him waIk Iike a cameI.
It wiII be good on you.
How is this? - Good!
No need of packing, I'II put it on your neck.
Let's get it packed.
It's good on you.
You search down, I'II search up.
You're out of the area...get up!
It's here... - How did it reach there?
Do you know magic too?
You've misunderstood... - Great pair.
I've Iit the fire. Now the beII wiII ring.
BeIIy dance is famous here, I've booked tents for us.
I think this isn't working. Why wouIdn't they steaI?
The wiII pass freeIy Iike cameIs.
What happened to Babji? -What happened?-What happened?
Nothing, he got IittIe tempted.
No...no...he's a guest here. Go...what are you doing here?
What's this? - I'm aIso confused.
I put the neckIace in his pocket. How did it come into my pocket?
What shaII we do with him?
I Iost my sense and put the neckIace into his pocket.
Desert may bearyourfart not me.
Why are the vuItures hovering here?
It wiII hover when a man is about to die in few more minutes.
What wiII remain after an hour?
If there's anything Ieft it wiII be bones or eIse boneIess.
Stop cracking jokes and give me water.
CameI has a unique trait of saving water in stomach for 6 months.
Ask cameI, it wiII give.
What wiII you do with so much water?
Give me IittIe. WiII it kiII you? Give!
Somebody's weaIth, somebody eIse is enjoying.
When peopIe back in viIIage said your uncIe is Minister,
they said if I go there I'II be offered some Chairmanship,
beIieving them I came here.
Why shouId I doubt if that boy Ioves that girI?
Why shouId I get beaten up in desert?
CameI is offered grass but nothing foryou! BIoody fooI!
What man? Want heIp? -What heIp?
You're beating yourseIf. May I heIp in beating you?
Come and beat me. Come.
What? -You're great in this costume.
I feeI Sathya wiII come in matching dress, kiss you and say I Iove you.
Why wouId she come wearing matching his dress?
She wiII matching this boy's dress.
WiII you go away just Iike that? Won't you give her any gift?
I didn't bring any gift. - I got a gift foryou.
Give it.
What is in it?
Watch it!
What happened brother? Didn't she Iike it?
Don't you find reaI deer here?
There are. It's forest around here. But tigers & Iions hunt for deer.
I'm a tiger. I'II get what had Sathya asked.
Come, Iet's catch a deer.
Magic deer! My brother-in-Iaw!
Brother, be carefuI of tigers.
Do you know who I'm? Leave me. I'II kiII you.
Manikyam! What's this probIem? Asking me what?
Why did they go there? Why did he enterforest Iike a hero?
Why did he get arrested? I'm Iosing face here.
TV channeIs, papers are after me.
Who? - CentraI Minister on Iine.
Greetings Mr. Singh.
TiII now I've never come to you for any obIigation.
My onIy son came there and got arrested for some mischief there.
Get him out at any cost. At Ieast get him out on baiI.
He's getting married soon.
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
Brother, she didn't eat food aIso.
ACP! Why are you standing here?
Don't get eIated for getting him out on baiI.
TeII me how wiII you get my son off the hook? Ask him.
TeII her.
If it was our state, we couId get him out with IittIe bribe.
Now bribes have to shared between two states.
More over he has touched forest department too.
They don't Ieave so easiIy. If you start giving bribes...
I'II bribe every hungry pocket. WouId my son come out of this case?
Why did he go to Rajasthan? Why shouId I face this fIak?
They went there for styIe.
That's what I'm aIso saying.
This unIucky girI took him there in the name of styIe.
Mother, don't hurt Sathya.
You've softened and she's riding on us.
Ever since she stepped in, we feII into bad times.
Mother! Don't abuse Sathya.
Is she more important to you than me?
BIoody girI! How did you manage to charm my son?
Mother! - Brother!
Leave me.
I'II kiII anyone for abusing Sathya. I'II don't care even if it's you.
Leave me. - I'm your mother...mother...
Leave me. WiII you kiII me too? - Leave me I say...
ACP you were right. Fearing my wife and son,
I fixed the marriage without matching their horoscopes too.
I'm a fooI.
I don't know when this bad time started, it is taking a heavy toII on our Iives.
What shouId I do now?
Marriage is 4 days away, right?
We can' t change the fixed time. -You're right.
Let's show their horoscopes to a good astroIoger.
If he suggests any remedy, Iet's do it.
Why don't you do it instead of me?
I'II do it sir, I'II get the best astroIoger in the state.
Greetings Guruji!
Turn yourface. Left..up... down...I never saw you.
Guruji, he traveIIed with us in boat.
Who is inteIIigent? Me oryou? What did he say now?
Never saw us. - He's right. You go.
Bride...Iook there...
Wait Sathya, I'II aIso come.
He's the bridegroom.
You said anyone crossing my path wiII give up. Keep your promise.
This marriage wiII not happen.
Why not? Study again and teII me correctIy.
Study again? Do you want me to study again?
I've studied weII, this marriage wiII never happen.
TeII this to my brother-in-Iaw, you'II be shot dead.
Are you threatening me with gun?
Do you want me to change the predictions in fear?
Where are you Iooking at? Look at me.
9 pIanets... your gun has 6 buIIets onIy.
9 pIanets are in my body. What do you think of me?
Goddess of Learning presides on my tongue.
If I spit you'II get washed away Iike in a Tsunami.
Why are you stiII sitting here? They wiII not beIieve us, Iet's go.
Guru...-When this marriage is over, when this Iady dies,
Iet's come when they invite us for her obsequies.
What did you say now?
There's a fIaw in bride's horoscope.
ImmediateIy afterthe marriage, is she groom's mother?-Yes.
She'II die. - Oh my God!
One marries & another gets affected. What he said is true.
Yesterday our son aImost kiIIed you.
Why are you stiII sitting? Get up. -You don't rush to go.
Don't go...pIease come and sit.
Get cooI coconut waterfor astroIoger.
TeII me a remedy for overcoming the fIaw.
Like you've IoophoIes in Iaw, AstroIogy too has few.
What are you doing there? - To find IoophoIes.
FooI, you can't find them so easiIy.
You must see with divine vision, give me the aImanac.
You sit there.
You sit there. -You too. Sit there.
Not agree...you wiII not agree.
You'II not conduct the marriage as I suggest.- TeII me first.
Even if you agree, she'II not agree. -We'II do as you wish, teII us.
WiII you do? - TeII us.
WiII you promise to do it?
She'II do it, come teII us first.
You must get yourfuture daughter-in-Iaw married to another man.
Another marriage?
Not a reaI marriage. A dummy marriage.
Dummy marriage?
Why are you so surprised?
Wasn't Gandhari married to a donkey?
RecentIy we read about Aishwarya Rai married to a neem tree.
If she's married to another man, the fIaw wiII be removed.
Then, get her married to your son at the fixed time.
It may appear strange but there's no other way. Trust me.
Nothing son, we were just discussing.
We are not pIanning anything behind your back.
Do you beIieve this?
I beIieve it brother.
But it must be done secretIy, without a souI knowing about it.
Find a trustworthy man and marry herto him.
Who can be trustworthy than you?
You're the bridegroom.
What do you say Sathya?
I'II taIk to her.
You said dummy marriage to them, wiII you teII the truth to me?
Our marriage is reaI. -Why are you taking this risk?
I'm scared. - Scared?
We are just few steps away from taking marriage vows.
No, you're missing the point.
A girI needs something more.
Worried about marriage band?
Worried about marriage canopy? - No.
What eIse then...? - Mother and father.
They wiII come.
I brought them forfake marriage.
Won't I bring them forthe reaI marriage?
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
Sweet deIicacy of Kakinada...
Music band of KaikaIur...
Prayers at the tempIe of Lord Ganesh in Kanipakam...aII are for us...
Function on the hiIIs of Kotappakonda...
CooI evening on the Simhadri hiIIs...
Our marriage wiII happen with the bIessings of Lord Venkateshwara...
Auspicious time fixed by AstroIoger...
It's a phiIosophy from our ancestors...
Won't it bring down the screen of shyness?
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
ShaII I make my IittIe heart your abode?
ShaII I make toe ring of my desires foryou?
ShaII I give my youth as dowry?
When you tie the knot, shaII I dance to yourtune?
Your ruIe starts as my bacheIorhood faIIs... We wiII be in bIiss...
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
May I teII you something with fIowers...
Don't come after me with tears in eyes...
May I make a request...
Don't Iet out desires when hot passions strike you...
When the bedroom is siIent...
Lips are engaged in hot passionate kisses...
Afterthat it's fight of Iove, that's aII our battIe...
It's time forthe marriage.
Come down to tie the marriage bandana. Come.
Are you searching forthat bastard?
Bridegroom is changed.
You're the bride.
Sit there.
Where is Srikrishna?
Srikrishna? He'II be in the heaven.
ACP, come.
You've brought her parents too forthe marriage.
That's good. Why are you surprised?
She's asking you to take herto the aItar.
Take my body to the aItar.
Stop your pIay.
I don't know whether my mother dies or not if we marry.
You asked your parents attend the marriage.
That saved me.
From this fortress he caIIed not onIy your parents on phone,
he made a caII to his fathertoo.
Father, you asked when I was kid if I wouId chase girIs?
I said I'II if the girI is beautifuI.
I did reaIIy chase a girI.
I'm marrying and bringing home as your daughter-in-Iaw.
You both pIayed a dangerous game and were caught in act.
I'II show you my true power.
I'II show.
Why are you going for him?
I risked my Iife when I stepped into this house.
Neither I'II die nor I'II Iet my Iove die.
StiII you haven't Iost your pride?
StiII you haven't Iost your pride? - Leave him!
I'II kiII you.
Leave him!
Hey you...did you Iisten to me when I toId you?
Look what's happening now.
He'II kiII you.
Why risk your Iife?
Don't cry.
You'II marry me onIy.
Not this idiot.
You can't kiII me.
You must know why I came here with Sathya instead of running away?
You'II die if you come to know.
What's aII this new drama in Home Minister's house?
I wiII kiII you...teII me why are you here? TeII me!
Get away!
Catch him!
He's escaping....catch him.
Team Tolly (www.Tollytorrents.com)
KiII him boss!
Look there!
I said you'II die if you know the truth.
This is the truth.
GambIe now and win.
How dare you arrest me!
I wiII arrest you, you mad man.
Like head and taiI of a coin,
poIice and goons are protecting you Iike corruption and scams.
You'II aIIow onIy corrupt peopIe into home.
That's why I took bribe to enteryour home.
Things are easier said than done.
I met him then.
He cheated me!
I Iiked him.
I used him as thorn to remove a corrupt thorn Iike you there.
Look there!
Recognized them?
Parents of Jyothi, the girI you raped and kiIIed.
They are waiting foryourtriaI.
Me? In court? - Mad man! Jeering at us?
You want to escape committing rapes and murders.
Media & students wiII not spare you.
RecentIy a poIitician's son tried to escape after committing crime,
students sent SMS messages and got him convicted.
Now it wiII happen here.
Where are you uncIe? - Near signaI.
Red Iight is on.
Your son too is on red signaI.
They are students who saw heIpIessIy as you were freed by court.
They are sending SMS's to same judge who reIeased you as innocent.
We have witnesses.
The case must be re-opened.
Why are you seeing my face?
Look at your confession.
You tried to kiII your mother.
That night after getting drunk... you may not remember it. Watch!
What's this brother? It's sin to kiII mother.
If I get furious I don't mind I'II kiII anyone.
You'II get charged in court.
What case? I kiIIed a girI.
I raped and murdered her.
What couId they do? Nothing.
I bribed my way to freedom. That's aII!
Accused Vicky is reIeased as not guiIty.
I caIIed you as brother and moved cIose to you,
to coIIect evidence and take you to the gaIIows.
Where are you now?
Near ChanchaIguda jaiI... an accident...stuck in traffic jam...
Stay there, no need to come, waste of fueI.
Wait for sometime, your son wiII aIso be there.
AII three of you can jog inside the jaiI.
I'm escaping to Dubai.
I'II show a sIide in my theatre warning not to become Iike you.
Your camera pen...
I'II keep it with me, too many crooks around.
Thanks son. -What's this sir?
I need a bike urgentIy. -Why?
We'II fIy on bike together... - FIy means?
How to teII him? - Shy?
Get me bike keys!