Carry On Lalu

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Come, Thakur.
l knew that you will certainly come.
How the stupid is wriggling!
You scoundrel! Stupid!
Thakur, go on, abuse me!
Abuse me to your heart's content!
You crook! - Shout! Shout even more!
Thakur, your hands are very strong.
Thakur, give me these hands! - No!
How will l eat if l give you these hands?
What? Ok.
Thakur, give me these ears.
No, no! If l give you these ears, l will become blind!
Blind? - Yes.
ldiot, do you see with your ears?
l see with my eyes, but don't l need the ears to put on the glasses?
Do you dare to insult Gabbar?
You will be punished for this!
Thakur, tell me what is your last wish?
Gabbar, change places with me!
Baliya, you villain! l will run the sword through your stomach!
He died?
Stupid! Do not scream!
Baliya! Baliya, how many times have l told you..
..not to deliver your own dialogues?
l get confused!
Nephew, free my hands! My under arms are aching!
Shoulders! Idiot!
Baliya! - Yes?
This is a ioke for you, but for me it's a question of my career.
Of my career!
Tomorrow Balaii Telefilms has called me again.
Once Lalit Antani makes a debut on the small screen.. will see that Lalit Antani's name will be famous all over India!
Yes, and when your uncle Balwantrai Diwan..
..finds out about this, you will be in big trouble!
Nephew, remember that uncle has given you a house in Mumbai.. that you study to become a great lawyer!
Yes, l remember it. Baliya, l remember it. - Ok.
My parents iust gave me this life.
All the rest was given to me by uncle only.
Yes, so consider this.
What will happen if l tell uncle that instead of becoming a lawyer.. want to become a hero?
Then? - Yes.
l will be dead! - Yes.
Uncle has a 100 years old rifle. He will shoot me with it.
Then you will survive. - Really?
The bullet of the rifle is also 100 years old!
ldiot! - What!
Medicinal tablets have expiry dates, but not the rifle bullets!
Yes. - Whoever is hit by it gets expired!
Yes, yes. That is why l am telling you that leave all this..
..and straightaway become LBW!
LBW! Idiot! Silly! Stupid! It's not LBW! - Huh?
LLB. - It's the same.
No, no, Baliya.
lt is uncle's wish that l should study to become a great lawyer..
..but no, l want to become an actor.
Baliya, iust wait and watch; l will become a great actor.
What if you fail?
Then l will become a leader on a ticket from Congress.
l will go and occupy a chair in the parliament.
Baliya, l have thought about everything. - Huh!
Come on! - What!
Quickly put away all this. - Ok.
l am getting late. - Why?
We will rehearse the next scene at night. - Ok.
l have to go for dinner. - Oh.
With Manisha.
Manisha Koirala?!
Hey, Manisha Koirala has no class! - What?
Manisha Mashruwala. - Oh!
Sweet and nice Mani! - Oh.
Baliya, you know that l like Mani very much. - Yes.
Mani's father is a very big film producer.
Yes, that's why you like her!
Shut up!
Nephew! Answer my question.
Manisha. Why does Manisha give wrong answers.. whatever we ask?
lf we ask her to sit, she says that she will keep standing!
lf we offer her tea, she says she will drink coffee! Why?
Manisha is the daughter of a rich man. - Huh?
Her father is a very big film financer. - Ok.
She has been pampered a lot. - Really?
To be honest, Manisha is a bit crazy.
Oh, that's why she fell in love with you, right?
Correct. - Shut up!
Brother, l suggest you should ask for a few small roles..
..once the wedding is fixed.
No, Baliya, no. - Huh?
l will not ask for a few small roles..
..l will ask for a full fledged film! - Huh?
70 MM.
Just think, Baliya! - Yes.
Me as the hero. - Hero.
My father-in-law as the producer. - Producer.
And the clap for the film will be given by uncle!
Uncle will not give the clap; he will give a slap! A slap!
Shut up, you idiot! - What happened?
Don't talk too much. - Why?
Hurry up and iron my clothes.
lron my Puniabi suit. - What!
Not Puniabi; iron the Pathani suit.
Ok, l will do it. - Ok? - Yes.
l am supposed to pick up Mani at 6 o'clock.
She will be waiting on the road.
Then cancel it! - Why?
lt is well past 6 o'clock.
What?! - Yes.
ldiot! - What?
l am late because of you! - Why?
lnstead of rehearsing, you were delivering wrong dialogues!
That girl is waiting on the road! - What now?
lf l am late she will get angry! - Oh.
Let me call her up. - Do it.
Let me call her. - Ok.
O God! Hello!
She is so hot tempered!
Mani darling!
lt's me. Lalit.
Lalu. Darling, have you reached there?
Have you been waiting since half an hour?
No, no, darling, l am coming there immediately.
Actually, l have already started..
..but there is a procession on the road.
The BJP from one end and the Congress from the other end.
Honestly! Sonia Gandhi! - May she live long!
Darling, did you hear it? Yes.
No, darling! No, l am not lying!
l swear on your life!
Do not swear on my life, you shameless man!
Do one thing. Mani, do one thing.
Just wait for 5 minutes; l will be there in 45 minutes, ok?
Just let the procession pass.
Sonia Gandhi! - Is behind you!
Behind me? - Yes.
Why behind me..
You cheater! You fraud!
Balu, have you also Joined his party?
Mani, l am neutral.
Mani, shall l get you a cold drink?
No; something hot, not cold.
Will hot coffee be ok? - No, not coffee. Tea.
Thank God!
ln any case, we do not have coffee.
Go. Mani, Mani, Mani, l'm so sorry.
Don't, don't get angry; l'm so sorry.
Actually, l got late because of rehearsals.
Darling! - Yes?
Darling, let's go out. We will go out.
No, we will stay in the house only. Sit.
O God! All right.
Mani! - Yes?
What have you brought?
What is it? Show me. - No, l won't show it to you.
O God! Ok, Mani, l don't want to see what you have brought.
No, you must see it!
Oh, what is it? - Look at this.
Oh! - Our photo together!
O my God! Mani, since when have you grown beard.. oh, sorry!
Mani! - Yes?
Hot tea.
Look! How do we look?
Look, look!
You look like the pair of Lakshmi and Narayan!
ldiot, Narayan is my driver's name!
You look like the pair of Ram and Sita!
ldiot, Ram is her father's name!
lt looks like the pair of a cow and a bull, ok?
A bull? - Yes.
Correct. My Lalu is a bull!
A bull!
Get out!
Mani! - Lalu!
Mani! - Lalu!
Mani! - Speak!
Mani! - Yes?
Mani, ever since you.. ever since you have peeped into my heart.. heart is yearning to tell you something!
What happened?
l can really hear some sound!
Mani! Mani, l want to ask you a personal question. May l ask?
Mani, when is you papa going to start a new movie?
First answer my question! Do you love me or my papa?
Of course l love your papa!
Oh! Actually you love me! Yeah! - Yeah!
Mani, you are really flat.
l mean you are simple. - Thank you.
You are so sweet! l really Iove you, Mani!
Here, drink this tea. - No, you also drink half of it.
Why half?
Love becomes stronger by sharing tea.
ls that so? - Yes.
l don't believe. - Huh?
lf it was true, then riots would never have taken place in Ahmedabad.
There is tradition of sharing tea.
Nephew, l am going out for dinner.
Shut up! - Huh!
ldiot, why are you going out? - Why?
Today Mani and l are going to have candle light dinner. - Yes.
Start preparations.
There are candles in the house, but no dinner!
Go and get it; Mani and l will wait here.
ldiot, what do you mean by you and Mani will wait here?
Go and get dinner; Mani and l will wait here.
No, both of you wait; l will go and get it.
Oh, gosh! Mani, Mani, what are you doing?
Baliya, there will be a problem; she is doing opposite of everything!
lt will be fun! Nephew, your marriage will be fun!
lnstead of sending off the bride, it will be..
..the sending off of the bridegroom!
There will be a wedding procession of the bride..
..instead of for the groom!
l think you will have to go to live at in-laws' house!
Baliya, all that is acceptable, but l will have to.. - Yes.
What do you mean?
No, Baliya, no.
l have already decided. - Ok.
The moment we finish taking nuptial round.. - Ok.
l will tell Mani, let us go to your house. - Ok.
So she will say, no, let us go to your house.
Shakaal! Shakaal, stop!
Stop, Shakaal!
Hey, Baliya! Hey, fatso! Stupid! - Who is it?
ldiot, why did you go to sleep?
Get up! You are snoring when we are supposed to rehearse!
Brother, it is 3 o'clock in the night! Let me sleep now!
Not at all! You are not going to sleep!
l have a shooting in the morning.
Listen! - What?
Even at this age Amitabh Bachchan works for 1 1 hours a day!
l am iust beginning my career. l must practice for 24 hours!
Look! - Yes?
l will come again. - Ok.
You know what to do after l shout, 'Stop, Shakaal!' - Yes.
Ok? - Yes.
Raise your hands. - Ok.
Again starting, ok?
Stop.. no, from inside.
Amitabh has caused me trouble!
l will go to the kitchen and go to sleep.
Stop, Shakaal!
Shakaal, the police have surrounded you from all sides!
From up, down, left and right! Do not move!
Do not move or else l will miss the target, Shakaal!
Hands up!
The idiot ran inside when l said hands up!
Hey, Shakaal, what's this?
Shakaal, you are playing pranks!
Come out, Shakaal! l say come out!
Come out! Baliya, stupid, come out!
Nephew! - Huh!
What is it?
Balu! - Yes?
Are you a relative of K. Lal? - What?
How did you do this? - What?
Just now you went into this room and then came out of the kitchen!
What's this? You have changed clothes also!
Brother, l was sleeping in the kitchen only!
Do not tell lies! Just now l shouted, 'Stop, Shakaal!'
And you ran and went in there!
O God! A cat must have come..
..from our neighbour Dilip Zaveri's house!
What are you saying? - Yes.
Has Dilip's cat entered our house? - Yes.
My God! We will have to do this again, ok? - Ok.
Stop, Shakaal! - Ok.
Remember it. - Ok, ok.
Baliya! - Yes?
Did you hear the noise? - Yes.
lt seems the cat has become aggressive!
Stupid, would a cat break the window panes like this?
Who could it be?
Who could it be in the middle of the night?
lt could be a thief. - Thief! Thief!
ldiot! You are trembling so much!
You will dislocate my shoulder joint!
Baliya, listen! - Yes.
A thief has broken into the house. - Yes.
Do one thing. - Ok.
Hide whatever there is worth stealing.
There is nothing worth stealing; Iet us hide. Come on!
Stop, idiot! Do not run! - Ok.
We must catch the thief. - What!
Baliya, l have a fantastic idea. - What?
lf l catch the thief.. - Ok.
My photo will be printed in tomorrow's newspapers. - Ok.
Some producer will see that photo. - Ok.
And l will get a role in some movie. - Huh!
Baliya, my career will get a start.
We must catch the thief! - Ok.
Do we have a weapon in our house?
There is a pincer in the kitchen.
Why are you talking of a pincer?
We can't even grip a vessel with that pincer.. how can we catch a thief? - Oh!
l think l will have to make do with this only.
Brother, it is fake!
You know that. - Huh!
l know that. Does the thief know that? - Yes.
Got it? - Yes.
Look! - Yes.
Watch my acting skills. - Ok, brother.
Thief! - Thief!
What are you doing? You are shouting in my ears, idiot!
Sorry, sorry.
Thief! - Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief!
Shut up! Why are you giving effect? - l..
Shut up! - Ok.
Thief, you have made a big mistake by entering this house.
Yes! We are very poor!
Sorry, sorry.
Thief, a man can enter this house, but he cannot leave it.
Yes; he can iump out of the back window!
Shut up! Shut up, you idiot!
Are you showing escape routes to the thief?
Keep quiet!
Thief, do not try to act smart. - Yes.
Look, l am going to count up to 97.
Brother, 97? In films they count only up to 3!
ldiot, they are salaried thieves in films. - Ok.
There is safety if we count up to 97. - Safety?
There is a chance to escape. Either for us or for the thief.
All right.
Ok? - Yes, yes.
Start. 1. - 1 .
2. - 2.
3. - 3
Stupid! Why do you push me, idiot?
Sorry, sorry, sorry!
Sorry, sorry, sorry!
1, 2.
Brother! - Yes?
What if the thief does not know Gujarati?
Very good point. - Yes.
Thief! Are you Guiarati?
He doesn't seem to be Guiarati.
Ok, thief, l am counting up to 97 in English.
Brother! - Yes?
Can you count up to 97 in English?
No; sorry. Very good point. - Yes.
Forget it. Stop it. Cancel the counting.
Thief, there is a little change. - Ok.
Now we are not going to count. We are giving a direct warning.
Come out! - Yes.
Come out of there!
l say come out or else l will shoot with my AK47!
Bang! Sorry; rat-tat-tat-tat!
Baliya! - Yes?
Has he gone to sleep or what?
Let him sleep. - What do you mean by let him sleep?
Listen! - Yes?
Go in and wake up the thief.
No, brother, l feel scared!
Hey, why do you need to feel scared? l am there to get scared!
Ok, fine.
There is no need to feel doubly scared. Go.
Ok, l am going. - Wake him up. - Ok.
Thief! - One minute!
There is no one in there.
What do you mean there is no one?
We saw iust now; he was running like this!
Hey, who are you?
l am the thief.
Leave me! You are trembling too much!
Baliya, where is my gun? - In your hand.
Where is my hand? - On that side.
Ok. Thief, you made a very big mistake by entering this house!
Tonight is the last night of your life..
Hey, don't move!
Thief, l am a very dangerous man! Tell her!
Yes. Till date he has killed 300 mosquitoes..
..30 cockroaches and 3 rats!
Rats?! - Huh!
ldiot, l will look like a pest controller..
..instead of a dangerous man! Shut up!
Baliya! - Yes?
Make a phone call. - Phone?
Call up the police. - Phone.
And tell them that we have caught a dangerous thief. - Ok.
Tell them that you have caught a female thief and not a male thief.
Caught a female thief..
My God! Caught a female thief! - Caught a female thief.
Baliya, did you see? - Yes.
lt turned out to be Shridevi instead of a thief!
She is Phoolan Devi instead of Shridevi!
Hey, not Phoolan Devi; my name is Sonal.
Sonal Purushottam Paropkari.
Paropkari! - Yes.
Stealing is your profession but your surname is Paropkari!
Don't you feel ashamed?
l do. l feel very much ashamed!
My papa will have a heart attack when he finds out..
..that l was caught while stealing!
lt is but obvious.
Would a father get burping instead of heart attack..
..when he finds out that his daughter was caught stealing?
Girl, don't you feel ashamed? Who taught you to steal?
Who taught you?
My papa did. - Huh!
Her father taught her how to steal!
My papa, Purushottam Paropkari is a very famous thief.
Famous thief!
The people of our clan Iovingly call him Dadu.
Dadu?! - Yes.
Well, these days he is running coaching class..
..because his eyesight has become weak, you see!
Oh! - Thank God, he is running a coaching class!
He is running coaching class for what?
Diploma in House Breaking and Degree in Pick Pocketing.
What's that?
Picking pockets? - Yes.
O my God!
Hey, mister! - Yes?
Stealing is our family business. - Ok.
My Dadu believes that it's not a crime to steal.
lt's a crime to get caught while stealing.
Wow! It's not a crime to steal.
lt's a crime to get caught while stealing.
Wonde_ul! - What is wonde_ul?
This is a dialogue worth applauding! Wonde_ul!
But.. - Does your father write screenplay?
l suggest print this sentence! Print it in Akhand Anand!
O God! - What happened?
By the way, nice meeting you!
Me? - Yes.
Wow! Slow motion!
You look exactly like a hero! - Hero!
l don't look like a hero! l am almost a hero!
Oh! What do you do?
Right now l am free. l mean l am trying to get work in films. - Oh!
l am trying to get work in serials. - Oh!
l am a budding artist. - Oh, wow!
O my God! l have great Craze for actors!
Craze! - Too much!
Autograph! Pease, autograph!
Baliya, she is asking for my autograph!
Didn't l tell you that my future is bright? - Very much.
Where is the pen? Hold this.
Brother, control!
Move away! - Ok, ok.
You fraud!
What is your name?
Lalit. Lalitkumar Antani.
Oh, God! It would have been great if there was ba.
Ba! Your Ba (mother)?
Silly, in your surname. What if it was Ambani instead of Antani?
Well, well! Ambani instead of Antani!
Really, what if it was so? My mother made a mistake.
She was unnecessarily hasty!
You have seen my father, haven't you? - Yes.
What are you doing? - Forget it!
l.. l have ba. - Oh!
l am Balkrishna Bariya. - Oh!
So he has 2 ba. - Brother!
l mean in name and surname; Balkrishna Bariya. - Ok.
Glad to meet you. - Oh! Me too!
Fatso, why are you trembling on holding her hand?
Should you hold the gun in your hand or with your legs?
Sorry, sorry.
Why are you drooling? That girl is misleading you! - Huh?
Hey, girl! - Yes?
Stop! Don't touch the cupboard!
l am calling up the police. - Please, Mr. Antani!
l am calling them. - Please do not call the police!
lt will ruin my family's prestige!
Prestige? - Yes.
What prestige can a thief have?
l have! Please don't ruin it!
Antani, please don't ruin my prestige! Please don't ruin it!
Hey, don't shout! The neighbours will get a wrong idea!
Protect your modesty! - Hey! Let go of my pants!
You fraud! It's good that l am wearing a belt. - Hands up!
Get up! Get up! Raise your hands and stand over there.
Baliya, you take position. - Ok.
l am going to call the police.
Rubbish! - She is a dangerous girl!
Baliya! - Yes?
What is the number for the police?
One zero zero.
Hasn't it changed till date? Ok.
Hello! Is that police station?
Oh, very good.
Who is speaking? Police?
Ok. Listen, a young girl had entered our house.
He says have fun! - Hey!
What fun? We can't have fun! She is a goon! - Yes.
Yes, she is a dangerous girl.
Do one thing; come here immediately.
Write down my address and name.
Hold it, Mr. Antani!
Put the phone down! Come on!
Girl, this is not fair! You are pointing a gun at me! - Hey!
ln my house.. ok, ok.
Hello! Yes? Name?
Whose name? My name? Oh, my name.
l haven't been.. given a name.
l haven't been given a name till date.
ln the chaos, it was missed. Yes, name.. not buffalo!
l was not named.
A child is given a name. Naming.. put it down! Put it down!
The policeman is so stupid!
He is talking about buffalo!
He told me to call up animal shelter and not the police station.. register a complaint about buffalo! - Stupid!
What now? - Hey, girl!
What? - Look, this is not fair!
lf you shoot by mistake, the bullet will hit me!
Do you want to make a call? - He asked me! This fatso asked me.
You did! - No, no! l believe the house need not have a phone!
This phone.. happy?
Happy? - Happy!
There is no bullet in this! - What?!
This is iust to scare you. - Shouldn't you have told us?
Would you have put the phone down if l had told you?
ldiot! Both of us got scared of a fake gun!
l am stupid, l tell you! l am really stupid!
l told you so! - Shut up!
Not stupid; you are very cute.
Brother, control!
Let it continue! - What do you mean?
Yes, control! Girl, talk from a distance.
ls this good for you?
You are a grown up girl.
Despite belonging to a Guiarati family, you are out..
Don't you feel scared?
What is there to be scared of?
Every night Jaggu is there with me.
Jaggu? - Jaggu Batli. My accomplice.
He is an expert in hitting on the head to render someone unconscious.
My God!
My Dadu wants me to marry him.
Really? - Yes.
Then marry him. - What!
Jaggu! Marry him.
l suggest marry him as soon as possible.
Baliya! - Yes?
Give 1 1 rupees as wedding Gift from us. - Ok.
But l don't like Jaggu!
Marry Baggu if you don't like Jaggu!
Anybody would be ready to marry you! - Yes.
Will you marry me?
The thing is, l..
Brother! - Yes?
Control! - Yes.
Are you married? - No, but his alliance is fixed.
With her.
Mr. Antani, why did you choose such a girl?
What do you mean?
This girl is a total idiot!
Brother, she could make out from the photo itself!
Yes! Mani is.. hey! Why do you say stupid..
Put the photo back there and listen! - Yes?
l don't want your opinion!
You are a thief, ok? You are not my relative!
Get out of the house! Get out! Get out!
All right. - Out!
But will you call the police to complain?
Of course not. l will get into trouble if l call the police.
The police would ask me too many questions.
And l feel pity for you.
Girl, to tell you frankly, l feel pity for you.
You are a grown up girl; is it good for you to do such things?
Look, it's still not too late.
Life is quite long. - Yes.
lnstead of stealing other's hard earned money..
..depend on money earned by your hard work. - Yes.
Take a clean slate and start your life anew.
Will you teach me?
Huh! - No; l haven't started a kindergarten!
Ok, do come again. - All right.
Do not ask her to come again!
Do not come again.
Will you pass me the bag, please? - Bag!
Baliya! - Yes?
Search the bag. - The bag? Hey!
There could be stolen goods in it. - No!
She might have entered our society and committed theft!
What is there! Brother, a hammer! - A hammer.
A gun! - A gun!
A custard apple! - A custard apple!
Do you see? She goes to commit theft and carries fruits!
Are you dieting?
lt's a bomb! - Bomb?!
Baliya, this is a bomb!
Hey! Keep it with you; don't give it to me! The bomb may explode!
My mother makes them. Cottage industry, you see?
Cottage industry! Her mother makes bombs!
Well then! Bye!
Bye! - Bye! Bye!
What's that noise?
lt's my mobile ringing.
Yes, Jaggu! No, the work is done.
Yes, l am coming.
lt's Jaggu's call. - Ok, bye.
Mr. Antani, you have caused a change of heart in me.
l will certainly start with a clean slate.
After today, we may or may not meet.
lt's not like that. - We will not meet!
Yes, l was going to say that only. We will not meet.
l mean as a token of our first meeting..
..l want to give you a gift. - What?
This Nokia 6600. Keep it.
No, no, l don't want a phone. - Oh, please!
Keep it as a gift to my teacher.
Teacher.. no, no, l don't want to be your teacher!
Brother! Take it; it's the Iatest one with a camera!
Does it have a camera? - Yes, look!
lt will be useful to send photographs.
How should l take photos? - Press the button!
Stupid, it will take your photo!
Turn it this way! - Ok.
l will always remember this night.
Me too.
Bye. - Bye.
Who can it be? Baliya, who can it be?
Police? - Police! Police!
Hey, somebody hide me!
Thief! - Stupid, this is our house! Why did you go in?
Do something about her! In here! In here!
She will be visible in here! - Where do l hide? In the cupboard.
- Get inside the cupboard.
Open the side door and get in quickly! - Ok.
Sit in the middle section!
Hey, Lalit! Open the door!
Brother, this is the voice of our neighbour Dilip Zaveri!
Why has Dilip come in the middle of the night?- l don't know!
Wait; let me check. Is that girl inside? - She is inside.
See to it that she doesn't come out. Hey, do not open it!
Yes! - The door. Wait.
Lalit! l have been robbed! Huh!
l have been ruined! Lalit, l've been thrown out on the streets!
What do you mean? This is my house! - Yes!
You have come to my house!
l'm sorry. What has happened?
Do not ask! Do not ask!
Robbery! My diamonds worth 50 lakh have been stolen!
Lalit, l want to call the police; can l use your phone? - Yes, sure.
Our phone is out of order!
Yes, yes, yes. By order, it is out of order.
What do you mean?
Dilip, you keep diamonds worth 50 lakh in your house..
..but you do not have a phone in the house!
l have 5 phones. - Ok.
The thief has snapped all the lines!
Oh! - But don't you have a mobile?
l did have one. - Ok.
Along with the diamonds, that was also stolen!
My brand new Nokia 6600 was stolen!
l can still hear its ring!
Dilip! - Yes?
Don't cry; l too will start crying.
Sit down.
l think your diamonds are somewhere nearby. - Huh!
l mean you will get back your diamonds.
l won't get them! l won't get them! l know.
My stars are not in my favour!
Why? Last month.. Iast month l had gone to Palanpur. - Oh.
There, a buffalo ate up my packet of diamonds!
A buffalo swallowed diamonds? - Yes.
l put the buffalo in a truck and brought it to Mumbai.
ls that your buffalo tied downstairs?
lt is my buffalo.
Since morning l keep feeding it grass.
And then the whole day l keep searching for the diamonds.. the dung it makes.
Dilip, do not stand over there and talk about all this.
Why? The buffalo might get stolen! - Yes.
Look, look.. - Lalit, come with me.
Where? - To the police station.
l feel scared going alone! - No.
Why is the buffalo making a noise?
Delivery! - The buffalo's delivery?!
No. Of dung! - O God!
Once again the search for diamonds!
Lalit, l will check and come back; then you must go with me..
..l feel very scared going alone!
My Nokia!
ldiot! - Poor man!
Huh! - You only insisted that l should take it!
lt can take photos; so take it!
She dumped this Nokia on me! Look at his condition!
Look at Dilip Zaveri's condition!
Poor fellow is doing the assortment of dung..
..instead of assortment of diamonds! - Ugh!
Baliya! - Yes?
Did you understand? - What?
This girl is very dangerous.
She looks innocent. - Yes.
But she has stolen diamonds worth 50 lakh! - Yes.
Do one thing. - Ok.
Bring her out.
She should not suspect.
Bring her out; then we will hand her over to the police.
Brother, she has got a bomb!
But who is there to mourn on your death?
Yes, that's true. Go!
Brother, speak! Threaten! Threaten!
Open up! Open the door!
O God! That thief! That thief exploded a bomb..
..and l am being forced to repair this gap!
Uncle had sent me here to do cooking..
..but nephew forces me to do a mason's work!
l am going to call up uncle and tell him everything!
How are you? Who are you? Why are you here?
How did you get in? - Through the window.
O gosh! Everybody enters through the window only!
l am going to call the police!
ldiot, why are you calling the police? l am the police.
Don't bluff! - It's not a bluff! CID inspector Wadia.
One minute.
Nephew! Nephew, come down fast!
The time has come for going up!
What is it, Baliya? l am ready.
This Vayeda (arrogant man) has come!
Hey, fatso! It's Wadia, not Vayeda!
Wadia? Aha!
Baliya, do you see my importance? - Huh?
What had l told you? - Huh?
Today l have to go for shooting. - Yes.
Did you see! The producer has sent a driver!
Not a driver! Not a driver; he is an inspector!
lnspector! Do you have the role of an inspector?
CID inspector Manekshaw Wadia!
What is he doing? - Exercise!
Stop it!
Sir! Ins.. inspector sir, why did you come here?
Why did you come to our house?
To investigate, mister!
To investigate about the theft that was committed last night.
Theft! - What theft?
We don't know anything! - Nothing was stolen from us!
Except for our sleep. - Yes!
ldiots, not in your house!
Theft was committed in next door bungalow..
..of Dilip Zaveri!
We know nothing about the theft of diamonds worth 50 lakh!
There you go!
Sir, we came to know of it in the morning. - Yes.
We came to know in early morning..
..that diamonds worth 50 lakh were stolen from Dilip Zaveri's house.
The milkman told us. - Yes.
Why did you make a call to the police station in the night..
..if you came to know only in the morning?
Who called up? - When was the call made?
Fatso, l am going to kick you! Idiot! - Huh!
Your number was recorded in my caller ID.
l haven't been given a name!
Buffalo! Buffalo! Baliya, this man had picked up the phone!
lnspector sir! - Yes.
That phone.. the phone call made in the night..
..saying l haven't been given a name..
..buffalo.. was made by him.
What?! l did! This fatso did it.
But.. - Tell him why you had made it!
l have the habit of making phone calls in my sleep.
Yes, sir, yes.
This idiot calls up different departments every night. - Huh!
You won't believe it.
The day before yesterday he has called up the fire brigade!
To make the fire brigade personnel's trip worthwhile..
..l had to deliberately start a fire in here..
..and till the morning, we were blowing..
Shut up!
l will go by myself.
Antani, are you trying to fool the police?
Last night a girl had come here.
A girl had come!
Sir, what are you saying?
l haven't been married yet; l am a bachelor.
Before that a girl or a boy.. - Oh!
Stupid, l am talking about a 23 years old girl.
No, no, no, inspector sir! Look, science may progress very fast..
..but how can a 23-years old girl get born directly?
Still, suppose.. l say suppose she is born. - Yes.
Just like you say, suppose a 23-years old girl gets born..
..but Baliya, how do we play with a 23-years old girl?
Oh! Sir, please hold her.
, You scoundrel! Look, Antani this is my last case..
..because after 15 days l am going to retire.
Oh. Till date l haven't done an encounter with anybody..
..but today l am going to shoot both of you with single bullet!
One minute. Wait a minute before shooting. - Huh?
Shoot now.
You scoundrel! l know.
l am sure that you are a partner of that girl.
No, no, sir! l was sleeping when she came. - Yes.
Oh! So you are a sleeping partner!
Sleeping partner!
Beware! - Who could it be?
Don't move!
Where is the door? Where is the door?
Behind you! - Behind you.
One minute.
Baliya, it's big trouble!
For the inspector? - For us, you idiot! For us?
Lalu! - Oh! Lalu! Lalu! - Mani! Mani! Mani!
Why have you come? - Surprise!
Enough, enough! Today l had an overdose of surprises! - Oh!
Hey, is this the one from last night?
No, this is the one from morning. - Oh!
Lalu, is he your uncle? - He is not my uncle.
No, no, l am not his uncle.
These two idiots are trying to fool me!
Oh, how sweet!
Mani, do not feel excited without knowing the facts!
He.. he is an inspector. - Oh!
lnspector means police, right?
l will ask you a question. - No, ask me 2 questions.
Baliya, we will go to iail because of her! - Yes!
Last night at 3 o'clock, a girl came down a pipe from this house..
..and escaped in a taxi. Was it you?
What did you say?
A girl escaped from this house at 3 o'clock in the night?- Yes.
Tell me who was she? Tell me! - Leave me! Grab his neck, not mine!
Tell me who was she? Tell me!
l will tell you, l will tell you, Mani.
That girl was Balu's girlfriend.
Oh! Baliya's girlfriend!
Say yes, Baliya! Accept it.
No, she was not my girlfriend!
So she was your girlfriend!
Oh, no! O God, now l realise that whatever you do is right!
Mani, l love you!
Hey, close your eyes!
Hey! - Sorry.
Hey, idiot, l will catch that runaway girl..
..but you will not leave Mumbai till l find her, ok?
But l.. - Shut up!
Every time he trips..
Lalu, which case was he talking about?
Which case was he talking about?
Darling, forget all that.
Forget all that but tell me why you have come so early?
Lalu, my papa wants to make a film with you.
Really?! - Yes. Yeah!
Come on get ready quickly; we have to go for screen test.
Screen test?! - Yes. Right now? - Yes.
My God! Baliya, my career has started! - Yes, brother.
Now l will become a hero!
Saniay Dutt! - Yes!
Mini Saniay Dutt!
Hey, Circuit! Yes, boss!
l can kill with one blow!
Nephew! Go and get ready quickly!
Police of 1 1 countries are searching for Don.. salutations!
Glory to him!
O my God!
Balu, l have brought sweets. - Yes?
Eat it.
Let nephew come.
Mani, shall l bring you hot puffed rice snacks?
No, not hot. Cold.
Thank God! Less of bother!
Excuse me!
Please call Mr. Lalit Antani.
Who are you?
l have brought Rumihum Washing Powder for you.
Rumihum Powder with new technology!
Now you can take bath wearing clothes.
Both you and the clothes will be cleaned at the same time!
No, l don't want washing powder; go away!
lf not washing powder then buy a washing machine.
l already have a washing machine!
Then hire a servant to operate it; l supply that also!
l don't need servant also.
Very soon l am going to get married.
Oh! So instead of a servant, you will directly get a husband!
Out! Get out!
Oh! Tell Laliya that Jassi had come.
Lalit! - Yes.
Do you address Lalit as Laliya?
All the girls in our company Iovingly call him Laliya. - Oh!
Your brother is very affectionate! - Brother?!
Yes. 2-3 times a month he takes me to the movies.
He always chooses corner seats. Corner seats!
Then dinner in a 5-star.
And when he is in the mood, he directly..
Will you come to Khandala?
And especially when he sees me..
..he screams and rushes to hug me!
He hugs you?
Lalu! Lalu, come out fast!
l'm ready, darling; don't shout.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Have you returned?
Don't hug her! - Hug!
Have you come back in day time also?
What do you mean by day time?
Does she come in the night also?
No, no, no, no! - Yes, yes, yes, yes!
Yes or no? - No, no, yes.
Mani! Mani, this girl is a thief.
He affectionately calls me the robber of heart. Naughty!
Not naughty!
This girl is a crook! A very big crook!
That is why you take her to Khandala, isn't it?
Yes! -Khandala?
Lalu! Lalu, l thought you to be like Shah Rukh Khan..
..but you have turned out to be like Kader Khan!
Kader Khan.. - Mani! Hot snacks.. you?!
You see, even this fatso knows me!
Lalu, what is this affair? Tell me!
Mani, Mani, there is no affair!
l am feeling giddy! l am feeling giddy!
Boss, you are acting fantastically!
Keep quiet! - You keep quiet! l hate you!
Please! Mani! Where did she go?
Mani, where are you going? Wait! Mani, listen! Listen to me..
O God!
This happened because of you!
Why are you harassing me?
l will not spare you!
What do you mean? What will you do?
What will l do? l will expose you!
Brother! Brother, protect your sister!
Brother! Control!
ldiot, how dare you tell me to control!
l will expose you in front of the police!
l considered you to be an ordinary innocent thief.
But you are a dangerous terrorist!
l am not a terrorist!
l am a stockist of Rumihum Powder.
l have come here for my first order. - First order?
Heeding your advice, l have started with a clean slate.
Clean slate!
To earn a living, l have started to work as a sales girl.
How much spit you are spraying while talking! Move away!
Master, give me your blessings!
You are my master, and l am your disciple.
You are not a disciple; you are a fraud!
Tell me, you crook!
Tell me where are the diamonds worth 50 lakh?
l don't know.
How can you not know?
You only stole them from Dilip Zaveri's house!
When? - When? Last night.
l have wiped clean the slate of last night.
Listen to her! The fraud says, she has wiped it clean!
You are not going to confess easily.
Tomorrow morning l am going to send..
..inspector Wadia to your house. - Yes.
He will come with a search warrant..
..he will catch you with the stolen goods..
..and he will throw you in iail.
Then l will sue you and get you life imprisonment.
Mind you, life imprisonment!
Do it! Get me punishment or let me off!
Do whatever you like!
l am under your care!
Ram had gone for 14 year's exile; l will go to jail!
Speak the words that do not contain an 's'!
lmprisonment! Imprisonment!
Brother! Please talk to him! - Ok, ok.
Brother, brother, she has changed!
From Valiya, she has become Valmiki!
Hey, fatso! Why are you pointing down?
Point up while indicating Valmiki!
That is why l keep Ramayan with me. - Huh!
l have read it; now you can read it. - Ok.
Now we will meet in jail only!
No, sister! Please don't say that!
Brother! - Sister! Sister!
Brother! Bye, brother!
No, sister! Please don't say that, sister! Sister! - Idiot!
You started to cry on saying good-bye to her!
But.. - As if you were sending off your sister after marriage!
Baliya! - Yes?
This girl is harassing me!
My life and my career will be ruined!
Mani has left in a rage!
Forget the movie; my career will end even before beginning!
Brother! Brother, brother, calm down! Calm down!
Read this Ramayan! Take it!
l don't want to read Ramayan! - Read it!
l will tear it!
Baliya! - Yes?
What's this? - Brother, check what it contains!
A bag inside Ramayan?!
What is there in the bag? Peas..
My God! Baliya! - Yes?
Diamonds! - Diamonds?
She has left with us the 50 Iakh worth of diamonds..
..stolen from Dilip!
Do you understand now why she said..
..that we will meet in the iail?
Baliya! l tried! l thought very hard but l can't think of an idea!
How will we get this stolen material out of the house?
The police are waiting outside. What do we do?
Brother, l suggest we start practicing the breaking of stones!
We will have to break Stones in the jail..
..if we are caught with these diamonds, isn't it?
ldiot, don't think like that!
l.. l am thinking about a way to save ourselves.
What do we do?
Brother, let's call the inspector and hand over the diamonds to him.
Really? - Yes.
The inspector will immediately arrest us..
..if we hand over the diamonds to him.
Don't give me stupid ideas; think up something!
Let us do one thing.
Let us crumple some newspapers..
..put this bag inside them and throw it out the window.
ldiot! - Yes?
Out of the window?
lf diamonds start raining from the window..
..goons from underworld will be here even..
..before the police arrive! - Oh!
And they will demand extortion money from us! - Oh!
Right now we don't have money to even buy snacks!
Brother, it is more difficult to get stolen goods out..
..than bringing them inside!
lt is our first time! - Yes.
We never had such experience..
Baliya! - Yes?
Sweets! - l don't want to eat it!
You glutton! - Yes?
l am not offering you sweets. - Then?
Do one thing. - Yes?
Put the bag of diamonds in this box of sweets.
Right? - Ok.
Go out with this box of sweets. - Ok.
lf the policeman stops you, tell him that it's an offering to God.
lt's an offering to God.
l am going to the temple. - l am going.
Because today is veneration of Vat-Savitri. - Vat-Sa..
Take the name of any festival! - Ok, ok.
Got it? - Yes.
So the police will not get suspicious. - Ok.
Go out and courier this box of sweets to Dilip. - Ok.
The diamonds will reach the real owner. - Yes!
We will be free; Dilip will be free, and that girl..
Who could it be? Brother, who could it be?
Police! - Police! - It must be the police!
Do one thing. - Yes?
Hurry up. Hide this box behind your back. - Hide it.
This box must not fall into the hands of the police.
lt should not. - Ok? - Yes.
You stupid! Idiot! Hey, can't you hear the bell?
lf it's too much trouble to open the door then remove the doors!
One minute, one minute!
How did you get in when the door was locked?
l have got the master key.
This key can open the doors of any bank!
But who are you?
You stupid! If you hear my name, you will faint!
l am Purushottam Paropkari, father of Sonal Paropkari..
Alias, Dadu! - Oh!
You were shocked, weren't you?
l was shocked! As if by an electric current!
He, by AC and l, by DC.
Hey, stop talking of AC-DC.
First of all tell me which one of you is Lalit?
Lalit? - Yes.
Uncle, why do you want Lalit?
l want to break Lalit's bones!
Oh! He is the one.
Not me! Not me; he is the one!
Oh, you are Lalit!
Forgive me!
What is my fault?
You have turned my daughter out of order!
Out of order!
She is not obeying my orders!
What kind of English he is speaking! - Keep quiet!
She has bought a slate and keeps writing on it.. is a sin to steal! It is a sin to steal!
And she is asking me to write it!
Baliya, last night it was stupid of me to advice that female goon.. get a new slate!
Look, uncle! Uncle, l will explain to you.
l had simply told your daughter that stealing is not a good thing.
lf possible, if it was suitable to her, then she should stop it. - Yes.
And you should be happy if she is ready to stop it!
l suggest you should distribute sweets to all!
Yes! Here, take sweets! - Sweets?
ldiot, should you offer these sweets?
Hey! Give me the box of sweets!
l say give me the box of sweets! - No!
l said give me the box of sweets!
lf l beat you, a puddle will form here!
A puddle?
You will pass water!
Pass water!
Give it to me! - Take it!
l hold this box of sweets in my hand and take vow..
..that l will not eat sweets until my daughter again starts stealing!
Baliya, the box of sweets went out of the window!
The box has come back!
Hey! You stupid, last night you took advantage of my daughter! Didn't you?
No, no, uncle! l did not take advantage of your daughter.. was she who took my advantage!
l haven't even touched her!
Hey! l am not talking about that!
You gave her a speech on moral values!
She stopped stealing, you idiot! How do l survive?
You have a few years left; live through them somehow. - Yes.
Survive somehow? Stupid, l will cut off your tongue!
Please don't! Don't do anything to nephew!
What? - Don't do anything to nephew!
What do you mean by that?
lt will ruin my prestige if my talented daughter..
..keeps sitting at home!
Do you know students will stop coming to my coaching class?
We will ioin it, ok?
ls the government bothered about us?
ls there any provision for provident fund or pension for us?
How can a thief expect Provident fund?
Hey, you fool! You have spoiled my daughter..
..and you are going to repair her all right, ok?
Repair? - Yes. You will have to make her start stealing again.
She has stolen diamonds but won't tell me where she kept them!
l want those diamonds and you will have to get them!
lf you don't get me the diamonds, l will pour acid..
..on your bare bodies in the middle of the road!
lt's happened!
No, no, Dadu, please don't do that!
Take this! - Hey!
Didn't l iust take a vow?
l took a vow right before your eyes! He is trying to tempt me!
He does not want to eat these sweets!
Why are you offering them again and again, you idiot?
Hey! - Uncle!
l will come back tomorrow. - Ok.
l want the diamonds, got it? - Yes.
Nobody will move from his place!
Sir! Inspector sir! - What do you want?
Please save me! Please save me!
This man will kill me!
Not this one! That one!
lssuing threats in my area? Who is this scoundrel?
Oh! Sir, it's you!
lnspector sir, you are touching his feet?!
ldiot! You should not just touch his feet.. should worship him! - What!
He is the incarnation of Saibaba!
Faith and forbearance. - Baba! Baba!
On every Diwali (festival of lights) he sends crackers..
..and sweets to the police department.
He sends uniforms and chocolates for our children!
He sends saris and petticoats for our women!
Baliya! - Yes?
Baba! Baba, l am asking you!
What is a great social worker like you doing in this criminal's house?
O God! l am criminal and he is social worker! - Shut up!
Baliya, this is the magic of the cap!
This is the magic of the white cap!
Buy half dozen caps tomorrow. - Ok.
l had come to preach to these people.
To give any information about the theft of the diamonds to the police.
Baba, don't worry at all! l am there!
l will thrash them and extract the information form them!
And if they still do not give in, l will kill them in an encounter!
Laliya, l have nothing more to say.
Sir, Jai Hind! - Jai Hind?
Jai Hind!
He says Jai Hind to him!
What is going to happen to India? - Shut up!
Hey, constable, search the entire house! Hurry up!
There is no need for a search; take this box of sweets!
Are you bribing me with a box of sweets? A box of sweets as bribe?
Why are you giving him this box of sweets? This box?
Sir, please don't eat it! - Why?
These sweets are not eatable; they are stale!
Search the house; hurry up!
Hey, stop the search! Sir, first get a search warrant!
l may not be a lawyer but l have got books on law.
First get a search warrant, and then enter this house! Get out!
l will teach you a lesson! l will teach you a lesson!
l won't spare you!
Constable! First l will get a search warrant..
..and then l will eat the sweets! Keep it!
Come on!
ldiot! Why do you offer the box of sweets to all and sundry?
The packet will not be returned every time!
Baliya! - Yes?
Start right away! Get out of the house. - Ok.
Go under any pretext and courier this box of sweets.. Dilip Zaveri.
But brother, the constable is there! l am very scared!
You do it!
How many things l can do? l have yet to placate Mani.
lf l do not placate Mani.. - Yes?
My career will be ruined!
But you.. - Look!
lt's Mani's call.
Baliya, iust watch how l placate her. - Pick it up!
Hello, darling!
'Hey, idiot! l am Balwantrai speaking!'
Who is Balwantrai? - 'Your uncle, you idiot!'
Oh, uncle..
Uncle! - Uncle!
Uncle, where are you speaking from? Why are you speaking?
'Listen, a case regarding my property..
..has come up in a Mumbai court#
'You have to help me in it# - No, not possible.
Uncle, right now l am in a condition where l need help!
'Don't argue!' - Ok.
'l am coming there. - When? Are you coming next week?
'Not next week, idiot! l am coming right now!'
'l am speaking from Borivali station#
Baliya! - What?
Serious trouble! - For whom? Uncle?
Not for uncle; for us! - Why?
Uncle! - Oh!
From Jamnagar, uncle has suddenly come to Mumbai!
He is at Borivali station. - Oh!
Within half an hour he will be inside this house! - Nephew!
What to do? - What shall we do?
O God, one after another, problems are piling up!
Brother, what shall we do?
What do you mean what to do?
Replace all the photos of film stars! - Ok.
lf uncle looks at them, he will fly into a rage! - No, no!
Photos of film personalities in the house of a lawyer!
Brother, what shall we do?
Munnabhai MBBS.
Uncle Moon has gone to sleep; uncle Sun has woken up!
Catch up with them, friends; the hands of the clock are rushing!
When one story ends, the other starts.. my friend!
The morning has broken, my friend! My friend! My friend!
The morning has broken, my friend! My friend! My friend!
Baliya, Baliya!
Brother! - Yes?
Brother, what should l do with this name plate?
Name plate.. idiot, why are you holding it against your tummy?
What is the place for a name plate? - Outside.
Fix it outside the door!
No, the constable is sitting there!
Constable? - Yes.
Then fix it on the inner side. - Ok.
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Oh, uncle! Baliya! - Brother?
Put the typewriter down! First put this on; hurry up!
Hurry up! - come on!
Very good.
Baliya, you idiot! What have you brought? - But..
l had asked you to bring the gown of a lawyer..
..and you have brought a burqa of a Muslim lady!
lt's not like this! - What's this?
Take it off! Take it off! - What's this? - Wear it like this.
O my God!
Well? - It's ok. Now it's ok.
Baliya! - Yes?
Uncle must not get even least bit suspicious! - Ok.
lt's a question of the lives of both of us. - Ok. Ok.
Sit down. - Ok, l am sitting.
ln my hand.. this book. - Ok.
Now, l am a great lawyer and you are the PA. - Ok.
What are you? - l am drinking.
Not drinking, idiot! PA means you are my assistant! - Ok, ok.
Ok? - Yes, yes.
Start! - Start.
ldiot, what are you doing? - What happened?
l just said Milord, and you started typing with speed!
Make it look natural! Do natural acting! - Ok.
Come on; start! - Ok.
Finished? - Yes.
ldiot! Baliya, stop it; Ieave the typewriter!
Look! - Yes?
l am a great lawyer. - Ok.
l know only what l have watched in the movies.
Let me do the practice. - Do the practice.
Milord! Adiournment after adjournment!
Adiournment after adiournment!
Worthless! - Objection!
Stupid! - He has arrived!
He is the biggest idiot! Idiot!
l obiect, Your Honour!
Hey, stand in a queue! - You idiot!
Who does he think he is?
Uncle! Uncle! What happened, uncle?
That constable! That idiot stopped me from entering my house!
He was looking for a pocket in the loin cloth!
A pocket in the loin cloth!
Why? Why is he sitting there? Why is he sitting there?
To keep a watch over nephew!
To keep a watch means appointed by the government.
Oh. - Uncle, the Government of Maharashtra..
..has provided security to me.
Zee security. - Yes.
Black cat commando in khaki dress.
But nephew, why do you need security?
Everyday people come to kill him!
They come to kill you?
l'll explain; you keep quiet! - Ok. - Baliya!
Uncle! - Yes?
You do not know. - Ok.
But your nephew has become a great lawyer.
He has become a great lawyer.
Milord! Adiournment after adjournment!
Adiournment after adiournment! - Ok, ok.
Obiection! Order, order! - Ok, ok.
l have sent big criminals and goons to jail. - Yes.
So their relatives come and threaten to kill me.
Yes! Just now Dadu had come to threaten him!
lt's not Dadu, Baliya; it's Dawood!
Don't create confusion with names!
Dawood's man had come. - Dawood's man had come?!
Don't worry; l am not Afraid of anyone.
l have become a great lawyer.
Adiournment after adiournment!
Adiournment after adiournment!
But nephew! Nephew, since when did you start legal practice?
Since l received a call from you. - What!
Adiournment after adiournment! Objection, Milord!
But even without appearing for the final examination for LLB?
lt's a good point.
Even without appearing for the final examination for LLB.
l missed this point.
What! - Milord! l mean uncle!
Uncle, l was so brilliant in studies..
..that they sent me to the bar even without taking my examination!
Yes. - What!
l mean they made me Bar-at-Law.
Advocate, solicitor and Iawyer; three-in-one!
Nephew, what are you saying! - Yes.
Wow! Hats off to you! Hats off to you!
Adiournment after adiournment!
Adiournment after adiournment! - Yes, yes.
Baliya! Baliya! - Yes?
Weren't you typing when l entered? - Yes.
ldiot, even without inserting a paper?
Very good point, Milord!
Even without inserting a paper!
Because this is an internet typewriter.
lt doesn't need paper.
Many times there is no need for typing..
..the message gets delivered directly! - What!
Don't touch! - Oh!
You will get a shock!
Adiournment after adiournment!
Adiournment after adiournment!
Wow! l must say you have made great progress.. such a short period!
He is making more progress in the night compared to..
..that done in the day!
Yes, in the night.
People are visiting even in the night. - Yes.
And many times people come in the middle of the night..
..even at 3 o'clock in the night! - Yes. - What!
lf there is a crowd, they enter even through the window!
What are you saying?
People enter through the window.. - Yes.
What's this?
Amitabh's photo in an advocate's house!
Amitabh! - What's this?
Uncle, you are mistaken! - What!
Where? - What?
Where is Amitabh's photo?
ldiot, what's this? Whose..
Uncle, this is not Amitabh Bachchan's photo..
..this is Manmohan Desai.
Hey! - What?
Singh! - Singh?
Manmohan Singh!
Ok, ok, Singh. - Yes.
This is Manmohan Singh.
Cataract! - Cataract.
lt seems uncle's cataract has developed to last stage!
O my God!
But my cataract developed to last stage during my journey..
..from Borivali station to home! It's strange!
Weather. - What?
The weather of Mumbai is like that. - Yes, yes.
That's amazing!
Uncle, actually you are amazing! - Huh?
You have brought me up and got me educated.
You were confident that your nephew..
..will certainly become an advocate.
And today l have fulfilled Your wish. - Yes.
Today, l have become India's top most advocate.
Very good, very good!
Adiournment after adiournment!
Adiournment after adiournment! - Enough!
Obiection, Milord! Order! Order! - l got it. l got it.
You got the idea, right? - Yes.
lt's all right.
Look at this! - What?
l have bought all this.
Oh, wow! All these books! So many books!
l bought them by weight. - What!
l mean l read heavy books.. l read them day and night..
..and l became an advocate.
Nephew, nephew, do you read all these heavy books?
l had told the idiot to put the stopper; this has turned around!
Hey, stupid, come here! Come here!
O God!
Come here! - Go! Go!
What's this? Rani Mukheriee! Mallika Sherawat! - Yes.
Preity Zinta!
ldiot! - Yes?
Do you keep the photos of film heroines in the law books?
Not me. You think it is mine?
But how do you know all of them?
Nephew! - Sorry.
Don't question me because you are a lawyer! - Sorry.
Answer my question! From where did this come?
Baliya brought them. - Huh! - What!
He is crazy for Mallika Sherawat!
O gosh! He collects such photographs!
Stupid, put them in the drawer and throw this book out of the window.
Ok. - Get out!
Nephew! Nephew, let me come to the main point..
..or else l will forget it. - Yes.
As l had told you, the case related to our property..
..will be coming up in Mumbai court.
l see. - Yes.
Anyway, you have already started the practice.
Started means it's doing exceedingly well.
Adiournment after adiournment!
Adiournment after adiournment!
Yes, yes. Now that you have started your practice..
..and you are a great lawyer so it is my wish..
..that you should fight the case for our property. - Huh!
lt will be lost. The property will be lost. - What?
l mean if l.. if l fight the case..
Uncle, what l mean is that l won't be able to appear in this case.
But why?
l have..
Day after tomorrow l will have to go to Alaska..
..for an international case. - Huh!
My case will start in the high court of Alaska.
l am international solicitor, you see?
Oh! - Objection, Milord! Order! Order!
l got it. - Adjournment after adjournment!
l got it, l got it.
Ok, no problem; l will hire some other lawyer.
Thank God! We are saved!
Uncle, today two of our clients were saved. - Really?
They are very important clients..
..and that is why Baliya has taken a vow.
To make an offering.
Sweets. - Oh.
He will make offerings of sweets at Siddhi Vinayak.
Baliya, take the short cut from the back side. - Ok.
Go immediately and make the offering.
Very good! Very good!
Nephew, l am very glad that your studies are over.
Now l iust have to attend the court every morning and..
Adiournment after adiournment!
Enough, enough!
You got the idea, right? - Enough. - Ok.
Now let us talk about marriage.
There's a proposal of advocate Uday Singh's daughter.
And l have accepted it.
Uncle, will you remarry at this age?
ldiot! l am talking about a girl l have chosen for you!
No, no, uncle. Look, there is no need to choose a girl for me.
l mean l have already chosen a girl.
But even without consulting me!
l don't drink even water without your permission. - So what's this?
So how can l get married?
l was going to introduce her to you.
l was going to send you her photographs..
..but you have come here. - Ok.
Now you can meet her and take her interview if you like.
Then fix everything and go back after eating jaggery..
..on the occasion of engagement.
Should l eat iaggery also?
Not iaggery! Order 'gulabiamun' (sweets)!
Order 'basundi' (sweet dish)!
Order 'chum-chum' (sweets)!
l suggest distribute 'sute_eni' (Sweets) to the entire society!
Who is he? - He is a man.
But he.. - l mean he is my neighbour.
He is a diamond merchant.
His diamonds worth 50 lakh were stolen.. he has lost his mental balance. - Oh!
He is my client. - Really?
Let me handle. - But..
Dilip! Dilip, do not worry.
l am there. You will get back your diamonds.
The diamond thief will be caught.
Don't say he will be caught; she has been caught! - What?
The girl who stole diamonds has been caught!
What are you saying? - Yes.
Uncle! - Yes?
Dance! Dance! - Ok, ok. Ok.
Has the diamond thief girl been caught? - Yes.
Thank God! Where is that fraud?
The inspector will be coming here with her.
Hey Antani! Antani, where is he? Where is Balu?
Forget Balu; where is that fraud?
She says that she is Balu's mother!
Balu's mother? - Yes.
Do you mean Godavari?
No, no, sir, Godavari would never commit theft!
One minute, one minute. Wait! How can Godavari come here?
She is not Balu's mother; she is a liar!
Sir, she is a fraud and a cheat!
Every time she comes assuming a different name!
When she came here earlier, she said that she was a stockist!
Stockist! Stockist!
Arrest her! Whip her! Then she will tell the truth!
l will call her inside.
Constable! Bring her in!
Just wait and see! She is this high, but..
This is not Godavari! - Save me!
Please save me, advocate sir!
Save her!
This is not Godavari!
Godavari! - l will go crazy!
lt has been four hours! Four hours!
Baliya has still not come!
lf that stupid Baliya reveals my name to the police..
..they will break my bones!
There is a knock on the window!
lt seems people have stopped entering through the door!
Everybody enters through the window only!
Baliya! Baliya!
Baliya, you have returned! - Yes.
Kiss you!
Did the police free you?
l left the police!
What do you mean?
l escaped from the running ieep!
Nephew, l am not going to spare you!
The inspector was dragging me out of here..
..and you were asking him to take me away!
But what could l do? Think about me!
l thought that the diamond thief girl was caught..
..but instead, you came wearing a sari!
Balu's mother! Balus' mother!
And uncle started calling out, Godavari! Godavari!
l found out today that your mother and uncle..
..are having an affair!
Brother! - Sorry, sorry, sorry!
l am feeling giddy! Baliya, l have a splitting headache!
First tell me! - Yes?
You had gone out with the box of diamonds. - Yes.
Did you courier it to Dilip?
How would l do it?
Wearing the sari l tried to iump over the wall and l fell down!
The constable saw me and whistled!
He ran after me!
So l threw the box of sweets into the garbage bin.
What did you do?
ldiot! - Yes?
You threw the box of diamonds into garbage bin? - Yes.
Why are you sitting here, fatso?
Go and bring it back!
Not possible! - Why?
The municipality workers took away the garbage bin!
Oh, Baliya! Diamonds worth 50 Iakh went down the drain!
Along with that 1l2 kilo sweets also!
You glutton, why are you worried about sweets?
We will go crazy!
Dilip has gone crazy; now it is my turn!
What will happen? - Baliya! - Yes?
Mani is not ready to talk to me!
l have been trying to call her.
She bangs the phone down on hearing my voice!
l made a mistake! l made a mistake!
l think this mistake of one night will prevent my marriage!
What are you saying?
ln fact, the mistake of one night forces you to get married!
ldiot, it's not like that! - So?
Mistake means we allowed that thief, Sonal Paropkari.. enter our house. - Yes.
We not only let her in, but we had a discussion with her..
..for half an hour! - Yes.
We had a discussion and we gave her advice to take a new slate!
And instead of handing her over to the police, we let her off!
l am going to face problems!
Brother, l suggest you should marry Sonal!
What are you saying? - So?
Should l get married to that diamond thief?
No! - Huh!
l will marry Mani and no one else!
But brother.. - l have still not agreed to marry you!
Mani! Mani! My darling! l was talking about you only!
Mani, l was thinking about you only!
lt's good that you have come.
l have come to tell you to marry that sales girl.
Look! She too says the same! - Shut up!
Mani, don't say like this!
l love you only! Really!
Look! Look into my eyes! You can see your name!
lf you slit my heart, you will see your papa's name!
Sorry; Mani, l am ready to give a test by fire for your sake!
Balu! - Yes? - Turn on the gas.
Lalu, sit on the gas!
Sit on the gas? This is really a test by fire!
l won't! l don't want to give any test by fire!
Mani, if you suspect me, then do not marry me!
No! l will marry you only!
Nephew! Nephew!
Did you get Balu's mother freed from the police custody?
Uncle, Baliya only got her released! - What?! - What?!
Call Godavari! Call her immediately! Where is she?
Uncle, mother went back to the village!
How can Godavari go back without showing her face?
Face! - This problem came up because of showing face!
Go inside!
What problem? What is he saying? Where is Godavari?
Uncle, calm down! You keep asking for Godavari!
Does this look good at your age?
l am not asking.. - Forget about Godavari and look at her!
Look, who is this?
Who is she?
She? - Yes.
Sa.. - You keep chanting Godavari, so l said Sabarmati.
Who is she?
She is Mona Lisa. - What?
Manisha. - What?
Manisha Mashruwala.
Uncle, hadn't l told you who she is?
Ouch! - Sorry.
She is the girl l have chosen.
This one? - Yes.
l will have to take this girl's interview.
No! l will take your interview.
What is she saying? - One minute, Mani; you shouldn't do that.
Sit here. He is my elder. - Ok.
Yes. Tell me one thing.
Can you make tomatoes and gram flour curry?
No; can you make it?
l know how to eat it! - Me too! Same to same!
But uncle, let me tell you. Her maidservant.. - Yes?
She makes such delicious curry of tomatoes and gram flour..
.that you will be licking the fingers!
What are you saying?
Not her fingers; your own! - Keep quiet!
Do you know how to drape a sari?
No; but.. - l don't know how to do it!
But uncle, let me tell you how her maidservant drapes the sari!
She drapes it in Bengali style! In Madrasi style!
Sometimes in this manner.. - Keep quiet! Don't interrupt!
Do you go to a temple?
No, but.. - The maidservant goes to temple everyday!
At 6 o'clock in the morning.. - Keep quiet!
Marry her maidservant instead of her!
What are you saying? - Shut up!
What is the age? - 50 years. Are you interested?
Why is she giving weird answers?
One minute. - No, no. no.
One minute. - No, no.
Uncle! Uncle, calm down.
But.. - There is a technique of asking questions to her.
What technique.. - Just watch. Watch me.
l will ask her; iust watch and listen to her answers. - Ok?
Mani darling! - Yes?
Listen - Yes.
After we get married, you will not do any housework.
No; l will do all the housework.
Did you hear that?
Mani, you will not take care of uncle.
No; l will take very good care of uncle!
That's it! - What is going on?
Now you must give consent!
No, no; it's your wish if you want to fall into a pit with open eyes!
But l refuse to give consent!
That means he gives consent!
O God! This girl is an idiot! An idiot!
l can't stay here any longer! l am going to the temple! - Bye!
Uncle! - Yes?
l love you!
What is she doing?
Mani! Mani! Mani! Look, uncle has given consent. - Yes.
Now, your papa.
Once your papa gives consent, first of all..
..we'll fix 'muhurat' (auspicious time).
Yes; 'muhurat' (auspicious time) for the wedding.
Not the 'muhurat' (auspicious time) for the wedding.
First we will do the 'muhurat' (first clap)..
..for the film; then proceed.
What? - Sorry.
Lalu, first you will have to propose to me with a ring.
With a ring? - Yes.
But l don't have a ring. - l have one.
Really? - Look.
Balu! Balu!
What is it, brother?
Baliya! - Yes?
Mani will give me a ring; l will propose to her. - Really?!
You will clap, ok? - Yes, l will! l will!
Mani, this is the wrong finger. Wrong finger.
No problem! - Huh!
The ring is also fake! - Huh? - Shut up!
Many returns of the day!
My heart sings repeatedly!
May you live.. - What are you saying?
What are you singing, you idiot?
Repeat.. - Should you sing many returns of the day..
..on such an occasion?
Oh, sorry.
lf this day returns many times, a man will be ruined!
Brother! Have fun! Have fun! Have fun!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Have fun! Have fun! Have fun!
Have fun.. - Idiot!
Have fun! - Shut up!
What are you doing? What is going on?
Practice! Uncle, they are practicing the nuptial rounds!
Uncle, the ring! - Huh!
Mani has given me a ring.. and Mani has proposed to me.
You idiot! What is this?
How many girls do you want to flirt with? - What!
You are having an affair with one..
..and you are going to marry another girl!
Will you be going on honeymoon with third girl?
Lalu, is this man crazy? - Hey!
Uncle, what are you saying?
ln her presence you are saying all this.. - Shut up!
But.. did you go to drink liquor..
..under the pretext of going to a temple?
l will beat you!
Did you ditch the poor girl because you found a rich girl?
Poor? Which poor girl have l ditched?
Poor Ganga!
Who is this Ganga?
l don't know! - Yes.
Who is poor Ganga? - Who is poor Ganga? Just wait!
l will show you!
l really don't know! - What?
Ganga dear! Dear, come in! Come in!
Come in!
Come. Come in.
Careful! Careful! Careful!
Uncle! - Yes?
Where did you bump into her?
Why? You don't know her, right?
Uncle, uncle, she is not poor Ganga; she is robber Ganga!
Shut up!
Dear! This is my husband's voice!
Yes, dear. - Where is he? - Here.
Where is my husband? - Dear, not there!
Dear! - l am Balu! Balu!
Your husband is over here. Here.
Lalii! Lalii!
She is hurting me!
Lalu, she is that soap vendor!
She is not soap-seller! She is lottery vendor!
Lottery?! - This villain promised to marry her and then ditched her!
The poor girl sells lottery tickets on the stairs of the temple.. sustain herself! - O God!
Buy it! Buy it! Buy the Bhutan Bumper Lottery! You witch!
, Please! Please, Mani don't listen to her!
She is fraud! - You are fraud; not she!
O my God!
Sister! Sister, you may marry him without hesitation.
l am ready to live unobtrusively in your house as the second wife.
Second wife?
Lalu! Lalu, you are not Lalit! You are a ghoul!
Please don't say that! Don't call me a ghoul!
Darling, call me a 'dalit' (oppressed) if you want!
What! - At least l will get a chance in the reserved quota!
Shut up! l hate you! - Ouch!
Stop her! Stop her, Baliya! - Mani!
Mani! Mani, listen.. - Keep quiet!
Why are you shouting money, money!
Your greed for money has blinded you.. you are ready to ruin the life of this blind girl!
Shut up, uncle!
Uncle, she is not blind! You have become blind! - What?
You have lost your mind! - What are you saying?!
You scoundrel, control your tongue or else l will beat you!
No, uncle! No!
Ouch! - Careful, dear! Careful! Careful!
She can see but still she is pretending!
Uncle! - Yes?
This man is a scoundrel! But still he is my husband. - Yes, yes, dear.
l cannot bear to see him being insulted!
She cannot bear to see! - Look!
Did you hear? - What?
What did she say? - What did she say?
l cannot bear to see the insult! - So?
The fraud has been caught! - Huh?
What is there to see if she is blind? - Huh?
Tell me what she has to see?
Times are bad, uncle! Times are very bad! - Dear!
Do you doubt my blindness? - Look, dear..
Uncle! - Yes? - Just come here!
Slowly, dear! Slowly! - Follow me! - Slowly! Slowly!
Why are you clutching your Ioin cloth and running?
Leave it, l say! - Ok, ok.
Not the loin cloth; leave her hand! - Shut up!
Uncle! Uncle, can you see this flower pot?
Yes, yes, dear, l can see it. l can see it.
l cannot see it!
What are you saying, dear? - O God!
Did you see? This poor girl is blind; she cannot see these flowers!
How do l convince you?
Look here! She is poking me! She is poking me!
Uncle! - Now she is denying it!
Uncle! - Yes?
You do not know this girl!
Earlier when she had come, she was a stockist! A stockist!
And she had brought a fruit; a custard apple.
There was a bomb in the custard apple!
What are you saying? - Do not eat any fruit that she offers to you.. will explode in your stomach!
Keep quiet! - Uncle!
You fraud! l am fed up of you now!
Get out! Get out of my house!
l say, out!
You stupid! What are you doing?
Should you push this Blind girl like this?
Dear! - Uncle! - Oh!
A miracle has happened, uncle! - What happened?
Due to his affectionate push, my eyesight has been restored!
What are you saying?!
l can see everything, uncle! l can see everything!
Hail God! Hail God!
She will ruin me! She will ruin me!
Uncle, people fall blindly in love! - Yes, dear.
But l? l have regained my eyesight in love!
lt's God's grace! - l do not need this! - Yes.
Thank you, dear! Thank you!
Please! Please leave my hand!
Hey, keep quiet! If you try to act smart..
..l will tell uncle that you are not a lawyer!
Why are you harassing me? What harm have l done to you?
What do you want?
l will buy all these lottery tickets if you wish, ok?
How much it will be?
Hey stupid, what did you do to her?
What have l done? l had put my hand in my pocket!
So what.. - Uncle! Uncle he wants to get me out of his path.. offering me money!
What?! - l haven't done anything!
He is bribing me in love! He is bribing me!
Nephew! Nephew, l will shoot you!
No, uncle! Do you want to make me a widow even before marriage?
No, dear, no! - O God of Death, l beg for the life of my husband..
..iust like Savitri had done!
Wow! Very good, dear! Very good!
Uncle, why are you praising her?
She is saying that you are God of Death!
l don't mind!
l have been impressed by this girl's love!
Then go ahead and marry her!
Oh! - What are you saying, you scoundrel!
Listen carefully! You will have to marry this girl only!
l won't! l love Mani.
So you love money, isn't it?
lf you love money so much, then l will go and rob houses, ok?
Look at her, you scoundrel! She is ready to steal for your sake!
She is already a thief! - Keep quiet!
This girl is a gem of a person! - Gem!
Uncle, give us your blessings! - May you be happy, dear!
And put some sense into this worthless boy!
That is why l have come here.
Brother! Mani slapped me!
Oh! Brother! - Yes?
My eyesight has been restored! - What?!
And my alliance with Lalit has been fixed!
ln such a short time?!
Baliya! Baliya, start preparations for their wedding! - Oh!
Uncle, not like that! - What?
First ask him! - What?
To put the ring on my finger in your presence.
Wow, dear! Very good! Very good!
No! - Idiot, what are you waiting for?
Put the ring on her finger!
This is gold ring; l won't put it on her finger!
Are you going to do it or shall l do it?
How can you do it? - Put it on her finger!
Here, take it, you cheat! - Good!
l have lost my ring also!
Finally true love has Been victorious!
Baliya! - Yes?
From now on, Ganga will stay in this house only!
What?! - Yes.
Relish these sweets, darling!
Oh! Baliya! - Brother!
The box of sweets! - No!
Yes, Ramnik! Yes.
My nephew has become a great lawyer.
lnternational advocate!
Why did you call up?
You want to sue your Partner? But why?
He has swindled money?
Oh, he eloped with your wife?
Hey, Ramnik, then he has already been punished!
What is the need to sue him?
Now you can have fun! Put the phone down! Have fun!
Milk! Milk! - Milk?
Fresh milk!
The milkman enters through the window?
Milk! Fresh milk!
Hey, mister, through the window..
Milk! Fresh, fresh..
Fresh, fresh milk!
Dilip, what is this?
You stopped the diamond business and started selling milk!
Yes. - Why?
Uncle, you know! - Yes?
My buffalo has swallowed diamonds!
lt gives milk but not the diamonds!
So l have started this business.
But why did you enter through the window?
My creditors keep 24-hours watch outside my house.
That is why l enter and exit through the window.
Uncle, what do l tell you?
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!
All days are unlucky for me!
Rumours are making rounds in Pancharatna..
..that Dilip has declared bankruptcy!
Dilip has declared bankruptcy!
Uncle, l have been receiving threatening phone calls!
l am fed up!
Can you suggest a way out of this?
Dilip, do one thing. - What?
Let each of your creditors take care of your buffalo for one day.
What! - Yes. And explain to them that according to their luck..
..the buffalo will give them!
Leave the rest to God!
Wow! Uncle, what an idea!
Entrust the buffalo to them! - Give it to them!
Thank you, thank you, uncle!
Uncle! - Yes?
You are not uncle; you are uncle Shakuni!
Well.. what are you saying, You idiot?
Scoundrel! Stupid! Worthless!
Baliya! Baliya! Baliya!
Where is he? Where is Balu?
ldiot! Why are you moving about half-naked?
Do you want to go to the court wearing a towel?
Where, tennis court? - What?!
Oh, court!
Adiournment after adiournment!
Adiournment after adiournment! - Yes.
Obiection, Milord! - What are you doing?
Uncle, forget the court; l cannot even step out of the house!
Why? - l don't know! Not even one of my pants is in the cupboard!
What! - Someone has taken off all the buttons of my shirts!
What! - l can't find my shoes! How do l go out? - What!
l don't know who has done this? - What's this?
l have done it, dear!
You.. - Ganga dear! Should you do this?
Uncle, it's because that will give me a chance to serve him!
Oh, wow! Very good! Wonde_ul!
Uncle, don't spoil her by praising her!
Dear, my place is at your feet. - Look!
lf you sit on the sofa, l will sit on a stool.
lf you sit on a stool, l will sit on the floor.
Suppose l dig a pit and sit inside, where will you go?
l will throw soil over the pit and bury you!
You got a fitting reply!
What's this.. - Come on! Don't you want to get ready? - Yes.
Your shoes are in the cupboard.
Listen to her! The shoes are in the cupboard!
You see? How she is taking care of you?
l suggest, marry her right now!
She will sew buttons on your shirt for the rest of your life!
Uncle, if l marry her, l will remain without a shirt!
Go on! You young people carry on with lovers' tiff!
Carry on with your love-talk!
What love-talk? - Carry on with your love-talk!
You.. l will.. - O God!
Give it!
Hey, what's this? Only one shoe? - Yes.
Where is the other one?
ln the bathroom; l have hidden it over the tank.
Over the tank! Why are you harassing me?
And where are my trousers?
Under the mattress!
Under the mattress? - Yes.
And the shirt?
l have hidden it inside The pillow cover!
O God! You keep on hiding everything because you are a thief! - Of course!
Please do me one favour. - What?
Please do not hide the towel. - Why?
Otherwise l won't be able to come out of the room to complain! - Ok.
l am fed up of you! l am fed up!
Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!
l am the soap vendor!
What? Is Lalu going to meet you today?
But he is still sleeping!
Last night he could not sleep much.. until 3 o'clock.
We were playing hide and seek.. you know what l mean?
Hello! Hello!
She does not let him go!
Hey, who was it on the phone?
Jaggu. Jaggu Batli. - Oh!
Jaggu Batli? Really?
He is missing me very much.
l told him to come here to stay!
You fraud, what is your intention? - Huh!
Do you want to turn my house into a robbers' den?
Wow! Good idea! - Stop it!
l say get out of the house, or else! - Or else what?
Or else l will commit suicide! Suicide!
The best auspicious time is after 15 days.
Well! - For committing suicide?
ldiot, for your wedding!
For me both are one and the same! - Keep quiet!
Dear, don't worry. Let your father come here.
Then we will fix your wedding. - Ok, uncle.
Uncle, have you invited her father to come here?
Hey, ill-mannered boy!
Don't you feel ashamed of talking with disrespect..
..about your father-in-law?
Uncle, you do not know!
You don't know what her father does! - l know everything.
He is a saintly man!
He is a great man!
He runs a coaching class. - Yes, uncle.
But ask me about what classes he is running!
l don't want to know!
Come on! The senior sir has come!
He has come! Call him! Call the inspector immediately!
lt's not inspector sir! Paropkari sir has come!
He is calling Paropkari sir as the senior sir!
May God bless everybody! He should start with me!
Welcome, welcome, sir! l was waiting for you only. Welcome!
l do not make rich people wait for too long.
l go to them in the middle of the night if the need arises!
Yes. - Even in the middle of the night?
Yes; his work starts at midnight only!
Keep quiet!
l feel blessed on meeting you! Truly blessed! - Really?
Give me a hug! - Really?
Yes. - Wow!
Uncle! Uncle, your wallet is gone! - Oh!
Your wallet is gone! - Keep quiet, you idiot!
Sir! Sir, l seek your Ganga's hand in marriage for my nephew.
Ganga! Who is Ganga? - It's me, Dadu!
Dadu, it's me. - Ok, ok.
He wants to make you his relative. - Yes.
What?! Does he want to make me a relative..
..or wants to exploit me? - Huh!
lt's.. - l would never marry off my daughter to this beggar!
Thank you, Dadu! Thank you very much!
For the first time you talked of something beneficiary to me!
Everything is cancelled! Your father has refused; it's over.
ldiot, why don't you understand?
You will never find another gem of a girl like her! - Yes.
That is what l am telling you!
lnquiries for my daughter are coming from the diamond market!
Wow! Wonde_ul!
Why are you feeling elated! Ask him about the kind of inquiries!
l don't want to know anything! Keep quiet!
Quiet! Shut up!
Sir, let me tell you honestly.
You have trained your daughter very well! - Yes.
Her hands have got magic in them!
The whole day she keeps cleaning the house!
Cleaning in day time and cleaning off in the night!
Keep quiet!
Hey! - Keep quiet!
What is he saying? What is the crazy man saying?
l will never marry off my daughter with this crazy man!
Dadu, Dadu, l will accept a crazy husband! - What!
Yes, you will accept a crazy husband!
You will accept a lame husband!
But l will not accept this girl! - Quiet! Keep quiet!
Hey! You are reiecting my daughter..
..but what qualifications do you have?
Forget about my qualifications; what are your daughter's good qualities?
My daughter's hands are skilled in handicraft! - Oh!
Do you have any good qualities?
But ask me what craft it is!
Don't inte_ere! Sit quietly!
Sir! Sir! Sir, you are a great man!
Please show forgiveness! Please don't talk like this!
lf you wish, l will place my coat at your feet!
What will it fetch?
lf you wish, l will place my loin cloth at your feet!
Forget it! You will Iook embarrassing!
The status of your family is nothing compared to mine!
Sir, don't worry. l will make all out effort.. reach the level of your family status!
Forget it, uncle! Don't make the effort!
lf you reach his level.. - Oh!
You will go to iail! - Keep quiet!
Dear, please!
Dadu! Dadu, why are you behaving like this?
Look, Dadu, please give consent for the wedding.
You will get back the diamonds worth 50 lakh..
..only if l marry this man,
Really? - Yes.
Confirmed. - What?!
My daughter is yours!
Really! Wonde_ul! Wonde_ul!
l feel really blessed! l am very fortunate!
But sir, let me make a clarification. - Yes?
l love my daughter very much. - Ok, ok. - Yes.
l cannot live without her. - Yes.
So l will also come to live here.
lt's my good fortune, sir! It's my good fortune!
That will give me a chance to be with you!
And l will also go with you to do.. social service!
Sure, sure; l will teach it to you within two days.
He will teach you! - Keep quiet! Confirmed; everything is fixed.
Now accept this 1 1l4 rupee as auspicious gift.
What are you saying? 1 1l4 rupee? - Yes.
Do you think l am a beggar? - Huh!
You should give 1001 .
Sir, keep my wallet; everything is fixed.
Uncle, please listen to me, l don't..
For the first time l earned without lifting a finger!
All of you listen carefully!
Uncle, no matter how much you force me..
..but l am not going to marry this girl, and that's final!
Hey! Quiet!
Hey, dear, what happened? - What?
What happened? What happened?
Hey, she is feeling nauseous!
Stupid! What have you done?
What have l done? l am standing here!
Hey, is she feeling sick for no reason?
She is feeling sick!
She ate two platefuls of curry and bread in the morning! - Shut up!
ln the morning?
There is good news, Dadu! Good news!
Good news! Wow!
Good news?
Brother, arrange for immediate wedding!
Not immediate wedding, now get ready to rock the cradle!
The cradle! O God!
Enough? Enough? - Yes.
Thank God! - Do this now.
O God! - Yes.
Now press this one.
lt's good that God has given only two legs!
Dadu! Dadu!
Why are you harassing me?
Why is your daughter after me?
l don't know about her. - Ok.
But keep one thing in mind.. give me diamonds worth 50 lakh..
..then l will leave this place along with my daughter.
And listen, l will take the police off your back.
Really? - Yes.
But Dadu, listen to me.
Let us make a deal. - Ok.
Diamonds worth 50 lakh.. l do not have diamonds worth 50 lakh.
Your daughter has them; go and ask her.
Don't you know how stubborn Sonal is?
She will not hand over the diamonds to me until she weds you.
So for the sake of diamonds, you'll have to take the nuptial rounds!
ls there any compulsion?
Have you, father and daughter decided that l must wed her?
Dadu, let me tell you that l am very angry now, and l..
..l will squeeze your neck!
What are you doing?
Hey, what are you doing?
Leave my neck! Hey!
He wants to strangle me!
No, no! - Oh, so first it was theft and now it is murder?
l will do your encounter directly!
Wait there! - l will kill you! Get up!
Please listen to me! - Wait! Come here!
l cannot run any more!
Stop! Stop!
Please! Please! Please! Stop it! Stop it!
How much can a man run? How much can he run?
Now provide me with a runner.
You scoundrel! Tell me where is that old woman?
Which old woman?
Godavari is troubling me too much!
Godavari! Godavari died.
Stupid, the old woman died like this!
She iumped from the running jeep and escaped!
Why didn't you iump after her?
Hey, idiot! The government pays us to ride in the jeep..
..and not for iumping from running jeep!
O' God!
Call her! Call her before me!
But how do l call Godavari?
Shut up! l know that you are hiding her in your bedroom!
ln my.. no, not in my bedroom.
No? l found her blouse under your bedroom window.
Godavari's blouse!
l will strangle you with this!
Call her! Call her immediately!
lnspector! - She won't come. Godavari won't come out.
Why won't she come out?
How can she come out without the blouse?
lnspector! Let it be, inspector; let it be!
My daughter will deal with him. - What!
Because my daughter's wedding is fixed with him.
Sir, what are you saying? Very good! Very good!
Sir, you are really a great social worker!
But do beware of him! He is a very big criminal.
l am a criminal! - Give me the blouse!
But let it be.. - Give me the blouse!
Poor Godavari's modesty will be violated! Let it be!
l will kick you! Give me the blouse!
Well, sir! Jai Hind! - Jai Hind!
O God! Why..
Did you see? Laliya, listen carefully!
l want 50 lakh rupees tomorrow!
Or else l will thrash you!
50 lakh!
From where do l get diamonds worth 50 lakh? 50 lakh!
Nephew! - Hey!
You idiot! Come here! Come here, you idiot!
You.. you.. - What?
ldiot! - What?
You took off the blouse and hung it outside my bedroom window!
What! - The inspector came with the blouse and asked to see Godavari!
You have put me into even deeper trouble!
Nephew, there is only one way out of this.
What? - Either marry Sonal or arrange for 50 lakh!
From where do l get 50 lakh?
Get a loan from the bank.
lf you want to borrow from the bank.. have to show them income tax returns. - What!
Baliya, l don't have even an ordinary return ticket of a train!
O God! From where will we arrange the money?
That is what l am wondering! 50 lakh!
My life is in danger if l do not have 50 lakh.
On one side there is the inspector..
..on the other side there is Dadu..
..and on the third side, that one.. - That one.
Yes, Baliya! - Huh!
There is a solution.
Of Sonal?
No. - So?
We will have to do kidnapping! Abduction! - Abduction!
l will have to stage my own kidnapping! - What?!
lt is the easiest thing. - What?!
Baliya, l have a fantastic idea! - But..
lt's an idea like a super hit Hindi film.
What is it?
l will stage my own kidnapping. - Ok.
And then demand 50 lakh rupees as ransom from uncle.
Nephew, what are you saying?
Don't say nephew! - What?
Anna! - Anna?
Say Yeda Anna!
Yeda Anna?
Baliya! - Yes?
Baliya, now l am Yeda Anna. - Yeda Anna?
Yeda Anna will kidnap me and then he will demand ransom. - Wow!
Do you remember we had bought a Madrasi style wig?
Yes, we have it! - Fetch it. - Yes, l will bring it.
That wig will be of use to me.
Madrasi style wig!
Nephew, take this.
Keep watching, Baliya; just keep watching!
Just watch how Lalit fools everybody! - Yes!
What does it mean?
Even l don't know.
Anna Yeda!
Very good, dear! Well done!
You have done superb acting! Hats off to you!
Even l was fooled!
How you acted out nausea!
l was thinking only about the diamonds worth 50 lakh.
But you? You had plans to grab that old man's property!
Dadu, l confess it was acting!
But not for getting a share of the property.
But to win Lalit's heart.
Dadu, l have not come here to deceive Lalit.
l really love him.
And if he agrees, l want to marry him only.
Hey! Are you out of your mind?
Dadu, l was treading the wrong path.
Lalit has shown me the right path.
Keep one thing in mind! l am your mentor, not Lalit!
lf you are the mentor, Lalit is my intended life partner!
Ganga dear, how are you feeling now?
Do you feel like eating sour foods?
l gave her lemonade; now slow down! - Ok, ok.
Dadu! Dadu! Dadu!
Uncle, l was feeling nausea because of acidity. - Huh!
There is nothing else.
Really? It's amazing!
l have already invited Godavari to come to Mumbai with a pram!
Sir, tell me why are you still here?
Haven't you gone out to do social work?
Today l have too much work at home. - Ok.
So l have cancelled it, ok?
What is it?
What happened?- Uncle!
Hey, what happened? - O! My God! - Uncle! Uncle!
Hey, did you play 'holi' (played with colours)?
lt's not colour; it's sauce! - Sauce!
Sauce! - Sauce!
l regret it! Regret! Regret!
For what?
Uncle, l regret that l could not save my nephew! - What do you mean?
What do you mean? - What do you mean?
Uncle! - Yes?
Nephew and l.. nephew and l were coming home..
..when a Madrasi goon surrounded us! - Oh!
Do you think we are fools?
How can one man surround two men?
Uncle, with a chopper in one hand and a gun in the other hand..
..he can surround not iust two, but even 200 people!
Ok, ok, but tell me what happened next?
Then.. then the Madrasi goon put nephew into a sack..
..and kidnapped him!
Whom? - Lalit? - Yes.
Who is.. - 50 lakh!
Uncle, he as demanded 50 Iakh rupees! 50 lakh!
50 lakh!
Tell me who is that Madrasi goon?
Sir! Sir, what are you saying?
You are using such foul language!
To hell with language! - But..
Who was that goon? Tell me his name!
Anna! Yeda Anna!
Yeda Anna.
So a new goon has started operating in Mumbai.
What's this!
Stay here! - Ok.
l will go and check who that goon is?
Sir! Sir! - stop calling me sir! Forget about it!
50 lakh are slipping through the hands..
..yet you are bothering me! - Listen! that's the point!
You only..
Dear, why did he exit through the window?
Uncle, he is a social worker, isn't he?
He would rush through any exit to help people in trouble!
Oh! He should be awarded the Nobel prize!
Leave all that! First inform the police!
No! - What happened?
Do not call the police!
That goon is tapping our phone! - Oh!
He will kill nephew!
He will kill him! O' God, uncle! What shall we do now?
Where will we look for that goon? - How would l know?
He must be coming any moment! - What?!
Uncle, he might come personally to collect money!
Oh! - Ok.
Hey! - He has come!
Who is it? - Who is it?
'Police!' - Oh!
'Open the door! Police!
Oh, it's the police! - Go, go!
l will go and check who it is!
One minute! l am coming!
Hey! Hey what are you doing? - Uncle!
You are pushing an old man!
Who are you?
Anna! Yeda Anna! - Oh! - Who is he?
Wow, brother! Nobody could recognise you! - Shut up!
Don't call me brother! - Huh!
l am Yeda Anna speaking! - What?!
l say l am Yeda Anna! - Oh.
l am very dangerous!
Do l look dangerous or not?
Yes. - Yes, of course.
l want money. - What?
Give me money! Give me money right now!
Look! - l don't have time; l am getting late! - What!
Yeda Anna is in great hurry! Give me money immediately!
l want 50 lakh!
l feel itchy in my head!
The wraparound cloth is rough!
The rikshaw is waiting downstairs with its meter running!
Give me money immediately!
He is speaking in Guiarati! - Yes!
So what? - Huh!
Actually, my mother tongue is Gujarati.
Mother tongue?
Actually, my mother is Guiarati; my tongue is Madrasi. - What!
Yes, l am of mixed lineage. My father married a Gujarati.
Earlier we used to sell coconut water near Kankaria.
But we incurred huge losses in coconut water business.
The people of Ahmedabad used to buy one coconut..
..and the entire family used to share the water!
So l left the coconut business. - Oh.
l left the coconut business, and started the kidnapping business.
l did kidnapping!
Give me! Give me 50!
Or else l will cut off hands and legs and eyes of Lalit..
..and throw them away!
Ok, l will give you!
Give him, give him!
Yes. Here, take 50.
Hey! Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, old man! - 50. 50.
Old man! What are you giving me? - You said 50.
l asked for 50; so are you giving me taxi fare? - No..
l want 50.. hey fatso! Tell him! Tell him how much to give!
Tell him!
Uncle! Uncle, he has asked for 50 lakh rupees! Give him!
50 lakh?! - Yes.
50 lakhs. - Huh!
l want it right now, ok?
Or else l will kill Lalit! Can you see this?
Table! - Stop it! Please!
Please! Please! Don't do anything to Lalit!
Look! - Hey! Talk from a distance!
Huh! - Uncle! - Yes?
Understand? - No.
Even l didn't understand!
l mean Lalit has sent a message for you. - Really?
Message. - Where is it? Show me.
Here it is.
Hey! - Do you know Madrasi?
l had asked him to bring a tape recorder.
Play this. Listen to the message.
You cast such a magic spell!
You cast such a magic spell!
You cast such a magic spell!
Hey, not this!
B side! B side! B side!
Play it! - Ok, l will play it.
l will play it, Anna, l will play it.
l made a mistake. l put the wrong side.
Now listen to the message. - Ok.
Give him! Give him! Give him!
Did you hear it?
Whose voice is it?
Mine. - What?!
l beat him! - Huh!
l beat him! l beat your nephew black and blue.
So he begged to me and spoke.
Give him! Give him! Give him!
Come on! Give me 50 lakh right now!
Uncle, give him! Give him! Don't waste time!
He must be getting late!
ldiot! Are you his man or are you our man?
l am not a man!
Hey uncle! - Yes?
Don't try to act smart, ok?
Hey old man! l will get angry!
Anna's temper is very bad!
Silver Mani! - Yes.
Do you understand? - No.
Shivaii Ganeshan! - Yes.
Raianikant! - Yes.
Kamal Hasan! - Yes.
All of them are scared of me!
lf l lose my temper, then..
Adiournment after adiournment!
Adiournment after adiournment!
Nephew! - Hey!
Free him! Please free nephew! Please free him!
Leave it, idiot! Leave the wraparound!
Go in! - In!
Uncle! - Yes?
l don't have time. - But..
Look! - Yes?
l want 50 lakh right away! Do you understand?
But l.. - Or else l will chop your nephew into pieces..
..and export them!
No, please! - 50 lakh!
Please don't do anything to my husband!
Hey lady, l am not going to marry you! - What?
Nephew said so. - What?
Nephew said that he will not marry you. - Ok.
Quickly hand over 50!
Mister! Mister, please listen to me!
Am l the governor of the Reserve Bank to give it right now?
Where is Lalu?
Oh! Mani!
Mani! - Who is this?
Mani! Mani means Mani Ratnam.
Either give me money or give me ratnam (gems)!
Mani! l will say Mani!
Mani, he is a goon! A goon!
He has kidnapped Lalit! - O God!
Do one thing. Get 50 lakh rupees from your papa.
Then only he will free Lalu, then only we will get married..
..and then only we will have kids. - Oh!
Forget it! Why should l pay money for your marriage?
And if this man releases Lalu, l will get him kidnapped again!
O' God! O' Lord! It's a mess! A big mess!
Lady, please don't do that! - Huh!
Do get married.
Do get married! Lady, do get married!
Yes, l will get married! My papa has chosen NRl boy.
l will marry him only!
No, no, don't do that! Marry Lalu. Please marry Lalu!
Today l have realised that Lalu is a big flirt!
lt's not like that; Lalu is very nice.
Hey soap-seller..
..tell Lalu that l want all my presents back! - O' God!
Go and complain to the police about Lalu. - No.
No! l will not complaint against Lalu!
O' God! O' God! It's not like that! Lalu is very nice!
Do marry Lalu! He has small children. He has small children.
Hey! - Small.. hey, hurry up! - Huh!
There will be a problem. l have to pay money!
Money! - Give me 50 lakh.
50 lakh is too much. Quote a reasonable amount!
What is reasonable? Ok, ok, l will settle for 49.
We don't have that much budget!
Ok, then you quote the figure!
Zero! - Zero! - Zero?
Lalu has refused to marry you, isn't it?
l am not going to pay single penny for his sake!
Go and tell him!
O' God! What kind of uncle you are?
What kind of uncle you are?
Don't you care for you nephew? - Why?
What are you doing? Do give something!
Give me taxi fare! The rental money for this!
O God! What's this?
Uncle! - Yes?
l will talk to him. - But dear!
Uncle, l will handle him. - Ok, ok.
Go upstairs.
Ok, ok, dear. But be careful. - l will take care of everything.
l am in my room. - Ok.
Do take care. He is a very dangerous goon. - Ok.
Uncle, l am there. - Ok, ok.
O' God!
Brother goon! - Brother goon!
l am ready to give you diamonds worth 50 lakh..
..instead of 50 lakh cash.
What are you saying? - Yes.
50 lakh? - Yes.
Diamonds? - Yes.
Fetch them! Hand them over immediately, or else..
Your magic spell has worked!
You are my.. my..
50 lakh!
Diamonds worth 50 lakh!
Oh! What's this? Black diamonds?
What! - Black diamonds?
Have you given me coal.. oh, sorry!
The goggles masked my vision!
Ok, l got it!
l got it! l got the goods!
lt is tit for tat! How do you like it?
Did you like it? - What?
Hey, cheat! What are you looking at?
Well, l am Anna! Anna! Yeda Anna!
l am Lalu! Lalu!
How you got fooled! How you got fooled!
Do you think that you are the only smart person?
Do you think that only you know acting?
That only you can deceive people?
Laliya is smarter than you!
Hey! Why are you silent?
What can l say?
l hate myself.
Because you got cheated?
No; because instead of becoming like you..
..l have made you like me.
l adopted your nature but in exchange..
..l changed your nature to become like mine.
Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!
You are repeating dialogues of Gujarati films very well!
Come on; stop it!
All this is not going to impress me in any way, ok?
l have got the goods.
With my cleverness l retrieved the diamonds from you.
Now get out of here!
l am still letting you off because l feel pity for you.
lt's still not too late. Take a new slate, and..
Go away! Go away from here!
1 l will leave. Lalit Antani l will never come back.
l have realised that l was wrong.
After l met you and listened to your talk..
..l started dreaming of a new life.
Unknowingly, l began to love you.
But l realised today.. that you can trust someone without loving..
..but you can never love without trusting someone.
l am leaving.
But l will make a request to you.
lf you do not have the courage to accept..
..then do not advise someone to mend ways.
And anyway, you need to mend your ways.
l had known the moment you entered..
..that you are Lalit and not Yeda Anna!
Stop boasting! You are defeated but won't accept it!
Uncle could not recognise me so how could you?
These shoes!
These shoes belong to Lalit.
O' God!
Keep the diamonds with you!
And here is your ring!
Hello! Hello, Paropkari Coaching Class?
ls Dadu there?
No, l don't want admission!
ls Ganga there?
Ganga, l mean is Sonal there?
Ok. Put the phone down!
Baliya! Baliya!
Hey.. Baliya, what happened? Have you located Ganga?
No, uncle; she is nowhere to be found!
Then go and check at the temple!
Uncle l checked at the temple; she is not there!
So where has this girl gone since morning? And..
What is nephew doing?
Poor fellow is sleeping. - Is he sleeping? - Yes.
Laliya! Hey Laliya, come out!
Don't shout! - Keep quiet, you idiot!
Ganga has left the house!
Really? - Yes.
Thank god! We are free!
What do you mean? She is missing since morning!
Aren't you worried about the girl who saved your life?
You are peacefully sleeping inside!
Could it be that Yeda Anna released you and kidnapped Ganga?
Not possible.
No. - What?
Uncle, Yeda Anna would never do that.
But how do you know?
What's this?
l mean.. uncle, l cannot tell you. - What?
l cannot tell you.
Ok; l will do one thing. - Ok.
l will go to the police station..
..and register a complaint against Yeda Anna.
Hurry up! Hurry up! - No, no, uncle! Don't go!
Let go of me! - l won't let you go!
Police! - Yeda Anna..
Police! - l won't let you go!
Leave me!
Hey, don't shout! - Oh!
l'm already here!
You scoundrel! Look here; l've brought the warrant for you!
For uncle? - Hey!
Not for uncle! For you!
Tell me! Tell me what is your affair with Godavari?
l do not have any affair with Godavari; uncle has. - Hey!
O' God! How many men are having an affair with one woman?
O' God! Sir, l do not know Godavari.
l don't know anything else! l haven't done anything!
Sir, l am innocent!
Your lawyer will have to prove it in the court.
But sir, he is a lawyer! - What!
Yes, yes.
Adiournment after adiournment!
Adiournment after adiournment! Milord!
Shut up! Come, you scoundrel!
Sir, please let me go!
Not at all!
l will not let you go until l find out who stole.. worth 50 lakh! Come on!
Sir, please listen to me!
Come on, you scoundrel! - One minute, inspector!
Let him go.
l have stolen diamonds worth 50 lakh.
Ganga dear, please don't say that!
Why not? Let her speak or else l will be in trouble!
Shut up! - Shut up!
lnspector, you can arrest me. - No, no, no, l got it, dear.
You are lying to save this scoundrel.
Not lies; she is telling the truth!
For the first time in her life she is telling the truth!
Tell them! Tell them!
lnspector, please believe me!
l have stolen diamonds worth 50 lakh.
Lalit is really innocent.
No, no, no! l don't want to listen to anything!
l won't let him go until the diamonds worth 50 lakh..
..are placed in my hands! Come on!
The diamonds are already.. - Come on!
The diamonds, l.. - l don't want to listen..
l have found them! l have found them!
l have got back my diamonds worth 50 lakh! Yes!
What are you saying? How? - Look at this!
Look at this box! - Huh!
lt came to my house through courier!
And what do l see when l open it?
lt contained my diamonds worth 50 lakh! All of it!
What are you saying? Let me see.
O God! These are real diamonds! - Yes.
Oh! So the whole issue is sorted out!
Whose encounter should l do now?
Do it for his buffalo! It has swallowed his diamonds! Go!
Bright idea! Hey, buffalo, wait there! Jai Hind!
No, no! My business of milk will be ruined!
Well, it's over!
Finally, the diamond issue is over!
But Ganga dear, what have you done?
Were you ready to accept the blame for the theft.. save this idiot?
Praise to you, dear! Praise to you!
Uncle, please forgive me.
You too.
Uncle, l am going.
Wait! Wait, dear! Wait!
Not you, but this deceiver has to seek forgiveness!
l? l am a deceiver?!
You idiot, you are the greatest deceiver!
Last night l overheard the fighting between you two!
What?! - Yes, and l realised..
..that you had disguised as Yeda Anna!
Really? - Yes.
How did you like my acting? - Shut up!
You have deceived me even more than this girl did!
Uncle, how have l deceived you? - How?
Show me! Where is your degree of law?
Put it in my hands! Show me!
Then say so! The degree of law is..
l.. l mean the degree of law.. l gave it to Balu..
lt's in the pocket of pants.. - Enough! Enough!
That's enough! That's enough!
That's it! Apart from telling lies,.. have no other qualification to become a lawyer!
But uncle, that is considered the main qualification!
Keep quiet!
l know the real facts about you, ok?
What facts? - What facts?
This is your true face!
O' my God!
Uncle, how did you know about this?
l know everything, ok?
l know everything about your misdeeds!
l have already inquired at the Iaw college! l know everything!
l was going to shoot you, ok?
l.. l met this girl and in her eyes l saw true love for you..
..and it saved you.
ldiot, it saved you!
What are you waiting for?
Your life was spared because of her!
Thank her, you idiot! Thank her!
My life was spared because of her? - Yes.
Uncle, l am half-dead because of her! - Shut up!
She has..
Say thank you to her. Say thank you.
To her? - Yes.
Bad times! These are really bad times!
Do l have to thank her?
Thank you! - Yes.
You met me here; don't meet me up there, ok?
Uncle, l am leaving.
Dear, listen to me. l suggest you also stay here only!
No, uncle; l am getting married today.
Yes. - Oh!
Whom have you lured?
With Jaggu Batli.
Jaggu Batli?
Sonal.. do you want to ruin your life by marrying that drunkard?
No, Sonal, no! Don't do this!
Look, it's still not too late! You still have time.
Life can be started any time!
Take a new slate and.. why am l giving her advice?
Go away! Do whatever you want!
Uncle, good-bye.
One minute. One minute.
What do you mean by saying good-bye?
What do you mean by saying good-bye?
You enter and leave the house as and when you like!
Do you think this is a public garden?
l will not allow you to leave!
Uncle, this girl has harassed me a lot!
l will not allow you to Ieave the house, ok?
What are you saying?
She must be punished! - What!
This girl must be punished! Life imprisonment!
Nephew! - l will punish her with life imprisonment!
Sonal.. life imprisonment.
Will you put on this ring?
Sonal, will you marry me?
Please, do not refuse!
Dear! Dear, what are you waiting for?
Accept it, dear! Accept it!
No! l have a condition.
What.. what?
Only if you give Lalu a chance to become the hero in films.
Dear, l will agree to all your conditions if you give consent.
Will you make me a hero in a film?
Yes, yes! - Uncle, please put on this ring!
Hey! - Sorry.
l agree. l agree.
This idiot will be the hero of the film and you will be the heroine!
Uncle, you will be the villain!
No! Not the villain, stupid! l will produce the entire film!
The shooting will take place in Switzerland!
What name shall we give to the movie?
Mistake of One Night!
No! Forget it, idiot! It will get stuck with the censor!
No, the name of the movie will be..
..Carry on Lalu!
O' beloved! O' beloved!
O' beloved! O' beloved!