The Four Diamonds Fund - Memories & Milestones - Penn State Hershey Medical Center

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Charles Millard: They did some very aggressive things at Hershey, but it was, you know, one
of those brushfire things out of control, and there was nothing they could do.
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Dr. Cheston Berlin: Well, I took care of that young man, the Millard boy when he was diagnosed
with his cancer, which was, unfortunately, a very aggressive cancer.
Charles Millard: The day he died we got his doctor and business person in the hospital
and said we want to start something that will relieve the financial burden of families that
have a child with cancer.
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Dr. Cheston Berlin: Not only did the Millard family move on this, but D. Lee Backenstose
was very important in setting this up. Dr. Backenstose was a family physician here, and
he's the one that was able to establish all of the, the, the funding mechanism and where
the money would go, and, and what it would support, not just for taking care of children
but also for the support services, like social service and research and the professorship,
the Four Diamond professorship.
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Dr. Cheston Berlin: And I think that this has given a lot of identity to this place,
particularly among young people because almost every high school in the area has mini THONS
that raise for Four Diamonds, and I think that's an extraordinary institution.
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THON is a remarkable endeavor, and I believe it is the single most important thing that
happens at Penn State.
There is absolutely nothing I'm more proud of than THON.
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Charles Millard: To see all of that energy and emotion and, and dedication and love and,
you know, have you ever been to a THON?
It's outstanding. There's nothing like it.
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Charles Millard: We worked hard in the early days to get the fund going, you know,
but it was Penn State students in 1977 when they took us on,
and they're the ones that really put life into the fund.
[background noise] [music] And it goes, of course, for such a wonderful cause.
Dr. Barbara Miller: The Four Diamonds Fund has been very supportive of the research efforts
at Children's Hospital. The Four Diamonds Fund has funded the Four Diamonds Pediatric
Cancer Institute, and as part of this Institute, we have several endowed chairs which allow
individuals in those chairs to perform state-of-the-art nationally-funded research.
And this guaranteed base of income allows me to take chances with my research, to look
in new directions, explore new ideas, and it's this sort of thing which will allow the
development of new cures.
Charles Millard: I had one young boy last year nearly sent me to the floor in tears,
but he came up to me, and he said, "Hi. My name is Mark someone."
He said, "I'm alive because of you."
I thought that's pretty heavy stuff, buster.
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What a remarkable thing that has been for our students year after year to raise millions
of dollars to support children with cancer at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center and
their families.
That's something that Milton Hershey would have loved to have seen.
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