Lego Star Wars - Christmas Special

Uploaded by AlNickelsFilms on 24.12.2009

So, what are you doing for Christmas?
I actually have four days leave. I'm going to head home.
That's great! Where's home?
Ohhh, now what?
There's been a lot of unusual activity today.
Sector 9 is already on high alert.
Well it's about to get worse. Looks like we have an intruder.
This doesn't look good. I'll inform Lord Vader.
This is KZ-914 reporting from control room 7715.
We have confirmation of an intruder in Sector 9.
Thank you trooper. Lord Vader, there's trouble in Sector 9.
Yes, I have felt it.
We have an intruder.
I've got a bad feeling about this.
There's been too much unusual activity already.
I shall dispatch additional men to Sector 9 immediately.
See to it. I want this finished immediately.
No intruders will get out of here alive!
Lord Vader, we have captured the intruder.
He was discovered in Sector 9 exiting his vehicle.
It was a crude, open-hull design.
There was no sign of any communication devices whatsoever.
We were able to confirm with the main tower that he had sent no communication or signals of any kind.
His craft is secured; he has been completely locked down.
Good work troopers.
Tell me, what is your name?
- Why, I'm Santa Claus! - Huh?
What is your mission, Santa Claus?
I am here to spread joy throughout the galaxy!
take the prisoner to the detention center now and prepare for his immediate execution.
I will sign the orders myself.
Woah, woah!
Lord Vader, a moment please...
...perhaps you should reconsider?
Do you not know who this is?
- It's Santa! - SANTA!
Excuse me?
Yes my Lord, Santa Claus.
Once a year Santa travels throughout the galaxy delivering toys to all the good boys and girls.
I don't understand...
...what's his scheme?
There is no scheme sir...
...and no ill intentions whatsoever. He simply delivers toys.
He is
pure goodness.
A-ha! You say he delivers toys do you?
...where are they?
Was he captured with anything else?
Just this sack Lord Vader.
Is this true?
Is what they are saying the truth?
Why, yes my child, every word of it!
I have presents for all the good boys and girls!
Goody, goody goody!
If you will allow me, I have your presents here with me now!
Very well.
Now, let's see here...
...yes, yes! TK-421... is something for you!
Hoo-ray! It's a day-planner!
Now you'll know where you're supposed to be...
...every minute of the day!
And this is for you CS-316!
Wow! Power converters!
Now you won't have to go all the way to Toche Station!
Ha-ha! So long Outer Rim!
And don't think I forgot about you, Captain!
Ahh, a new comm-link!
With Bluetooth!
Well, that was exciting! Now, if you will be so kind, I must be on my way!
...aren't you forgetting someone?
No, no. I don't believe so. TK-421...
No, no, that's...all.
Surely you must have something for me.
It's not as if YOUR LIFE DEPENDS
ON IT or anything!
Oh, ahh, yes, you are correct!
I uhhh...
I do...
...have something for you; it's, it's somewhere in here...
...ah, yes, this is it!
What madness is this?!? Coal? COAL!?!?
Ugh, arrgh, urgh
Merry Christmas to all!
...and Happy Life Day!