How to make a self-contained QuickTime MOV file with captions

Uploaded by AutomaticSync on 22.12.2009

>> Alright this is a short movie on how to embed captions directly
into your QuickTime movie so they are embedded.
Step 1: open your movie asset.
Step 2 is open your caption results you received
from Automatic Sync Technologies.
Open in your QuickTime player.
Step 3: select all the captions.
Use Command-A or Control-A on the PC.
Copy them, Command-C or Control-C.
Then move to your video pane and under the Edit menu you will find
"Add to Movie" and plunk.
That placed the captions there.
Unfortunately the placement is probably not at the correct location,
so you will need to change where that is at.
We go under a QuickTime Pro, Show Movie Properties.
You will be able to edit where text is placed.
Step 1 here note that the video size is 865 by 649.
And if we want the text track below it we will have
to place that at location 649.
Although you could place them on the top as well, if you so choose.
649 -- boom, it re-adjusts the window size and places the captions there.
Then we just move to the beginning of it and do a quick test
and we should see the captions.
Simple enough.
So then basically do a File -> Save As.
Save as Self Encoded Movie.
And we will call this Embedded.
All you need to do is launch this embedded movie
and you will be good to go.
So let's quit out of QuickTime Pro here.
And double click our embedded movie and we should see that launch with captions.
Here we go.