RuneScape Behind the Scenes - Behind the Scenes - BTS#3 - Fish Flingers and Combat's Abilities

Uploaded by runescape on 01.06.2012

Behind the Scenes Fish Flingers and Combat
On this edition of RuneScape Behind The Scenes
Mod Chris L and Mod Hunter
take us into the test servers
for a sneak peek at the Evolution of Combat.
But first, the popular Distraction and Diversion Fish Flingers is back
and has been updated,
So let's delve into what's new.
When you teleport to "Isla Anglerine" for the fishing competition,
you'll have to choose your bait, weights and tackle carefully
in order to catch the rarest RuneScape aquatic life
and take home 1st prize.
You'll notice straight away that fishermen now have their own unique appearances
and are a lot easier to find.
Competitions now take "plaice" every 20 minutes
replacing the previous 90 minute intervals
and you can now claim tickets from fishermen every day.
Competitions are now snappier than ever, lasting 10 minutes,
and the interface is fresher featuring countdown timers, tooltips and simplified fish weighing.
You can even work with your friends to catch bigger fish and net greater rewards.
Luckily, you won't need a bigger boat.
Fishing XP has also been rebalanced and you'll now need
a level 5 tackle box in order to wear your completionist cape.
You can tackle this D&D's new update
and see its list of full features
when it launches on the 6th June.
Behind the Scenes Evolution of Combat
Now it's time for Mod Chris L and Mod Hunter
to show you just some of the range of combat abilities on offer
when the Evolution of Combat launches later this year.
So, here we're about to jump into combat again.
That's a terrible pun, I told him not to say it, there we go.
That's quite a cool ability, we got some movement related stuff so,
you can fly across the map now, well, fly is a bit of an overstatement
but you can move very fast.
Let's just say jump and escape abilities
so you can get out the way of your enemy.
There we go, nice attack to the stomach there,
I think he's bleeding out...
Yeah we've got a few bleed effects at the moment
just a bit of extra damage over time,
a bit like poison but not quite as long lasting.
Yeah, and you'll see here we've got the two handed abilities,
you can see the guy is holding the weapon differently,
he's got more of an aggressive stance over his shoulder.
All of these graphics need a crazy amount of 'anims' for this...
And they all marry up pretty well.
Yeah, like some of these that have just played,
some of the crazy 'anims' that we've got like
this big green wave coming off of your sword as you slash it,
doing huge amounts of damage.
Here's another AoE one...
If there were more enemies around the guy in Dragon,
it would be taking way more damage than you are...
in Castle Wars and whatnot, you can do a load of damage.
Yeah, especially in some of the test squares that we've used in testing
we've got big blocks of NPCs
and we just decimate them all in seconds.
Though they do have a small amount of HP...
There you go, nice kick to the er...
That's the spinney attack someone spotted that on the forums.
I've seen the guys talking about the icons
and someone guessed correctly that that was some sort of whirlwind AoE attack.
I've seen some people posting who were much further off though.
Oh. we're on ranged now, what is he doing...?
He's stunning his target.
I love that because the character crouches down
and hits him in the ankles... There you go.
He was also doing the one that is currently named "Snipe Ray".
He just holds the bow for a long time
before letting go to have a more accurate shot
I love that, it's so simple but the way he lines it up
and he does a dangerous shot doesn't it?
Yeah, it just looks so much different.
Oh, that one's so cool as well...
It's like fire an arrow rain into the sky and it crashes down
on your opponent like an ice barrage for range...
Oh, jumping back...
... saves hiding behind rocks.....
Poor guy's always stunned in these videos.
And now we're back onto magic...
for plenty more stunning...
Keeping at a distance. You don't have to hide cheekily behind walls and whatnot.
He's got his Back To The Future you might have just spotted there.
I think the graphic's guy's a fan too...
And he's now set him on fire....
Poor guy just spends his life stunned.
Yeah, especially with the choker... another stunning attack...
Ah, that was terrible...
Oh... Nothing wrong with breathing fire at your opponent.
So, that was does like a frontal cone,
so, if there was more NPCs or players around,
it spreads it across like a bigger group.
Poor guy's stunned again.
This is why melee loses to mage....
And now he's on fire again.
I think we've got something good coming up, here we go...
Ah yeah, the big... just man on fire.
You'll have seen this plenty in some of the concept work
that we've already shown off but we'll not tell you
what he's actually doing until later videos.
But for now, he's just looking awesome.
A squirrel just in the cross fire.
Oh, there's that attack that goes around corners as well...
I saw that...
If we had multiple NPCs
then it could actually jump around the corners at the moment
but we've only got the one punch bag.
Oh yes, this poor guy.
The one NPC we always test our combat stuff on.
He's got like 10k hit points
and he just goes down every day, all the time.
He's been hit more than anything in game, probably.
Poor guy...
Breathing fire again just doesn't get old...
I think we're about to see a big ultimate attack.
We've got three levels of ability now,
like the basics which unlock the thresholds
which do stuff like interesting damage and bleeds
and then "Ultimates" which I think we're about to see...
Yeah, we're just going to see one of them
but, you won't see any more until some later videos,
which we'll be posting in the coming weeks.
There it is...
That's all from Behind The Scenes this week.
Join us next week when Chris L and Mod Hunter
talk us through combat's buffs and weaknesses
and we'll take a look at the "Crucible".
If you think you know Bounty Hunter,
catch the next video and prepare to think again!