Recipes for a Macrobiotic Diet : Making Miso Soup Macrobiotic Food Recipe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 25.10.2008

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Gale Stolove with Wholly Macro in Fort Lauderdale,
Florida. Today we are going to talk about cooking the macrobiotic way. So the first
dish that we are preparing is Miso soup. Miso soup is very important in macrobiotic there
is three main ingredients that is crucial to mi so soup. One of them is the actual miso
itself this is the miso. The miso has to be dilated in purified water. Our water is filtered.
You dilated it and mix it into the water and we are going to add it to the hot soup at
the very end and it is also very important to turn the soup off the heat off immediately
once you add the miso because the miso has live enzemes that put all kinds of good bacteria
into your system and they don't tolerant heat well. The other important ingredient is Shiitake
mushrooms. These are the dry Shiitake mushrooms and what we are going to do is slice up a
few of these and we are going to drop them into the soup and they need to actually boil
in the soap broth. We have the broth on here and we are going to drop the mushrooms into
the soup. The third ingredient is called wakame and its a sea vegetable it is very high in
minerals, its very high in calcuim, it is very good for your body. You cut up a small
piece of that and you put that into the soup.