Macy's Stars of Dance 2012 - Choreography - DWTS Season 14 Week 3

Uploaded by DanceOn on 04.04.2012


MISHA GABRIEL: The Macy's Stars of Dance is a special
performance that Dancing with the Stars puts on, featuring
different choreographers and different performances,
different styles of dance.
And this is my first time choreographing,
so I'm pretty excited.
TRAVIS WALL: This is my fifth Stars of
Dance dancing in, actually.
I choreographed two of them and this is the third
one I've danced in.
Misha danced in my last Stars of Dance that I did.
And I put him with a bunch of contemporary dancers, and so
he gave me an opportunity and put me with a bunch of hip hop
dancers-- actually, the best hip hop dancers in LA.
KENNY WORMALD: This is kind of the style that we've all been
doing for years, so we're grateful to be able to do it
on the show now.
Because Dancing with the Stars, I don't think, has ever
had anything particularly just this style.
I call it Fred Astaire with Jordans on.
MISHA GABRIEL: We've got a little bit of everything--
little bit of house, little bit of locking, little bit of
popping, little bit of Michael Jackson influence, little bit
of jazz influence.
Just a fusion of all styles, which is kind of how I dance
and the world of dance I've been brought up in.
That's kind of what we're trying to portray.
TRAVIS WALL: Dancing with the Stars is only showcasing one
style of dance, which is ballroom.
And I feel that Stars of Dance is the moment where it can
bring in hip hop, it can bring in contemporary, it can bring
in a ballet company, it can bring in specialty acts that
not necessarily Middle America always sees--
ballroom dancing.
But Dancing with the Stars is the number one dance
television show.
And for them to showcase this on top of the results shows,
which do bring in the number two spot of the week, I think
it's awesome for people to see this kind of dancing.
MISHA GABRIEL: It's like an all-star team of dancers.
You've got Travis Wall, who is my roommate, also a
choreographer I really respect.
You got Bryan Tanaka, you got Nick Bass, you got Kenny
Wormald, the lead star of Footloose.
It's just the all-star team.
TRAVIS WALL: The music is perfect, the choreography is
unbelievable, and especially with the supportive cast we
have, it's literally going to blow people away.