[MBLAQ][ENG SUB] Seungho - Birthday Visit From 2AM's Changmin @ Idol Manager Ep.10

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Now, a surprising guest for celebration has come
[Hallyu Star]
[Woman, Woman]
Real woman?
Does a woman come here?
[Fierce welcoming movement]
[Who is a surprising guest for celebration?]
[Who is a surprising guest for celebration?]
[Who is a surprising guest for celebration?]
It's really amazing
It's very amazing. This is real.
[Seungho's friend, 2AM's Changmin]
[Heading to high quality ballad]
[The best emotion Idol, 2AM]
[2AM's brand-name voice, lead vocal, Changmin]
The only thing I give is this song~
Wow, how did you really come?
It seems you bring a gift becuase you hide something back?!
Even though I haven't given a present to woman well...
I prepared it for Seungho's birthday today [Prepartion a perfume for Seungho's birthday gift]
I wrapped this by myself.
Oh, perfect! [OMG, up to delicate package!]
It took about 30min. to tie this with a ribbon. [it's unskilled, but filled with heart]
[Word play] Is this a perfume 'Homme'?
Yes, for man, homme
(He doesn't know lyrics) Even if love leaves me #%*&@$$~
Who did make him drink!?
Thunder, happy birthday, too!
I misknow it's a birthday party only for Seungho So, I bring only a gift.
(It's OK^^)
Despite your busy schedules, you came here You're doing a musical these days
(La Cage Aux Folles) It was over, not I'm doing a musical these days.
It has finished
You don't get the fact straight
It finished two or three weeks ago.
(insistence) Impressions still lingers in the mind.
'Ah, I did a musical'
They are younger brothers who I really like
I got a call today
It's really awesome
Although I was contacted today, I came here because I heard Seungho called me. [Coming here in spite of his busy schedules and concert practice]
I had a schedule before this [Coming here in spite of his busy schedules and concert practice]
I should go to the concert practicing after this [Coming here in spite of his busy schedules and concert practice]
Thank you so much
(concert) I'll go to Hong Kong tomorrow.
Nevertheless, he came here [A real faithful man, Changmin!]
His loyalty is the best. [A real faithful man, Changmin!]
After getting a call today, you came here immediately.
It looks like Seungho is really beloved brother in your mind.
Who is Seungho to Changmin?
Real man
He is a good man among good, fair, and poor
Oh, he is really nice.
Good man [Expression of high praise!]
Yes, he is really nice. [Expression of high praise!]
(witty) Yes, I'll move the car!
We became intimate in Japan [The chance to be familiar with MBLAQ and 2AM]
What is its opportunity?
We became very close at the Hokkaido concert's after party
We played together all night long.
You hit it off each other.
Even though we say "Let's be in touch next time", or "Let's eat a meal together in Korea" or " Let's meet and play together"
most people are difficult to keep their words because of busy schedules.
most people are difficult to keep their words because of busy schedules. KSR : It's not easy to connect well
But, When I call him suddenly "Seungho, would you have a meal together?" [Despite sudden Chagmin's call, Seungho accepts without any complaint]
Seungho replied "Yes, hyung, I'll go" and he really came in 30min. [Despite sudden Chagmin's call, Seungho accepts without any complaint]
Wow, he is a real man.
In addition, G.O, too. I really like these brothers.
He is my favorite hyung among the relations after becoming singer
Oh, to that extent
We visit each other's waiting room and eat a meal here and there without restraint.
(eating and eating) After that, I became like this.
But, Changmin, do you know < Real Man Project > which Seungho is doing exercise in order to build up his body?
I heard it.
Doesn't his face change a lot?
I'm close with Seungho's training team.
Before the program recording, they asked me "Who does have the most potential?"
I replied "You should never choose Seungho!"
(Yang-god of eating) I said "To select Seungho is to lose"
I said "You'd better avoid Seungho" [Changmin dissuaded trainers from choice of Seungho]
But, they choose Seungho.
How is his looking? Does he change a lot?
Yes, he has lost so much weight. He didn't wear a kind of this. (Devil beanie)
I received it as a birthday gift now.
Ah, really?
They put this on my head because of the devil.
First, they put this(peal hat) on, and then...
Changmin was a senior in exercise.
You built up your body at that time. Then, it returns back, or...? [Changmin had a firm, sexy and muscular body]
What happening? [You seem to be changed a bit]
Peak season at that time, off-season now
This part looks so cool.
Look at his tendon
I know how to show this.
Like this
[These are three dimensional muscles of arm]
Seungho, I can only see your watch.
[It fits well to him]
Gift [It fits well to him]
You took time from your busy schedule, so we can't let you go.
We should use your that time thoroughly.
As you know, there is the speciality of this guy.
The only thing I give is this song~
Please sing a happy birthday song
Before singing, I want to apologize first because my voice condition is not good.
Thank you so much.
It's drizzling today,
a birthday of you whom I love so much
Thinking of you all day long
I've been wondering what I should do.
(full of sense*) I went to a close cosmetic shop (*He changed lyrics fitting to Seungho)
I chose a perfume which I liked
Because there's Seungho with my little heart,
I am so happy in this world
Everyone's standing ovation
[Oppa is cool]
[Despite bad voice condition, he presents the best song]
I think I'll keep singinig for 10 and 20 years [From Changmin to Seungho & Thunder]
I think I'll be loved by many people. [Changmin wants to receive love through song for a long time]
I hope these brothers will be also loved for a long time
I wish there will be much more opportunity like this in the future.
Changmin, thank you. [Feeling hyung's sincerity]
He should leave.
"Even If I Die, I Can't Send You"
"Even If I Die, I Can't Send You" That is my mind
You sing badly even though time has passed!?
You're really frank even though time has passed!
Changmin, thank you so much [Thank you to Changmin for taking time out of his busy schedules]
I'll see him off.
I'll call you
[Embrassed] Yah, watch, watch, watch
It already has broken down.
Good bye!
Good bye!
Seungho-hyung! Did the watch break down?
No, it didn't.
(My gift) Seungho-hyung seems to break the watch.
(End of obsession) Traps!* Misery!* (*Both of them are the titles of movie about obsession)
Look at him
[I'm watching you]
It seems I can't wear other watches, not this, from now on.
It seems I should really wear this watch to shorten strap.
Wear it! Wear it! Wear it!
Oh, it doesn't break down. (Type A's obsession) [Relief after wearing the watch]
I took off it for a moment.
[Heok! What is it?]
We suddenly contacted him today. [They are praising Changmin]
At that time...
I looked at my own reflection in the car right now.
[Becoming another person with a beanie]
I realized why Changmin-hyung said those words.