Joint Task Force Empire Shield

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The New York National Guard has been on duty,
providing key assets and personnel in support to civilian authorities,
and it's called Joint Task Force Empire Shield.
[train sounds]
The mission: homeland security.
The place: New York City.
The boss: Joint Task Force Empire Shield Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Greg Dreisbach.
I think it's a great mission.
I think that we get to, the big thing is, interact with our agency partners.
Every day is something new; it's a challenge.
We get to interact with the public. It's just a great mission overall.
[soldier to Dreisbach] This lady was lost and just got paged.
Providing a highly visible, trained, professional, proactive force.
This mission is obviously a direct result of 9/11
and the terrorist attacks that happened here in New York City.
Joint Task Force Empire Shield is like no other.
New York Air and Army National Guard,
New York Navy Militia, New York Guard,
all working with over 53 law enforcement and civilian agencies.
The recipe for success:
Interaction with the agency partners
so you don't show up on game day and it's the first time when you're at the line of scrimmage
and that's the first time you see each other.
And there's the World Trade Center site right there.
[♪techno music playing♪] That's the Army Today from Soldiers Radio and Television, Washington.
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