[ 2AM ] Trailer 1 : Her Story

Uploaded by 2am on 06.03.2012

(A year and a half since we broke up.... How have you been...?)
The day after the break up? I don't remember...
I mean, come on, how do you live, remembering a love that ended a year and a half ago?
Of course, it hurts all the same. It's not like forgetting is easier once you're old.
Sharing each other's feelings with him gave me a lot of inspiration.
I can't even remember well now.
I cried my eyes out until they were all swollen.
Irrational to the point where I asked myself, 'why am I doing this?'
Isn't it more like feeling a bit better, rather than completely forgetting?
But, but now, as I get older, and go through a couple of break ups and heartbreaks,
I am more frightened of ruining everything rather than of losing my one true love.
I think its being able to pretend that I've forgotten and carrying on with my life, even if I can't forget.
Come to think of it, I had a really hard time.
Or maybe, maybe it's pretending that I'm holding up well.
But then, I think it's a bit foolish.
Relying on past memories just because you feel lonely now, even when you're completely over him.
I think that's bad manners to your past lover.
It's not like you're going to get back together with him if he asks you to.
I wonder if you hurt like me......