Job Hunting Tips : How to Stay Optimistic while Job Hunting

Uploaded by expertvillage on 19.11.2007

Hi! This is Tine Buechler from Business Growth Training and I am here today on behalf of
Expert In this clip we are going to talk about the emotional impact of looking
for work. One of the things that many people who are looking for work, they are looking
for a very specific kind of job. I’m looking for an office job; I’m looking for a manufacturing
job; I’m looking for a sales job; I’m looking for a management job but what they
are not saying is I am looking for a job to be self-employed in commissioned sales. And
when you are looking for work that is exactly what you are doing. You are self-employed
and you are in commissioned sales. You are self-employed because you are determining
what you are going to sell, what are your skills and abilities, what you are going to
sell. You have developed your own marketing materials. Your resume, your cover letter,
references and any other tools you are going to use in your job search. You have to determine
who you are going to sell it to. You have to create a list of prospects. You have to
negotiate with these prospects with the whole purpose of landing a sales interview or job
interview and then once you’ve done that job interview and you’ve done that well,
you need to negotiate the price. So it really is about being self-employed in commissioned
sales. With that though comes a huge emotional impact. A lot of people are frightened about
doing sales especially sales about themselves and so employers want to hire people who are
positive, who are upbeat and who are confident. Often we are not confident about the ability
to sell ourselves and that translates to lack of confidence in our skills. So the key thing
to do; first thing is look at the emotional impact of that looking for a job is having
on you. Look at the emotional impact being self-employed in commissioned sales is having
on you. How is it affecting your self-esteem? How is it affecting your self-confidence?
Your morale? Your motivation? How is your job search affecting you socially and within
your family? All of these things are things to consider before you launch on your job
search because you need to keep track of your emotional thermometer. So the whole process
of job search so that you stay positive, upbeat and confident and therefore, become more easily