YouTube captioning

Uploaded by csdeagles on 03.03.2010

>>A message from California School for the Deaf in Fremont.
The home of 450 Deaf students who rely on captioning 24/7.
>>Rachelle: With the new caption on videos... To see it I feel such a part of it.
I want to watch it all the time. I want more.
>>Angel: I'm overwhelmed with just a feeling of excitement.
>>Chris: Now with the captioning -- Ah! Now I get it! Sometimes I had to go and look at
the lyrics and everything. Now, the caption's right there.
>>Myra: I feel connected with it now. Before, I felt really disconnected, you know, everytime
I want it, I had to look at the lyrics and everything, and now everything's right there. I just push
the button and watch it anytime.
>>Rachelle: I can see the words that they're singing now. Finally I can sign in song.
>>Angel: The captioning will help a lot of people, not just Deaf people. But it'll help people from
other countries. You know, foreign people, Deaf or hearing people and help with their English.
>>Myra: I noticed that now there's captions, you know, all over! And even foreign countries
are setting it up. Like Iceland.
>>Chris: Wow. We can take advantage of this. You know, not only Deaf people, but other
people who don't know English can learn from it.
>>YouTube. We thank you!