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SHEENA DIMATTEO: The Rum Diary dances to the big screen, Glee
finally returns, and Cathy Rigby flies to
Madison Square Garden.
This is Just Dance for October 27, 2011.
Hey, guys.
It's me, Sheena, and I'm here in New York City just in time
for the Halloweekend.
What are you going to be for Halloween?
Keep it legit.
Don't get too scandalous, girls.
Last week, I asked you all what I should be for Halloween
because I had no idea.
And my favorite suggestion was to be a slinky.
So I'm still figuring out the logistics on that one, but I
am pretty flexible, so I have that going for me.
If you're not that into Halloween but you still want
to do something cool this weekend, you can go check out
Johnny Depp's new movie, The Rum Diary, which has a really
cool dance scene in it starring Amber Heard and was
choreographed by Aakomon Jones.
Aakomon is currently in Baton Rouge, Louisiana filming
another movie entitled Pitch Perfect, but we snagged him
just for a second to give us a quick chat
about The Rum Diary.
AAKOMON JONES: The main choreography happened within
one main scene.
And it was a scene where we were in a club environment, so
it had to have this very sweaty, dark, sexy organic
feel to it.
There was choreography involved, but it was the kind
where you choreograph moves not to look choreographed.
How would someone do if there were no cameras on, and they
were just in the middle of the dance floor, hot and sweaty
bodies all around?
And what would that look like?
And what would that feel like?
Go see The Rum Diary on October 28, and you won't be
SHEENA DIMATTEO: Hitting your shelves on DVD and Blu-ray on
November 1, one of my favorite movies from the summer, Crazy,
Stupid, Love.
It's an absolutely adorable comedy,
starring a slew of stars--
Julianne Moore, Steve Carell, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling,
Marisa Tomei, and Kevin Bacon.
The cool thing is, we have a ton of copies of these to give
away, and we want to know your crazy, stupid,
love personal stories.
The juiciest comment below is getting a free copy.
It's like you're Photoshopped.
-Harold and Kumar are at it again on the big screen, but
this time in 3D in A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas.
Things don't go so well when Kumar burns down Harold's
family Christmas tree.
So they have to go on an excursion to New York City to
find a new one, finding trouble at every turn.
Let's now head on over to Craftnation to find now what
Kevin thinks about this holiday treat.
KEVIN CRAFT: What's going on, folks?
How are you feeling out there?
First of all, Harold and Kumar, I'm giving
you the thumbs up.
I can honestly say that I am willing to go spend my $12.79
to go see the movie because I feel that there's a lot of
jokes and punchlines in there.
I like to see white dudes go crazy.
They do stupid stuff.
They go to the next level versus a
black comedy, you know?
White people do things like shooting Santa Claus, faking
like you're gay to get some vajayjay.
You know, an Asian guy calling another Asian guy
cross eyed, and stuff.
I like that type of stuff.
I hope you guys see it, and I will give you an update after
I go see it.
-It's going to be amazing.
-Who are you looking at?
SHEENA DIMATTEO: I gotta hand it to Glee for always leaving
us hanging for more episodes.
All summer, we waited for season three to happen.
And now here we are a few episodes in,
and they go on hiatus.
Well, never fear-- next Tuesday, Glee is
back in full force.
Damian McGinty, Glee Project winner, will be making his
debut on the show as Irish exchange student Rory
Flanagan, who will be staying with Britney.
And word on the street is that she's been confusing him for a
Let's check in with our resident Gleek, Mia, for her
thoughts on the return.
MIA: Hey, guys.
It's Mia, and I am super excited for
the return of Glee.
This week is going to be awesome and definitely much
anticipated after the cliffhanger they left us with
a few weeks ago.
And Blaine is going to probably get the star role in
West Side Story, and that's definitely going to stir up
some drama with Kurt.
So I don't know how all that will work out.
But most of all, I am completely, utterly excited.
And I cannot wait for Damian from The Glee Project to come
on to the show.
And he's going to be a new edition to the Glee family.
He's going to have his own role.
It's going to be awesome.
And I'll see you guys soon.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: For anyone planning on visiting New York
City during the holiday season, you might want to get
tickets for an awesome production of Peter Pan, which
will be flying into Madison Square Garden for a limited
engagement December 14 through 30.
Peter Pan stars Tony nominee Cathy Rigby and will have you
reliving your childhood.
Speaking of that, the Garden of Dreams Foundation held an
exclusive meet and greet with Cathy Rigby and a lucky group
of youngsters appropriately dressed
as pirates and fairies.
Let's head on over to Never Never Land
and see what happened.
CATHY RIGBY: Who likes to read?
CATHY RIGBY: Today I had the most incredible opportunity to
tell children the story of Peter Pan for the Garden of
Dreams that Madison Square Garden is such a
big proponent of.
That's their charity, and we love them.
There's a tremendous amount of dance.
One of the biggest number is called "Ugg-a-Wugg." And Patti
Colombo, who is our choreographer, the two of us
got together quite a few years ago and thought, how can we do
a Stomp sort of number?
And it was before Stomp or any of those shows were really
that popular.
So we have a number that is incredibly physical dances.
It's about an eight-minute number with drumming and
dancing and gymnastics.
Anybody know what else is Never Land?
The crocodile.
Everybody make a crocodile.
Please come see Peter Pan.
I promise you a memory-making experience.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: Filipino singing sensation Charice
stole all of our hearts and proved to us that big voices
can come in small packages, especially with her guest slot
on Glee last season.
Now Charice is hitting the web with her own music video
entitled "Louder." A lot of really cute dancing, and
Charice is really proving to us that she is a pop star in
her own right.
Check out the video, and let us know what
you think about it.
Who needs to know what's going on on Dancing with the Stars?
Check out FYI.
Kingsley and Bobby Newberry are going to give you guys the
scoop on everything that went down on Broadway week.
ABC just premiered their new television series, which is a
fairytale drama series starring Ginnifer Goodwin.
The production design is awesome, the costumes are
absolutely gorgeous, and even the acting is a right on.
I know that it premiered at number one last Sunday, so
congratulations to everyone over there
on the team of Once.
What's really cool is that choreographer Paul Becker has
been working really hard on a Cinderella dance scene that's
going to be premiering in a few episodes.
All right, guys.
That's all I have for you today.
As always, you can like us, favorite us, subscribe to
DanceOn network.
I really hope you have an awesome Halloween.
I gotta go work on my slinky costume.