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Hey, guys.
Welcome to another episode of Drive Clean.
I'm Larry from
And today, we're talking about how to get your car looking
spectacular in under an hour, getting ready
for that car show.
And guess what?
It's all about the word "contrast."
Now this is a beautiful, pearl white Lamborghini
Murcielago LP 640.
That's a mouthful.
But what's really cool about this is it's white, and
there's a little bit of contrast here in this black.
So what I'm going to do is use a little bit of Back-to-Black,
get it on this nice cloth, and rub it in just like this.
Look at that color come right back.
Now the black against this white is really going to give
it q wonderful contrast.
So I put this on.
I let it soak in for about another 10 seconds or so, put
this to the side, then take my microfiber towel and just
lightly dab it off.
And make sure you don't get any on the paint here, because
it's just not necessary.
Now look at the contrast between the
white and the black.
Now it really pops out.
So I'm going to do that on the rest of the car.
And this thing is going to look like a rock star.
Now one of my favorite places to add contrast
is inside the car.
Now what we have here is a floor mat.
Now my favorite thing to do.
And I do it on a car, whether I'm spending five minutes or
five days on it.
It takes two seconds to do.
And as soon as you open the door, it looks amazing.
It almost looks like Yankee Stadium.
So what you do is you take a brush like this and take your
floor mat out.
Or you can do it on the seats or on the doors.
Like Porches have carpet on the doors.
You can do it on them too.
But we're going to pull this out.
What you do is you take a brush just like this and put
all the fibers just like this, in one direction.
Now you spin it, take it like this, and go straight up and
straight back.
And you do this over the length of the
entire floor mat.

So what I'm doing is pushing fibers in one direction and
pulling fibers the other.

Now, as you can see, it puts this amazing little Yankee
Stadium stripe in there.
And customers absolutely love it.
They ask me to do this, whether I'm doing a $20 wash
or $3,000 job.
They want this.
This is the cool part of doing the job.
Wheels are the best place to add contrast to your car.
When you have dirty wheels, to me, it's like wearing white,
old, nasty sneakers with a beautiful tuxedo.
It just doesn't make sense.
And it doesn't look right.
So for me, what I do is I add a nice layer of tire gel,
which we have right here.
I put it on my pad, squish it up like this,
lightly put it in.
What this is going to do, it's going to soak into the rubber.
But the big thing is it's not going to spit up
all over the car.
So you put this in just like that.
I'm going to do about half the wheel.
So put this over here.
Next, what I like to do is-- of course, we've cleaned this
wheel, by the way-- what I'd like to do is add a little
sealant to the actual rim.
So we're going to take some Skin, put a little bit, not
too much, crush it just like this.
And we'll add it right here and all this area.
Again, I'm going to do half the rim just like this.
And now take a microfiber towel, wipe it off.
Look how shiny this is getting already.
Now you have the shiny here.
You have shiny here.
Now what you want to do is get behind the wheel
in the wheel well.
And most people forget this part.
So once again you take your tire gel, put a little bit on
there, not too much.
Crush it in just like that and get your hand in here.
Wipe a little bit, and get back here.
Now you're creating depth and contrast.
So when you're walking up to the car this way, that's all
you're going to see is shiny rubber here.
This rim is going to pop out from underneath.
And from behind, you're not going to see any dirt or
anything nasty to distract your eye.
This is the number one place that you want to create
contrast on your car.
Now this might seem super obvious, but having a clean
windshield is important.
I know guys hate doing it.
In fact, I despise doing the windows.
It's really hard.
There's tons of streaks.
It's a huge pain in the butt.
But having it reflect off the paint right here really brings
out the car, so I'll show you one more time how to do it.
Take your window cleaner, two squirts right there.
Do half the window just like that, real quick.
Now before it dries, take another dry towel and pick up
any streaks that might be there.
One more time, two squirts just like that.

Now take a dry towel, pick up any streaks.
That's the safest way to do it.
Now you're always going to have streaks.
You're going to have to go back and
check and check again.
But I cannot stress that windows are the most
overlooked part of creating contrast on your car.
Now adding leather conditioner to your interior is one of the
best things that you can do to prolong its life.
But it also adds a bit of contrast.
But notice I didn't say, it's shiny.
There's a big difference between adding something
that's shiny and adding something that makes it glow,
makes it more soft and supple.
This is what I'm going to do right now.
So you take a little leather conditioner, just like that,
and squeeze it in.
I'm going to do this area.
Now what you'll notice is it's immediately shiny.
But what it's doing is soaking into that leather.
It's filling up all the pores.
It's making it soft and supple again.
So right now, it's super shiny.
So I'm going to give it about another 10 seconds, wipe it in
just like this.

All right.
Then I'm going to take a clean, dry microfiber towel
and soak up anything that hasn't been pushed into the
pores and made it very supple.
So as you can see, there's a matte
surface that's now appeared.
This isn't going to be shiny.
Shiny is no good.
Now it just looks restored and rejuvenated.
And again, it adds a little contrast against the floor,
against this, and the entire car, making your car look
absolutely perfect once again.
Right before I leave for a car show, the last thing I like to
do is spend 10, 15 minutes and add a light, thin layer of
carnauba wax.
Now that's already on top of the paint sealant that you did
two nights ago, a month ago, or even a couple of weeks ago.
Now I have to assume you've already washed the car, clayed
the car, done whatever is necessary, because we're
working on under an hour just to get you out of the door.
So what I'm going to do is just add a quick layer of
carnauba wax.
It's quick.
It's easy.
It's fast.
Put it on just like this.
Let's get a little more on there.

Now this is going to go over the layer of synthetic wax
that I have underneath here.
And I'll just do this quick section right here, let it sit
for a second, and then take it off.
This will take you no more than 15, 20 minutes at most.
And it's going to sit on top of that hard layer of sealant
that you've already put on the car.
Now this is a quick and easy way to get out the door and
look spectacular.
Because I have a wicked case of OCD, the one thing I like
to do before I get into any car is tap my feet
off, then swing in.
So visit and download our PDF step-by-step
guide on how to add contrast to your car.
Thanks for watching this episode of Drive Clean right
here on the Drive Channel.