Gilbert Gets It - Evil Birthday Clown & Shape Ups

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on 24.05.2012


Hi, folks.
Gilbert Gottfried here.
Let's talk about a couple of idiotic things going on in
this world of ours.
Skechers, the shoe company, is being forced to pay $40
million for falsely claiming that their Shape-Up shoes
could help people get in shape.
I get it.
You want to look sexy, but you don't want to work for it.
The ad showed a model with a great ass and said if you wore
the shoes that that ass could be yours.
So I wore them for a month, showed up at the model's
house, and asked her if I could have her ass now.
My ass still looks about the same, but I got a really sexy
restraining order.
Still, I'm going to wear the shoes for about another month
and see if I could get her breasts and vagina.
Skechers really should have gone with
their original campaign.
Put down the devil dogs, and get the fuck off the couch.
Meanwhile, in Sweden, a man is advertising
himself as an evil clown.
Evil clown as opposed to what other kind, exactly?
He's hiring himself out for children's birthday parties.
He threatens the kids, stalks them, and then smashes their
birthday cake.
Look, I get it.
The parents want the birthday party to be
entertaining for them.
And the parents say their kids love being scared senseless.
Since we're speaking for the kids now, they also love being
beaten and molested.
Renting the evil clown is pretty cheap, though.
Of course, it doesn't include the cost of years of therapy
for the child.
I wonder if I could pay this evil clown to
wear Skechers Shape-Ups.
Because if there's one thing I can't get enough of, it's an
evil clown with a perfect ass.
I want more crazy stuff to talk about, so send your ideas
to Twitter, @realgilbert.
And let's see what we can do to fix all this
stupid in this country.