Måne's storyline (Part 25)

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Here you go.
Thanks. - That's the least you deserve.
I don't know. It was THAT close to becoming a major disaster in there.
What are you writing? - The accounts. Pelle went for 80 000? - Yeah.
It was a nice speech. Did you hear it? - It was amazing.
And you were the one who sent him there. - Me? I was about to throw the guy off stage.
But you didn't. - No. Luckily.
Måne, you shouldn't diminish your own contribution. I've been watching you. - You have?
Yeah. I'm really impressed.
Well, Vanessa did most of it... - And you're doing it again.
What? - Putting yourself down. You should be proud. You were a real prince up there.
Can my dear companion come up on stage? Please?
Yeah. Now it's time to wrap up. Wasn't this a nice auction, you guys?
We'll soon find out how much money we've managed to raise.
Yeah. Runa should actually have been here herself to thank everyone, but as you know, she's in the middle of her treatment, which is pretty heavy stuff.
So... But she has asked me to give you all her love, and say thank you for being here today, supporting Runa and the cause. It's fantastic! So, applause for that!
I suppose our accountant is finished with his calculations now. Måne?
Can you tell us - we're all very excited - can you tell us how much money we've raised today?
In total, this auction raised 1 985 600 kroner.
That is fantastic! So thank you all so much, and have a nice trip home!
You're sure it wasn't 2 million?
You could just talk to her. - To Eva? She's the hotel manager. She owns a lot of stocks and stuff.
We're just missing 14 400 kr. That's less than 1% of a million!
Hi! - Hi...
I just had to congratulate you on a successful auction. I'll have to say... - Yeah, thanks. - Congrats, both of you. - Thanks.
Absolutely. You didn't get everything auctioned off?
No. - No... Oh, well.
Wow. This is a... This is a gorgeous bag. Wonder why no one made a bid for it.
What do you say to 14 000? And 400 and 3 kroner?
But then... The total is 2 million and 3 kroner? - Yes, yes it is!
Two million!? - Three million! - Three. Three!
You guys are totally awesome. Cheers! - Cheers! To being totally awesome.
I just have to say, Tom, beer glasses are really classy. You know how to do it. - That's what I found.
Do you want some more? - Yeah, I'll have some more. - Yeah.
Hey. Open up. ¨ - Why?
Open up. I'm going to... - Okay! Okay.
You have no talent! No wonder you're a helper. You'd be really dangerous with a rifle. - Of course I'd be dangerous with a rifle! That's the point of a rifle.
Here. You try. - Okay. - Let's see if you're any better.
Open up. - Okay.
You ready? - Mhm. - Yeah? - Yeah, come on!
Oh. One more. - Oy, almost.
Let's try with two. - Okay. Yeah.
One more time. - Oh! That was close.
What on earth are you doing!?