Uploaded by Ussae on 18.11.2012

I was playing on my new Wii U controller for my Nintendo Wii console
and playing the tennis game with Sonic the Hedgehog and I swing the Wii U
but the tennis does not happen.
I look at the controller and Mario is there.
You are now trapped forever in the soul of eternal doom!
And I look around and I'm no longer in my room anymore.
There is a Kirby here but I cannot recognize the color... brown?
The Kirby looks at me with smiles and it says to me:
Welcome to hell!
I look behind me and I realize I am trapped in the game.
Sonic the Hedgehog is there.
He challenges me to a tennis duel match.
If you can beat me you will be free from the Wii U.
So we play tennis...
... but I lose.
And I am trapped in the Wii U forever with only eternal suffering in the fires of Wii U hell.