Anil Kapoor 24 Season 8 Interview

Uploaded by twentyfourspoilers on 08.01.2010

This is my first time that I'm doing television. I've been doing feature films for many years,
almost thirty years. But I've never done television So for me not only was I excited that I was doing 24,
but I was anxious also. And nervous to a certain extent, that I'm going to
do something on television for the first time in my life.
They told me
no matter what happens you have to be on 24. No matter what happens.
My son, my daughter, my friends, my colleagues -- everybody.
They said "you have to be on 24".
My name in the show is Omar Hassan.
I'm a President of a country and I've never really ever in my entire career of 30 years, never played a role of a President.
This is something which I'll cherish all my life.
I'm going to talk about it even to my
great grand-children or grand-children.
I'm going to talk about these few months when I was shooting for 24 are the best months of my life.
Kiefer, I just wonder sometimes, and I'm amazed that
he's been working on this for so many years.
When he comes on the set,
I feel it's his first day of work, he's just
like a newcomer who's just got his break
and he's very excited about it and he's so committed, so ready for everything,
on-time, professional.
It's very very popular in India. People who are actors, my colleagues who introduced me to 24,
when I would go for shootings and they would be sitting in their make-up rooms or in their vanity vans,
they would be watching in-between lunch breaks and in-between shots. 24!
And I was introduced to 24 by them and this is what I'm talking about, five, six years back.