Recensione Apple iPad Mini - Review [eng sub]

Uploaded by netbookitalia on 20.11.2012

Hi, we’re on and this is the iPad Mini video-review.
This is the latest Apple Tablet,
with a 7.9-inch screen is smaller than previous models
and cheaper too, 329 Euros in the 16 GB configuration.
It’s really polished from the aesthetic point of view
and the frame is all made by one-piece aluminum,
this is the black version but there’s the white one too, with silver finishes.
It weighs is little more than 3 hectograms,
with its 308 grams is one of lightest Tablets on sale.
It’s 7.2 mm thick, and this is an almost-record talking about Tablets.
The technical specs aren’t so exciting,
'cause here we have a screen with a low resolution,
1024x768 pixel, below the average of Apple devices
and also below the average of cheaper Android Tablets,
just as Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD.
But still it has a dual core processor Apple A5,
then we’ll see it actually well supports all the typical features of this Tablet.
Before seeing it at work, let’s talk about technical specs:
two built-in speakers on the bottom
and the Lightning connector, for the first time on an Apple Tablet;
on the left edge we don’t find a volume rocker,
but two different volume buttons,
and the button screen rotation lock;
on the top we have the on-button and a 3.5 mm headphone jack;
on the rear, the 5 Megapixel back-cam,
to take great pictures and record videos up to 1080p;
on the front, the other cam, 1.2 Megapixel HD, for the video calls.
No other buttons but the Home, here in the center.
I’m using it since 2 weeks and I’m totally satisfied by this 7.9 inch format,
with this little on-screen keyboard, very comfortable in vertical mode
as well as horizontal mode (to use with both thumbs).
The format is 4:3, so the compatibility with the Apple Apps
available in the AppStore is guaranteed.
The same is for the space on the screen, the Web navigation is great,
you have much more space on the sides…
the whole with a responsive and smooth touch-screen, as always in Apple products,
which in this model is also evident while managing the user interface,
responsive and with no delay
even with complex apps or operations.
In this case, the Apple processor A5 is really good,
without problems you can play next-generation 3D games,
watch local or streaming videos and have many apps open at a time.
From this point of view iPad Mini is a really great product
and is every bit as good as other Apple products,
indeed the new smaller format gives new life to some apps
which can now be used in a more portable way.
And the number of apps supported in the AppStore
is actually the same of other Apple Tablets,
meaning that if you already have apps on the iPad2 or iPad3 with Retina display,
they’re totally compatible with this iPad Mini.
The battery life is really good too, the 10 hours promised by Apple are for real,
without thinking about brightness or energy settings.
That means you’d have to recharge it every two or three days,
and that’s not bad, most of all considering the low thickness
and weight of this device.
The same is for the two cams, the back-cam can record 1080p videos
and take decent, bright pictures, with a 2.4 focus ratio.
What isn’t worthy of iPad is the text quality, mainly the smaller types
The thing is : the resolution is quite low and,
even if it’s compact so the pixel’s density is higher than iPad2,
we do not have a Retina display nor we have an high details level:
some kind of types are not clear.
Personally speaking, thanks to the software too,
I’ve never been in trouble while reading cause that’s the chance
to zoom, to enlarge, to emphasize any parts
of a text, say, a web page, a book or a magazine.
The display is still really good for the viewing angles,
color reproduction, brightness and calibration,
which in this iPad Mini is very high-level.
From the technical point of view, resolution is the less well-made part,
maybe not really up to the situation, it's lower than today’s Tablets,
but in the everyday use I can tell you that’s not so evident.
iPad Mini is a funny device to use, really good in the format
and construction quality, finishes, material used
and I think its design is the best we’ve ever seen in Tablets, just my opinion.
I consider this iPad Mini the best iPad till now,
better than iPad3 or 4 or whatever, the latest models and the previous models.
I suggest you to take it into account
if you’re thinking about buying a Tablet, all the more so, an Apple Tablet,
because it’s a really great product.
Well, for more info on iPad Mini,
further considerations I couldn’t do in this short video,
please read the complete review at the link on the screen. Bye!