Otakuthon 2010 - Tele Quebec [English Subs]

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Sometimes I have nightmares where monsters are running after me.
And there are days when I wake up, and it's exactly like that.
For the fifth consecutive year, Otakuthon is held in the Palais des Congrès of Montreal.
A word composed by the word ''thon'' like in ''perseton'', ''marchothon'' or tuna fishing.
and otaku which means...
What is an otaku?
If we go by the direct translation from Japanese, there are many.
It can mean house, someone who's introverted, boderline maniac.
In North America, it simply describes someones who likes Japanese Animation.
So people who are here today love Japanese comics, mangas and cartoons, is that correct?
Not only that, videos-games, costumes, as you can see today.
So the people who are here today, how many are there?
So far, we've distributed 6000 passes.
Indeed, the place is packet and we can find a lot of made in japan things.
Obviously, there are a lot of Quebecers who love this culture. Japan is very far from our culture, what makes people love it so much?
I think it's the exoticism but I'm not sure all these people here today are really fans of anime and manga, they're here for the festivies. People have the occasion to dress up, have fun.
Young people of our generation are often isolated, they don't always have the occasion to meet each other and share the same passion.
A event like this allows them to meet people like them.
Quebec is really an important part of the Animation culture, a lot of imporant figure from animation are in Montreal and work with Japanese studios.
Aslo the French-Speaking world is the first market of Manga in the world, just after Japan.
It's a lot of childhood cartoons, Candy
Astro Boy, Goldorak
Therefore, it's been part of our culture now for two or three generation already.
Who's your character?
Axel from Kingdom Hearts.
In who?
Kingdom Hearts
I am ... from Digimon Season 2.
Link from the series Legend of Zelda
Oh! I know that one, the video game?
Who's Crono?
Crono is a time hero from a video-game called Chrono Trigger.
Who are you?
Actually I'm a student in computer management but I'm transferring to ETS in Génie Logiciel.
I'm from the company Umbrella coorporation, have you heard about it?
So, you're like a killing machine?
Yes. I'm an investigator... I start shit everywhere.
Do people tell you, sometimes... hum...
Find me weird? Yes.
It's true
They let you know
I'm Madame Red in Kuroshitsuji.
What type of hum... Is it an Anime or a manga?
It's both, a manga and an anime was released.
They are both quite different...
Yes, it's a character from children movie which is very famous and hum, voila!
It's like hum ok... what does that character do?
In the movie, there are two little children who have problems and he tries to help. He's also the guardian of the forest.
But in real life, you don't dress up like that ?
Oh, absolutely!
You go to your classes at ETS like that?
Oh yes, absolutely.
I haven't started ETS yet but I used to go Edouard Monpetit dresses like that.
I walk in the streets like that.
I've never experienced life in Japan, I have no idea if this event is a success so I asked a real Japanese who comes from the real Japan.
What makes you love this culture so much?
We are into the into the costume part of this ''field''
This is what we call cosplay?
Yes, this is what we call cosplay.
It's the words Costumes and Play put together to form the word cosplay
So Costume, Play, Play with costumes?
Put together, it's cosplay.
Your ball, I imagine it represents Earth?
In a way it's humm...
Can I touch it?
Yes, but it's very delicate, please be careful with it.
The resin is delicate, not the actual ball.
Ok and the white fox thing...
This is a representation of a dragon.
I made it myself using magic stuff.
Costumes like those, I not a seamtress but it's not something you create in an afternoon, right?
Oh no
For most of our costumes, it takes 300 to 400 hours to create.
So 300 hours in the costume of the woman-dragon.
Yes, I have at least 100 hours just for the wings!
It's a hobby that take all our time.
So you don't have any other hobbies?
Yes, of course we have other hobbies
we read mangas, we watch anime, J-dramas
Just like normal people, we watch movies, we do sports too
it's all about managing your time.
We sleep less and we produce more.
So you live this culture?
Yes, we live this culture everyday.
If I were to invite you in my appartement, you could see it we have a few video-game posters since my boyfriend works for Ubisoft, but the rest anime.
Plushies, figures, posters...
Shelves filled with mangas and dvds as well.
Is this a good place to meet a girl?
as long as you know how.
And how do we do this at Otakuthon?
You have to stay true to yourself.
But everyone is dressed up, how can you stay true to yourself?
We all are a little crazy, right?
Yes, in a way!
I don't know if you can find love at Otakuthon and you can find, a lot
a LOT of affection.
Wow ok
Seems you guys need it more then me!
(buwahaha this is me posing XD)
What attracts you in this universe?
Actually, what I like the most about this is cosplay and make-up.
Being able to create a costume, this is really what brings me here
and of course anime since it's one of my hobbies.
We enter a new world,
for 30 minutes, when you are gaming or reading, you leave the real world for a bit and become part of this new world.
It's a day that we can fully enjoy by being different and let out all your emotions, your stress.
For one day in a year, I will do what I want to do, scream and let myself go.
Because we become someone else
We project what we would like to become
just like our idols
So for a week-end, you are a super soldier?
Yes, because that's how people will recognize me
so when they see me walk around, they know who I am in this universe.
The high point of this evenement comes directly from Minifée and Albator's Japan.
It's a singer who is very popular in Japan and who is from...
Do you spend a lot of time in Japan in year?
Actually, I live in Japan.
You live in Japan?
Your house is not here anymore?
It's been two years and a half that I've been in Japan before coming back here for the first time.
For the convention?
Are you famous there?
I'm a beginner, so I can't say that I'm a big superstar there but
in the anime field, there are some people who know me.
Let's say you are walking in the streets of Tokyo,
do people recognize you?
Most of time, no.
How does a Quebecer ends up in Japan and becomes a singer for anime and manga?
My hobby used to be singing anime openings at home,
in front of my computer and all
and one day I found national contest called Anison Grand Prix.
The winner was awarded a debut
so I signed up...
and I succeeded round after round and at the end...
I won.
What do you do in life?
I work as a registrar in a massotherapy school.
How old are you?
I'm 29 years old.
Are you rejecting the idea of becoming older in this passion?
No, my step-dad once asked me this.
'' You're still watching your Japanese kids cartoons''
and I told him
'' You still go play gold every week''
After spending a day exploring the Otaku world,
I am the one who feels like an alien
so I going to leave
before acne starts to grow on my face
( -_-?)