Interview with LighTofHeaveN - Groupstage Day 2 @ The International 2

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Aug 28, 2012

- Hello everybody! The 2nd day of the group
stage of the International tournament has finished.
And now we’re in Seattle in the Valve office.
We’re going to discuss the last match with Dima.
The 1st question is: Tell me, what happened yesterday
and how did today’s game change? Tell us your impressions.
- Yesterday we faced the high level of teams,
which they have shown to us. Seeing this we started
to study on spot to catch the up for a little time.
- Tell be about the studying process, was it
good or you have a lot to do, to change your game.
And what next?
- Of course, the first few hours we were
shocked with that what happened in the match versus
iG but then we started to understand that it was
the result of their hard practice.
- Ok. What is the importance of the team’s
spirit on such a tournament?
- This is the main component. Almost all the
champions were happy. They have already been happy before the game.
- Today I spoken with ChuaN and he told me
that the European DOTA depends of the spirit
and emotions; it’s like if you have a windfall,
and you catch it with joyfulness and emotions.
Do you agree with the statement or not?
- Yes. Chinese are more stable and calm.
And as for the Russians they are in every game or
on the top or on the other side. That’s why Chinese
always become alerted while playing with the Russians
as every moment they can play very well. When
you feel good, you also do everything good and
- What do you need to break the confidence
of some Chinese?
- To be better player in everything,
especially mental-wise.
- You were very good in the last game on Dark
Seer so what can you tell about other European teams
like mTw. Darer, CLG which weren’t good today as well,
but yesterday they played with a score 6:0?
- The Chinese are thinking a step ahead compared
to the Europeans, so when you’re doing something they
already have 2-3 variants to counter that.
We could see it in the game that they’ve done they
step from the bottom and then I came. As a result
they didn’t respond me, so one hero was driving 2 ones.
- Can you tell if there are any particular sketches
for every team on the tournament? As I saw for example that
EHOME picked Tiny + Wisp and some teams like to
play with their heroes. You played with Pudge and won 4 games didn’t you?
- Yes.
- All of them?
- Yes.
- What is the importance of such tactics,
or they don’t matter?
- Pudge + Chen is already one strategies we
are using and the rest we keep for us for now.
The enemy makes experiments on weaker teams or tests
them for the final. Because they like to play
more skill based.
- So you don’t think there will be any new
strategies on the final?
- More likely that there will be stable DOTA
and those heroes will play who have now the
maximum win rate.
- If I’m not mistaken these are Morphling,
Rubick and other heroes. That’s all for now.
Tomorrow we’re playing with TongFu and if we win
we’ll be in the winner bracket, but if there are
any problems, than our life will depend on other
teams’ matches. I hope we’ll win. Thank you guys,
stay with us, watch out reporting and our
YouTube channel, comment the news as we read everything. See you soon!