WCU Weekly- November 26, 2012

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Hello West Chester University and welcome back from Thanksgiving Break. We have a fantastic
episode ahead. Puppies are here!
I am so excited. And on top of that, we are also going to be announcing nominations for the
spring concert
and tell you how you can get on to vote. That's right, but first we have to start with some
unfortunate news. A West Chester University student
was killed Monday, November 19th after he was struck
by a vehicle. Joseph Pietroforte of Nazareth, a Junior and criminal justice major
was killed while crossing
the six hundred block of Bolmar drive.
criss crossing the street and were happy to reply with foreign companies where he
worked part-time unleashes memorial was set up at the scene of the crash for
friends and co-workers
but flowers and pictures in his memory joseph is just twenty one years old two
nations candidate should be jessica two fourteen memorial fund have one seventy
five to spur reporter and nasa pennsylvania one ee zero six four
and i'll tell you find western springs police captain westchester he's taking
applications for servers hostesses advancers to apply it fill out an
application online at least kathy dot com and click on the twenty second of
all for the record you need is your graduating jordan alumni who is in need
of a job news has a full-time position open
friends here in andhra
info on application online for that position as well
brian is off this week in the residence for sure however there is a member of
the lacrosse team who has been nominated
by liberals magazine for pre-season player
of the year for the visit division two rooms across that's right you can get a
lot on issue up this website
in order to building a story to you see is a senior at westchester
and civil purchase check out the days you meeting face to face for the website
at denise you weekly dot com for the late she's waiting right now the seeking
most certainly the extra push from market would hear westchester had there
been anticipating alluding all this week you can't do it for you what the musical
major james bring innovative artist your for the spring concert
further attack introduce from we have all-time world chitty bang not more
ryan who is
alleles clear sidney helms and some others there are some more walks the
mood in the canal opt for differs a lot of time flies
and al gore are also choices to building rail link that you see here on the
street n dot
choose wiseman says the comes
answers that over twenty seven from seven to nine p_m_ in the slides forums
there will be his new book on taking place
to raise money for the fitness center down on south campus because he just
three dollars to get into a prisoner
that sounds like a pretty far that and on november twenty nine thirty p_m_ the
agency organization will be having its first-ever event
i do waali jitter insights for today income outings we needed food music and
some great cities of airplane event is free after all students at seventy three
through three you know i'll be there adversaries jim activities council we
taking a trip to new york city
tickets just ten dollars and they can be purchased
at the other side window until friday organza locals itself
that's right and you can also join student activist council on monday
december third
from eleven to three insights barns for their snow will get back there'll be a
hot chocolate bar which is being departing craft projects letter writings
to say except for the make a wish foundation and much more so go check out
after greater and if you're looking for a place to go out into how why not take
up just accounting
piano probably just let you go out interview was just three prisoners
berating us happening
this fundamental happens downtown
and is always the huge event yes just before two thousand breaking up is at
seven fifteen dash you can also join at myself as we are co-hosts the student
section prefer hauling it
it's over down by i'll react contours embarked stressing out over there by
justice center joining us now we've got a lot of previously thirty join and if
you are leading the parade of over two hundred programs is in need of about ten
people who will be perked up pretending to be any nineties dance party
so if you would like more information please email one of the support that
at eighty seven forty two six four seven had to be cpa dot e_d_u_ something cool
to be part of my ideal in nineteen ninety nine nine eight hundred notified
of the office will change and i think we'll have to be free on that friday
night cut-out sites after dark
for a mind-blowing experience
come watch it says d_n_a_ eliminating us sees stage at ten p_m_ as can be free
food make your own winter gloves and scarf anzac midnight movie uh... up
appears and i'd is that i have never heard of this before iverson apparition
i'm not going to see that movie
so the net result is in the afternoon guest on our set we have some people who
came out first for quite a lot
success stan
ends that great
filled uniform what
policy of can
make a sacrifice or people in sent said
from whatever conditions were with one of the union
origins and israel
paragraph sir
our kids
features vision
trouble walking prevalent
particles are about system
their daily activities measures before the board of review be due to help you
out manual testing every decision we haven't received is that the other side
of the other
with catherine consul zero picking him up and contacting organizations and with
the story and miss you and that's a little of that way and that eight weeks
and on start out just as well as the manhattan everything for
uh... financial situation
down viral that they would ever experienced at the end walls that even
the most restaurants
mediators doctors and dentist appointments is our cdc religion
no actual
background that's rooted services agencies say it's not as they do that
your hotel out
see it actually dot that's a standoff for entrance pasay city just signed off
guidance is needed
literacy and privacy advocate weekend can write and tell you what
stands as a sense that thing staple of the civil right
things that you are cool places so that his legal stuff a little busy services
hesitated and instead
hope decided
deliveries continental saxony sierra dot state
forwarded out
yeah what are you going to send a signal that someone taught us
sanjeev and public health on yet this coming out this summer there december
sixth on his part of the files maybe our
alas wrestle you know it's a little more than a little more you're clear about
this article for really want
credit analyzer december sixth
being allegheny hall tends to be ten a_m_ on the uh... third and working on
things that somebody else's that has come up with a lot of them
so i don't know if there is a interfering with the purpose is to make
sure you send out
and if you have anything that you are investigating it reveals
head of the secret service ups u
i wish that you have more time to have a feeling that the other side of the claim
to have to prevent further intellectually