The Guild Season 6 Production Diaries - Day 5

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 21, 2012


FELICIA: Hello, guys.
We are at our set--
our game HQ set.
It feels very official.
We're almost like a real film crew today on location.
We're building cubicles.
And we have all the cast members in today for a scene.
And I'm in my pencil skirt, which is slightly
uncomfortably tight, because I have to eat a lot of Doritos
when I write the script.
And I didn't get the week of having the script finished to
actually lose that butt weight.
So when you a lot of hats, your butt goes
in and out in size.
That's weird, isn't it?
Oh boy.
Anyway, we're gonna have a really good day.
I'm feeling really zen.
And we get the next two days off.
So that'll be a third of the shoot done.
JEFF: Hey, what's happening?
So now we are arriving at the location where we're going to
be at for the next nine days.
We're going to be shooting inside here.
This is the game, the interior of the game, which is actually
a working office.
So there's actually, all back there, people that are coming
in for their normal 9 to 5 jobs, while we're out here
taking over this half, which is what's going to eventually
become the game.
It's actually good to see it right now as just an empty
office and later on, in a couple of days, after Greg and
the art department gets through turning this into the
game, we'll see what this actually looks like once a
really good art department comes through and does their
magic to a space that basically right now is nothing
but empty walls and light.
ALYNNE: I'm Red Five.
I'm the art director on season six of "The Guild." We're
going to go look at the cubicles at the game
We came into this office and this whole area was pretty
much empty.
There was just this wall and that wall this one behind it.
None of these cubicles existed.
So we've built custom cubicles that fit this ridged-wall
motif, and we brought a bunch of weapons and artwork and
things to make it look like the design center for the game
that all of our characters love so much.
So we brought this weapons rack, and as you can see all
the Guildees' weapons are represented on here.
And it's basically just like, look, this is a staff that
would exist within the game and just
putting it all on display.
Hiding crew members in our cubicles.
We have more signs.
And this is a banner that we used on season five of "The
Guild" for the game booth at the convention.
So we're bringing it back and tying everything together and
making this the games place, instead of just an office.
This is our main art location for the day.
So we filled it with all kinds of artwork of dragons and
dinosaurs and creatures and art supplies.
We have a big drawing tablet and we've got
cool gizmos and things.
All of the art was stuff that we had donated to us from
people who are either fans of the show or people that we
just like their work and we brought it in.
And they were super excited to have it in.
So we are featuring some people.
We've got some Neil Wing.
We've got--
oh my god.
I'm spacing out on people's names.
I'm so sorry.
We've got some great work from some artists that are--
I'm super excited to have them on the show.
We've got some of Greg Aronowitz, who's our
production designer.
We've got some of his art that's all over here, and then
on this back behind us where everyone's having a pow wow.
So I've got to go put Post-its all over this cubicle so I'll
see you guys next time.