Fetiche on Honeymoon - Wladyslaw Starewicz (1936) + English subtitles

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Full steam ahead!
Full steam ahead!
On our great big steamboat Towards new horizons
Following the stream
We are drifting slowly To the charming country
Ouh, Ouh, Charming!
Yoop, La-La, towards happiness Yoop, La-La, giving out our hearts
Yoop, La-La, singing love songs Yoop, La-La, one after the other
Here is the city Send them greetings from me!
Oh, Lili, here we are, leaving
Tomorrow, we will see Paris
The Ville Lumière, the Folies Bergères
And tonight, here or there,
Happiness will fill our hearts
Because I'm alive
When I am in your arms!
A man overboard!
Here we are! We have found the place we dreamed of.
Happiness is found here. This is how I imagine paradise!
Yoop-La-La, We will be happy!
Yoop-La-La, We will live like Gods!
Yoop-La-La, Now leave us alone
Yoop-La-La What are you waiting for?
The story is over
We don't need you anymore!
The End
Subtitles by BillieDove