Honey (7/10) Movie CLIP - Career Suicide (2003) HD

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Oh, uh, we have a meeting later.
With who? Uh, it's, uh, the big guys.
Downtown. l'll pickyou up. We'll go together.
l can't. l'm going to Atlantic City.
No, you are not. Absolutely not.
You gotta be there, Honey. l'm gonna pickyou up around 5:OO.
l know. l gotta go to some wack meeting instead ofA.C.
[ Doorbell Rings ]
lt's boss man.
Well, you girls have a good time, okay, Gina?
Who is it? It's Michael. Let me up.
[ Buzzes ] [ Sighs ]
All right. l gotta go.
You wild out. Tear that place up. Okay.
[ Knocking ]
Hey. Hey, sweetie.
Oh, this is--
Well, this is whereyou live here.
What's with the threads?
Q. Walker's black-and-white party?
Got anyjuice? l thought we were going to a meeting.
Business and pleasure are the same thing. You know that, Honey.
lfl knew it was a party, l wouldn't have canceled on my best friend's birthday.
You would rather go toAtlantic City,
which will always be there, with friends you always see,
instead ofgoing to the hottest party in town with me?
Eveybody is gonna be there.
All right? Artists, producers, other choreographers.
lt would be career suicide ifyou didn't go.
All right. Change into that,
and, uh, l'll meetyou downstairs.